Does the Sudanese opposition activities in the diaspora would support and contribute for changes in

Does the Sudanese opposition activities in the diaspora would support and contribute for changes in

04-19-2016, 04:22 AM


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Title: Does the Sudanese opposition activities in the diaspora would support and contribute for changes in
Author: Ramah Ahmed رماح أحمد
Date: 04-19-2016, 04:22 AM

04:22 AM April, 19 2016

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By: Ramah Ahmed
Several demonstrations were organised in various countries across Europe in the last five years, these protest shows the anger of the Sudanese communities towards the current regime in Sudan. For example many demonstrations were held in London the capital city of England in front of the Sudanese Embassy. These demonstrations gather numbers of opposition political parties and activists of human rights from different perspectives. This would make us to look critically to the issues that led the Sudanese people in the diaspora to raise their concern about the need for change with the political system in Sudan. Interestingly, those people come from different cities across the UK to attend theses demonstrations. The question would be are these demonstrations works in support for our brothers and sisters in Sudan, if we supposed that are indeed consider as a huge support so it could be argued that there will be positive related outcomes, but if it is not contributed enough it will be incongruent and new tactics should be introduced.
Basically, the main idea of running a protest is to raise concern or problem and put pressure on the counterpart to look for solutions in accordance to the raised problem. The Sudanese demonstration abroad mainly aims to appeal the Sudan’s humanitarian problems to the international community in order to take action. In expectation the international community will facilitate the resolution of the issue, this remains objectives but does the international community pay attention to the intended messages highlighted from these protests. Further, if so does the international community will intervene or will have the time to consider other people problems. This is remaining controversial issue in recent times, because the international community is also experiencing problems and when trying to resolve an issue they emerge their problem within it. An example could be seen in the European Union initiative with the African leaders to resolve the immigrants’ problems coming from the African countries. Sadly, they look at the problem from one side and ignored the direct causes of the symptoms. The question here why the international community continued to ignore these demonstrations and no action has taken place.
In short, the Sudanese demonstration in the diaspora is vital to at least show the anger towards the dictatorship regime regardless to whether or not it will attract the attention of the international community. The evidences clearly show the international community is quite busy with other issues it could be believe that these are generated from not listening to the voices of the oppressed people.

Pictures from several previous demonstrations in London:

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