Egyptian Islamists Hosted in Sudan: Al-Bashair’s Leaked Minutes By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom

Egyptian Islamists Hosted in Sudan: Al-Bashair’s Leaked Minutes By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom

01-30-2016, 06:46 PM


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Title: Egyptian Islamists Hosted in Sudan: Al-Bashair’s Leaked Minutes By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
Author: Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
Date: 01-30-2016, 06:46 PM

06:46 PM Jan, 30 2016

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The reputable Sudanese Internet Source “” published, January 29th, 2016, minutes of a presidential meeting in Khartoum. The meeting took place, October 11th, 2016 at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and the minutes were marked “Strictly Confidential”.

Minutes of the meeting list the following attendants: President Al-Bashir, Minister of Federal Affairs Faisal Hasan Ibrahim, Dr. Hamid Siddiq, Deputy President of Islamic Movement for Organizational Affairs, in addition to a full list of the 18 State Governors of Sudan.

The minutes narrate in detail reports presented by the 18 Governors. These details are of little relevance for the reader. Mostly, they deal with State problems and the measures taken by the Governors to deal with them. What is pertinent for the international reader is yet to come and here they are, bracketed after each speaker:

Dr. Hamid Siddiq, Deputy President of Islamic Movement for Organizational Affairs:
“The Islamic Movement will never relinquish power to anyone, will fight until the last man, will never surrender and there will never be a transitional government. It is the Islamic Movement that launched the National Dialogue for those who prefer dialogue and others who want to wait for the coming elections. There is no preference, exception or specificity for any State in this regard. We will conclude the Dialogue this year, regardless of cost. We will never be intimidated and will never bargain- compromise. There will never be any force - in charge- other than Sudan’s Armed Forces and this situation will endure until we reach our objectives. The Forces will be ready to strike at the rebels up to the end. And if there is any external intervention, we are ready and want martyrdom. It is power that forces others to respect you!”

Marshall Al-Bashir:
“The Islamic Movement faces internal conspiracy of the Consensus Forces and the Umma Party because their organizations have fractured and disintegrated.
Because of that, they allied themselves with the rebels and after separating the South, they now want to divide the rest of the country. It is we who separated the South. The cost of keeping the Southerners in is too high and the South consists of numerous tribes that are different from us. We said before the South would not stay united for long and would disintegrate into small villages after separation.
The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) does not exist. –in Darfur؟ We will eject UNAMID without their consent; otherwise, and this is only a matter of time, they will also leave because we will turn the soil hell under their feet and they will eventually choose to leave.
There is no way out of disarmament and collection of all arms (held Darfur citizens؟) and we will do that irrespective of the cost. We have a ready plan for that.

With regard to problems of our international borders, we will choose our options when the Councils of National Security and National Defence Convene. We have many options and will select which best suits us.

President El-Sisi of Egypt deals with us with hostility because he feels we are against him. He wants to intimidate us but we will never respond. We support the Islamist (Muslim Brothers- Al-Ikhwan) and we host them. Now all Egyptian students come and study university in Khartoum and we will never turn them back to appease El-Sisi or the USA. You, all (Governors) have to offer them assistance, safety and opportunity for investment. The role of the Islamists (in Egypt؟) can never be abolished and they will come back ‘with the power of authority’ and force El-Sisi out of office.

As for Al-Fashaga (disputed land between Sudan and Ethiopia), we have discussed this problem with Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr. Desalgen. We have good relations with them for it is we who helped to get them into a position of authority in UNAMID.

We have so many options and I agree with all you said. Hence it is your duty to: initiate general mobilization, open new training camps, make available sustenance for the mujahideen and build the National Congress. We will liberate the land and clear it of all rebels, peacefully or by war.

We want the National Dialogue to give us the mandate so that we convince the regional and international community that it is the rebels that reject dialogue –in favour of war.

No constitutional conference or specificity for any area in Sudan.

- Working for getting rid of UNAMID by all means by the end of this year.
- Disarmament of all tribes and allocation of necessary resources required.
- Liberation of all rebel-held land
- Conclusion of Necessity of National Dialogue by supporting a mandate for President of the Republic.
- Hosting of Islamists fleeing Egypt and Syria.
- Undertaking measures to disguise presence of the foreign Islamists in Sudan and provide them with safe areas.
- Negotiations with Ethiopia regarding their militia in Sudan’s territory.
- Investigation of the Ethiopian intrusion into Al-Fashaga and finding out whether the intrusion is motivated by the purpose of dragging us into a conflict.
- Deployment of the National Armed Forces, Popular Defence Forces and Police Brigades to observe movements along our borders with Ethiopia.
- Coordination of actions with forces of Riak Mashar in Upper Nile, South Sudan after signing of peace agreement regarding monitoring of border activities.
- Rejection of relinquishing of authority, coupled with preparedness to preserve the gains of the Islamic Movement.
- Avoiding any conflict at the moment with El-Sisi of Egypt.
- Formation of secret compensation fund for Darfur victims and general cleaning! (meaning unknown). This is to convince Darfur victims to forgive and withdraw their demand to seek justice at the ICC.
- Tightening economic embargo on rebels in the two areas (Darfur/Nuba and Blue Nile areas).
- General mobilization for and preparation of public opinion in support of military operation in the coming summer season”.

The reader is reminded that quotations have little to do with statements of the Governors at the beginning of the meeting. The Governors restricted their speeches to matters internal to their respective States. The rest of the Minutes has little to do with do with deliberations of the meeting.

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