An Open Notice And Demand

An Open Notice And Demand

09-14-2015, 10:13 PM


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Title: An Open Notice And Demand
Author: عاصم ابو الخير
Date: 09-14-2015, 10:13 PM

11:13 PM Sep, 15 2015
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عاصم ابو الخير-مصر
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***[An Open Notice And Demand To The Immoral, Corrupt And Unethical Attorney Ethics And The Idiotic, Moronic And Ignorant Justices Of
The Supreme Court Of New Jersey]***


TAKE NOTICE THAT the getaway frivolous "diversion" in conclusion reached by your blind, idiotic and moronic determination in order to cover up and conceal the overwhelming misconduct and malpractice committed by one of your "chosen" professional "liars", William T. Smith, an active partner of Hook, Smith and Meyer, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, [is] unacceptable and a clear deviation from the Rules of Professional Conduct.

However, since the Ethics Committee submitted to the fact, and eagerly agreed that their professional "liar" in question admit[ted] his [v]iolation of his failure to execute [a] written agreement three (3) times in [a] row with one single client in connection with the above-entitled Ethics Grievance, hence on what basis this undersigned Grievant/Client's refund for the extorted unearned [DEPOSIT] and ripped off experts' fees for the un-rendered services were denied, regardless of the Moron ####### had lost three (3) personal injuries cases with no recovery

  • Making a fool of herself and a mockery of the entire corrupt and rotten American Judicial System, as a whole, the "another" designated professional "liar" investigator, who was like her predecessor, appointed to investigate the "original" professional "liar" under investigation, claimed, among other things, in supporting her previous Moron's finding, and "defending" the defenseless unethical misconduct under review by asserting: "the evidence simply does not support those allegations" with[out] referring to what evidence relating to which allegations she was concerning about. t just simple as the same sentence transcript[ed] literally, as it is, used by all of [t]he idiotic, moronic and ignorant Judges and Justices in (America), from the National [Trattier] ("Justices") of the highest court of "gays and lesbians" in Washington to the Local [Trattier] ("Justices") on the highest state court of "gays and lesbians" in Trenton where and when they deliberately decide[d] to deviate [t]o defeat the truth and deny justice by [t]heir will of injustice
  • This [is] what the trashiest Judicial System in the entire world usually does

  • Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the evidence to disbar the monster Moron under investigation [is] present there –– ut the honest, trustworthy investigator is [absent] from there
  • Thinking that Moron by turning [a] blind eye on the overwhelming evidence may convince the ignorance like them to believe otherwise –– to merely challenge the truth in order [t]o deny justice
  • It is all about their sickness mentality and profound [hatred] against whom they could [not] defeat with either evidence or truth
  • It is the idiotic and moronic "mind" and "hatred streak" for which formed, shaped and created the structure identity of [t]he demon professional "liar". It is all about the will of [INJUSTICE] and imposing the will of [OPPRESSION] and the deliberate [DENIAL] of justice from those idiotic and moronic "chosen" [Satans] the professional "liars" living among us. [T]his is [t]he unfolding tragedy of the most miserable and corrupt judiciary ever known to the entire world. Otherwise, the "fled" [CIA] agent would [not] resist his return to face "justice" if there is [a] real one exist[ed] home to persuade otherwise

  • The second investigator failed to point out which evidence was missing to which claim or related allegations. [T]here is [NONE]. Except as usual, the familiar naked and shady transcript[ed] legal "hearsay" [trash] we all now become very familiar with from those distinguished themselves to be known as [t]he perverters of justice

  • Whether the underlying Grievance ruled as a "minor" unethical conduct or otherwise, the undersigned Grievant [must] be refunded his entire money stolen by the thieves and crooks, WILLIAM T. SMITH and his law firm HOOK, SMITH and MEYER. [T]he crooks and corrupt professional "liars" at [t]he Supreme Court of New Jersey, [t]he "supervisory" institution supervis[ing] over [t]he crooks and corrupt professional "liars" at [t]he Office of Attorney Ethics whom encourage[d] the lawyer's misconduct and malpractice by their useless and frivolous rulings –––– [must] order him to refund all of the fees he extorted from this Grievant within (30) days from this NOTICE and DEMAND. Otherwise, the proper action will be filed accordingly against the corrupt entities

  • Fair to mention, that its corrupt judges lacked knowledge about the law and the constitution whose reached their bench, not because of their high skill or unique clever mind or extraordinary achievement, but (solely) for their bribe ("campaign donation") given to the corrupt politicians who appointed them. Most of those corrupt congressmen, representatives and senators were (formally) professional "liars" and they choose the most deceptive and pervert[ed] one to be a "chosen" judge or justice. Those characteristic representatives and senators [must] not be allowed to meddle or intervene in the Egyptian Internal Affairs in order for them to manipulate the Egyptian's Internal and Foreign policy. The Egyptian Government which would not divorce this intervention from those who have the worst and trashiest judicial system in the world, and criticize other supreme system's rulings, would take the risk that could easily undermine its power and legitimacy in the eyes of the Egyptian Public.

    Ironically, the laughable Ethics punishment [is] to send the strayed lawyer, who failed to execute a written agreement with his client, not once, not twice, but treble, to [a] course to educate him how to prepare a written agreement. An attorney who practiced lawyering for more than (42) plus years would be starting to take a course to learn how to write an agreement with his client –––– It would rather let him go back to start properly from the elementary school until he reaches (100) years old so he could learn how to write a legal contract with his client.

    [T]his sick[ness] and rrational [c]onclusion does [not] effect [nor] benefit [t]his Grievant –––– Thus, [a] refund of all extorted and ripped off all the unearned money must be refunded forthwith. [H]ad the professional "liar" admit[ted] [h]is violation and failure to execute this agreement when he was questioned, under oath, to do so, the jury would have [h]ad award[ed] the Grievant all of [t]he extorted money [stolen] by [t]he professional "liar" [under] investigation –––– This claim before this corrupt agency under its idiotic and moronic "Supreme" Corruption, would have been obviated and prevented
  • [H]ad the Satan, corrupt and ignorant "Judge Menelaos Toskos" instructed the jury properly to whose the responsibility of the written agreement [be] laid, they would have awarded all of the refunds due to him. This was one of the unquestionable evidence that has been presented and deliberately ignored by the ignorant investigators one after another.

    Speaking of the undisputed evidence, the Satan Bergen County "Disqualified" Judge Toskos, was chosen to preside over the trial of the extorted deposit and experts' fees for the unrendered services by the "chosen" unethical Moron Smith after he was defaulted (twice) on the calendar calls before the "original" judge who was designated to hear the case. Smith had no choice but to grab the court's jacket from the law clerk and walk directly to the "chosen" [Satan] Toskos' courtroom [t]o have him preside over the matter despite of [h]is obvious and unquestionable "disqualification" under the State Rule and the Federal Statute
  • Then here became another "chosen" [one] corrupt "Judge Rachelle Hartz", who was presided over the malpractice cases against the Moron Smith [t]o dismiss them. The [Satan] "Judge Toskos" was [a] former partner in [a] law firm which represented a defendant, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident with the Grievant, where the Moron Smith sold his client to that firm while the appeal of that matter was pending, at that point in time
  • On the other hand, the corrupt, ignorant Judge Hartz's (husband) is also still remained [an] active partner at the same corrupted "Hackensack" law firm involved. Is this bizarre and exotic conduct and activity considered [a] coincidence in nature in "America" –––– the "rule of law" (champion) "country" –––– or rather the "rule of corruption and deception" society ––– to see and witness two corrupt and ignorant and "disqualified" judges related and connected [t]o one law firm preside[d] over cases–––where that law firm was defending the actual cause of those cases –––– where the unethical Moron, Attorney Smith under the Ethics proceeding sold out [h]is client Grievant to that law firm. This usually and (only) happen[s] in "America" and nowhere else ––– where the immoral and corrupt judges and justices appointed by the corrupt politicians [are] exist[ing] ––– Despite all of that, the inherited corrupt professional "liars" ("investigators") [are] still claiming that "no evidence submitted to support that fact", except, of course, their illusion and blindness to see that fact

  • To make it more absurd if not farce, the Satan, ####### and Ignorant Union County Judge William L'E Wertheimer sought to compel this Grievant to "either go to try your case with your attorney Smith, or accept an involuntary dismissal." Even though, the corrupt Moron, Judge Wertheimer was informed by the Grievant as well by the Moron, professional "liar" Smith, on the record, that [a] "Substitution of Attorney" had been signed two weeks earlier after the betrayal Smith was fire[d] at the trial of the other case at Passaic County. The transcript does [not] lie. [T]his specific "Substitution of Attorney" [was] submitted as evidence to the first investigator to support that the Moron Smith [h]ad [no] business whatsoever under the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Rules of Court mandate, state and federal, to chase and run after his client to conduct chambers' conferences and disregarding his client's [objections] after [h]e was fire[d] on the record at the trial. At the beginning of conducting his chamber's conference at Passaic with the corrupt and ignorant "Judge Joseph Riva", and ending n two chambers' conference with the satanic corrupt and ignorant Moron Union Judges, "Karen M. Cassidy" and "William L'E Wertheimer". Despite the overwhelming evidence submitted to that undisputable and unquestionable fact, the blind investigators remained in defiant with their self-delusion that no evidence to support that fact submitted. [H]ad either ignorant investigator ever questioned any of those judges about their chamber's conference involvement with the professional "liar", the Moron Smith in question؟ [T]hey had [not]. [T]heir frivolous "reports" [are] simply blank. Regardless of any evidence, the simple question remained hunting those corrupt investigators, [w]hy the Moron Smith went [t]o the Union County Courthouse to chase his client after he was discharge[ed] in disgrace and humiliation at the Passaic trial before [t]he jury two weeks earlier and [h]ad sign[ed] the "Substitution of Attorney"؟ The transcript does [not] lie
  • The professional "liars" [do]. This fake and useless process is all about for which an immoral process in operation supervised by the idiotic and moronic justices of the "Supreme Corruption and Deception" at best. This shameful process and awful experience will bring all justices and judges in America to put their (ugly) faces in the smelly wet mud and leave [no] one, not even the law school students, to be proud of the failure, corrupt and disgraceful judicial system [t]hey represent
  • This [is] the harsh reality [t]hey cannot neutralize or separate themselves from forever

  • [T]he naïve Morons thought that Abulkhair would beg the "beggars" for justice. Their foolishness did [not] allow them to realize that Abulkhair would grab the justice from the lion's mouth after breaking his canines

  • Despite the warning quoted on the Attorney Ethics mailing envelope ["PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL"], the corrupt spying U.S. Government still ignoring the warning and opening and scanning the letter anyway. When the corrupt spying U.S. Government ignored the Constitution and Laws and does [not] respect the confidentiality, privacy or secrecy of its own citizens or the legal Ethics process, no [one] would expect Abulkhair [t]o respect the U.S. Government or its laws, including its corrupt and rotten judicial system
  • Therefore, the "PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL" process in the within matter [h]as become obsolete and obviated
  • The curtain that kept [t]he secret and secrecy of [t]he corrupt U.S. Judicial System n the dark hidden from [t]he eyes of the world [must] be removed forever and forthwith [t]o allow the outside world to have [a] hint in order to see and analyze the "real" image and tragedy of [t]he U.S. Judicial System, [not] the flowery and fancy fake one portrayed on [t]he extravagant style of "Hollywood Boulevard"

  • With that in mind, Abulkhair will [never] run out of an honest and decent publisher since they are many out there love to admonish the arrogant and corrupt American Judiciary. Thus, [t]he time has begun –––– The world and the public opinion counts
  • Just keep in mind, when you foolishly deny [ABULKHAIR] justice, [h]e will serve you with the real justice better than the one you denied to him, and crush you under his (old) shoe
  • It will be one of [a] kind. [T]here will be [no] better place to keep this historical legacy and lecture in form of [an] admonition than the "district court" electronic filing system records to come from time to time to hunt you –––– Then "Go Ahead, Make My Day" and Den[y] the Demand ! ! !

    Contradictory to all evidence submitted, the substituted investigator went far on her dream of delusion to assert, "You can appreciate the basic fairness underlying a requirement that allegations be supported by proof" with[out] specifically pointing to any allegations in particular. It is [a] kind of [net] report as usual. The previous corrupt investigator requested [a] complete copy of the motion filed by the professional "liar" Smith where he defrauded the Court with his perjurious statements in order for him to prove perjury [under] oath. He was provided accordingly and ensured and assured that it [was] enough and convince evidence to prove fraudulent Smith committed fraud upon the Court
  • It was the motion to restore the neglected cases after Smith slept on his duty and abandoned them for two consecutive years until they were dismissed for lack of prosecution. Then he "lied" about to the Court by claiming that he was not served with the dismissal notice where in fact he was. [T]his was [an] outright lie
  • That notice in question was submitted as [evidence] with a copy of [h]is false swearing "Certification" to prove his perjurious statements and misconduct to those ignorant investigators, but again was ignored by (two) professional "liars" corrupt investigators. This [is] the serious and genuine tragedy of [t]he corrupt and broken judiciary –––– when it brings [a] professional "liar" –––– to investigate another professional "liar" –––– to end with –––– "The member assigned to this matter did a thorough, transparent investigation and see no basis to disturb or otherwise question them." Id. [S]eriously ! ! ! [H]ence, in contrast to her unfounded assertion, what happened with that clear and convince evidence [؟] This was [a] typical motion filed by Smith in his effort to trick or deceive the Court in order to restore the matters. Attorney William T. Smith has distinguished himself with [a] long history of misleading, misrepresenting and lying under oath to the Court, as [a] natural born –––– and habitual liar –––– (professional liar). [T]he Grievant notwithstanding would appreciate the professional "liars" [,] the idiotic and moronic corrupt American Justices, Judges and Attorneys [t]o cease and desist [t]heir disgusting, "unabashed" and shameful lie, deception, misleading and misrepresentation once and for all
  • This would be the genuine "appreciation" the "graduate law school" Investigator should appreciate and admire this admonition. She may as well refer and confer her conduct and practice to adhere to and abide by, in order for her to conduct and issue an adequate and eloquent investigation and report that served the interest of the polestar justice required under the Constitution she had once sworn to uphold with honesty and integrity for which she deviated herself from, as had her predecessor. Instead of repeating the wrong over and over and over again by the maneuvering deception of not "disturbing" it, not only disparaged the corrupt judiciary and its legal and ethics proceeding, but also implied, not very subtly, that Investigator had manufactured [h]er report and then rehearsed it over and over and over again in [h]er useless effort to deceive or trick the "supervisory" Supreme Corrupt Court together with the Grievant and to eventually defeat the Grievance and the Ethics process and to finally humiliate and disgrace [t]he entire judicial system

  • The judicial venue limited of its justice surrounded relatives and good connections and communications (only) under the deceptive banner of "justice for all" and with the unrealistic imagination of the [false] "Bill of Rights" that nobody actually knows where [is] hidden
  • The well cherished "freedom" of the "Painful Questions" no [one] wanted to discuss or even dared to talk about
  • Where [is] the virtue of ("moral courage") of those idiotic and moronic American Justices and Judges who obsessed with the media and almost a step away from their grave, and the cowards still could not even have the courage to speak out against [t]heir government's immoral and [un]lawful spy[ing] and surveillance activities against it[s] own citizen[s] –––– Intercepting –––– Opening –––– Scanning –––– Delaying their mail –––– In addition [t]o Wiretapping their phones and Monitoring all computers in the country by [spying] on all personal, private and confidential documents and emails. Regrettably, t may have "Gone with the Wind"
  • Those corrupt, idiotic and moronic American Justices and Judges, the "mute" [Satans], should cover their evil faces on the bench with their black rope in respect of the integrity and dignity of the judicial process f any remained
  • t is the approaching [end] that had end[ed] all the predecessor tyrant[s] with [no] judicial "immunity" to [no] one

  • Save your time and energy from contacting [t]he "fabulous" (FBI) since they do [a] remarkable and great job of [h]aving people like [t]he undersigned under [t]heir surveillance 24/7 –––– watching them leaving and returning to their homes –––– So please do not "disturb" them from focusing on Moslem American and leave the real criminals among us killing and massacring innocent people on live television and "disturb" their prayers at the church.

    All of your useless and frivolous decisions and opinions will remain in the trash where they belong and [be] forgotten
  • [T]o intentionally and deliberately wrong Abulkhair with fraud, misleading and misrepresentation [t]o defraud the court and [t]he corrupt judiciary will [be] the legacy you leave the world with
  • The [only] thing will remain forever [alive] and remember[ed] to take with you as your legacy [,] this [one] here that will eternally lasting and [no] one will be able to forget
  • This is the legacy all of you will carry with you to your final destination n "hell" where the "genuine" [JUSTICE] will be served to [t]hose who denied others their justice in life, and [no] one will be able to escape
  • This admonition [is] designed to shame you all forever [,] and [no] idiotic and moronic Justices or Judges in America will walk on the street raising their rusted head high before they [mud] their faces with the disgrace and shame they "willingly" and "voluntarily" brought forward upon themselves together with their system. [W]hen the idiotic and moronic professional "liars" decide [t]o challenge someone by depriving him or her of their rights or denying them justice [,] they [must] think million and million of time of whom they take their travesty and silly challenge against
  • The idiotic and moronic [Tarattier] national and local have underestimated [ABULKHAIR] and deserved [h]is unattainable admonition of curse and wrath punishment

  • Since your final diversion dated August 17th, mailed on August 19th, which was received today, was intercepted and opened to be scanned by the corrupt U.S. Government as equal to all others mail received post September 11th, despite the fact that the mailing envelope clearly noted and quoted above the Greivant's name and address to advise and warn [:] "PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL", [t]he useless "confidential" information governed over this entire process [no] longer exists. It has been obviated by the corrupt government's [spying] misconduct
  • This unauthorized misconduct of the unlawful tampering by interception and spying in opening the undersigned's mail was triggered [only] by the fact of being a [Moslem] living in America post September 11th
  • Although [t]he Religious Freedom Restoration Act provide[s] robust protection for religious liberty––without regard to whether others might view an adherent's beliefs or practices as irrational, trivial, or wrong, [t]he corrupt U.S. Government's invasion of privacy by its unrelenting and ongoing [spying] activities program [t]o intercept and open Moslem's [mail] should [be] seen [t]o detract from that vital guarantee

  • By publish[ing] this Open Notice and Demand or admonition to the outside world, urging the Arabic and Islamic world in particular to void and dishonor any extradition treaty with the U.S. Additionally, they must also refuse to accept any criminals accused of terrorism for the purpose of torture in order to obtain an illegitimate confession since the U.S [h]as become the leading champ[ion] in barbaric torture that owned the biggest and best university of the most sophisticated torture and humiliation for stepping on all human rights at its "Guantanamo Bay University"
  • In addition, it has two powerful agencies specialized in kidnapping people from their countries and bringing them blind-folded directly to its famous university or to one of its many allies whom ready to help.

    [T]his also serves and remains as [a] powerful wisdom and reminder until [t]he message get through and across about disrespecting and degrading the "Rule of Law" being clearly conveyed to all Arabic and Islamic World in particular. t will remain to be an example and an exhortation for every consider[ed] discerner
  • By publish[ing] and faxing copies of this [admonition] to the United States "Judiciary Committee" in [Congress] and the "highest" (court) of "gays and lesbians", the legalization of [spying] by tampering, intercepting and opening the mail to invade the privacy of [Moslem] citizens in America, urges and calls upon the legislative body in all Arab and Moslem nations around the globe to adopt the same policy against the U.S. Citizens and to enact [a] new law immediately [t]o implement and enforce forthwith the same [,] not limited to all of the U.S. ambassador's mail and emails with[out] regard to any useless [fake] diplomatic immunity, which has never been respected by his own country

  • [T]he interception and opening of the mail and emails of all American[s] abroad, British and Israeli will definitely enhance and advance the effort [t]o expose the CIA, FBI, and spies hidden under the ground
  • Based on certain developing evidence in result of [t]hat aforementioned concern, [t]he Egyptian Government [,] in particular [,] should determine whether any of those countries once found engaging in such prohibited conduct and practice amount to close their embassy, consulates, educational institutions [,] and [ban] them from passing through the (Egyptian) Suez Canal forthwith in order [t]o bring them and their economy to their knees

  • [T]his is the [ONLY] (language) [t]he United States of America Government and its corrupt judiciary, [t]he perverters of justice deemed to understand and respect deeply
  • The history [is] the best evidence and witness for [t]hat undeniable fact
  • Now, by twist[ing] its arms, if not breaking them [,] the U.S. will realize its misconduct and miscalculation in invading Moslem citizens' privacy and denying them justice and their right[s] by disregarding, degrading and foot-stepping over [t]he Rule of Law for which the immoral and corrupt American Judiciary and its Attorney Ethics approved and rubber stamped

  • The wrong that has been done must be repaired. Atonement must be made. Justice may be slow, indeed, but it comes in the end.

    By: /s/ Assem A. Abulkhair, Pro Se

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