Sudan’s tyrant openly declares his enmity to the international community by Adaroub sedna onour

Sudan’s tyrant openly declares his enmity to the international community by Adaroub sedna onour

09-09-2015, 02:42 PM


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Title: Sudan’s tyrant openly declares his enmity to the international community by Adaroub sedna onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 09-09-2015, 02:42 PM

03:42 PM Sep, 09 2015
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Adaroub Sedna Onour-
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Much to the dismay of the hard up Sudanese people seeking relief from the yoke of the tyrannical regime of general, omer beshir, which is in power for the past gloomy 25-years, the indicted general, ruled out any dialogue with his political opponents being held outside Sudan (Khartoum, to be more precise) irrespective of that dialogue being under the auspices of the African union AU؟ The man evidently feels that the world had called off the hunt for him, that he grew so confident to the extent of threatening to TEAR OFF any resolution from the AU/UN and/or the SECURITY COUNCIL calling for such meeting to be held outside Sudan. The general ,presumably ,believes that if the world had failed to bring him to book for his –still-ongoing- genocide in DARFUR in addition to the countless grand crimes against humanity allover Sudan, then, why shouldn’t THAT world deal with him as a legitimate status quo head of state؟ Indeed he is occupied by this line of thought and is seriously pondering over the measures necessary to get an acquittal from his horrible offences to put the whole issue of war crimes and crimes against humanity behind his back and open up a new page؟ In this context he is recently saying, groundlessly, that DARFUR is NOW a safe and conflict-free region. And the Blue Nile and south kordofan are no longer rebel-held areas, BECAUSE the foreign-backed traitors operating in those regions were badly defeated and fled Sudan and NOW reside in hotels abroad from where they make a lot of fuss about conflicts that exist only in their minds, and are no where to be found in those war-free zones ؟ Unfortunately the rosy picture the man is painting has nothing to do with the apparent realities on the ground. But the man’s bluff could easily be called if the AU/UN decided to impose no-fly zones and provide safe corridors and provide undeterred access to relief workers and food items to the needy communities in those battle fields at the end of the 90-day dead line given by the AU for the regime and the opposition factions to engage in dialogue. But that won’t materialize; judging by what the curators of this tyranny had made it crystal clear from day one that any one seeking to snatch away power from them needs do that after a duel. Nonetheless it took the international community and the opposition factions a quarter of a century to decipher and digest that. Today the bewildered general ,who was supposed to chart a different course to reconcile his decisions with the realities of today, made yet another ill-advised grave mistake by defying the AU and thus ,placed his shaky regime ,unduly ,in the eye of the storm and angered those who are ,supposedly ,his last sanctuary ؟hence he should be prepared for travelling on an untrodden path ridden with insurmountable political hardships. On may wonder, who could have advised him to take such a stupendous decision, when the mere setting of a deadline by the AU simply means that it does not approve of the much-talked-about INTERNAL DIALOUGE؟ Because no body in and outside Sudan has any appetite to play by the rules of the ruling national congress party NCP. Furthermore the blatant hasty refusal to cooperate with the international community will give the AU ample time to consider tougher measures and hit the regime in places that hurt. And it would too late when the regime realizes the tragedy of what it had done and ponder its fate with sorrow and regret .odd, how history repeats itself in Sudan ,in the same manner, because the same people who are circumambulating the REGIME now are those who were running in the orbit of dictator NUMERIE(1969-85) therefore no one should be surprised if they left the poor general to his fate when the hour strikes . But until that day they will continue arranging regional meetings and work-shops for the ill-fated general, to give him the false impression of his being an indispensable regional player؟ And when the now ticking clock bangs ,he will not only be abandoned but chased and even condemned , for a heap of crimes some of which he didn’t hear of. But this once the blood wit is too huge to be paid by on person .
Adaroub sedna onour .

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