Baffling wording….. "National Interest" Whose interest? by Mujtaba Arman

Baffling wording….. "National Interest" Whose interest? by Mujtaba Arman

07-09-2015, 07:01 AM


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Title: Baffling wording….. "National Interest" Whose interest? by Mujtaba Arman
Author: مجتبى سعيد عرمان
Date: 07-09-2015, 07:01 AM

07:01 AM Jul, 09 2015
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Ironically, the Sudanese political dictionary is saturated with weird words and phraseology. One of these phrases is the "national interest." How many times have we heard politicians defecting from their parties and join the ruling- class or what so called the ruling party in Sudan? Those politicians when being asked by the media: "Why did you defect from your political party and join the Congress party?" the meant politician replies by saying: "I did join the NCP in order to protect Sudan's national interest!" The question remains does the ruling party or the National Congress party represent ' the national interest of all Sudanese people? Candidly speaking, the NCP does not represent the interest of those who are made refuges, as an example, because of the unjust war waged against them? Decisively, the NCP only represents the interest of the Political Islam forces and the ' parasite capital forces' in particular.
Clearly, language as a social being does not give true meanings as they appear in the reality. For example, when the ruling party speaks about free transformation of power, even within the NCP, he means the power will remain among very narrow circle and no one will be moved or removed from his/her political position. Also, when the state speaks about 'transparency', make sure what is meant is the opposite i.e. nepotism and corruption are the order of the day. And when the government speaks about planning, be certain disorganization and disorder are dominant in the government offices and accountability is absent from their administrative dictionary. The list is so massive, the ruling party has recently declared what is so called the " leap" dialogue with the opposition political forces without leaving anyone behind, armed and non-armed forces, interestingly the obvious goal of the dialogue was to distract the opposition force's attention from the election and giving the NCP new legitimacy via rigged election and manipulating the free will of the Sudanese people. Most political analysts agree that the NCP is very cunning in emptying things from its real content, dialogue for him is total surrender of the ' National Political Forces' to its conditions through political briberies and tremendous use of money to gain ' others' allegiance to him.
In short, language doesn't always divulge its true color when it comes to politics and economic interests. Indeed, the notion of ' National Interest' is elastic and slippery, it is used clandestinely to hide people's intentions, real ones, and interests.

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