The new governor of Port Sudan and the slopes down the road by Adaroub Sedna Onour

The new governor of Port Sudan and the slopes down the road by Adaroub Sedna Onour

07-06-2015, 11:02 PM


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Title: The new governor of Port Sudan and the slopes down the road by Adaroub Sedna Onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 07-06-2015, 11:02 PM

10:02 PM Jul, 07 2015
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Adaroub Sedna Onour-
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After the recent amendments made to the already controversial constitution of Sudan, which concentrated all the powers in the hands of president, omer beshir, all hopes of democratic transformation went up in smoke. The central government received the unconstitutional amendments with much joy and relieve, because the dominant groups of central Sudan have no relish for any degree of autonomy for peripheral regions of Sudan, which is historically the chief divisive issue characterizing the whole period of post independence Sudan. As a result the red sea state governor (Dr. Mohamed tahir aila)who is ethnically from the native beja-community of eastern Sudan ,was de-seated , despite his unmatched and remarkable success in changing the face of the coastal state , and replaced by an unheard-of- man from outside eastern Sudan? The situation the new guy will find himself in is, in the last analysis, a heap of insurmountable difficulties, especially when people begin to compare him with his successful predecessor who enjoyed excellent relations even with ######### –of-states of neighboring countries, in addition to his being the most famous governor of state in Sudan as a whole. Moreover the few decisions made by the new governor about the formation of his cabinet, and his insistence that the prospectus ministers should have university degrees, will further complicate things. (The move is widely viewed as directed against the tribal leaders who hold no academic degrees in any discipline? )By contrast, the ex-governor was sympathetic and supportive of all communal bodies, but was uncompromising when it came to leaders who held views contrary to his holistic vision towards the region and the peaceful cohesion of its people. Therefore the new guy has better follow in the foot steps of his predecessor and develop a closer sense of what people really want, irrespective of their a academic qualifications, which is bizarre and unprecedented in Sudan where illiteracy is above 70% ? Of course no human being is 100% perfect and the ex-governor had some mistakes which should be corrected, likewise his tremendous achievements should be built on, and the new governor should know that governing port Sudan is like walking on a tight rope, so he needs to balance his decisions in order to muddle his way through safely . Because Sudan, itself, is made up of diverse tribes and ethnic groups who have not yet melted up to form one national identity. Plus it is unadvisable to ignore solutions at your elbow and walk untried roads that could land you in troubles. Really , if the new ruler depends on the so-called selection-panel which he has formed from the fit-for- multi-assignments political figures ,who failed to bring any good to the region and its people in the near past when they where in power, then the not-would-be- surprising resultant is a failure-formula ? sir ,you need allies not foes ,in a state already vulnerable to repeated ,smart and on-target aerial raids from Israel and a safe-heaven for contraband smugglers and human-traffickers who operate ,undeterred , in a huge unguarded land-mass inhabited by non-graduates ? Take my flea well, and employ your graduates in the fields of their studies, because your decision of installing them in ministerial positions is not worth the paper it was written on. What has Sudan benefited from entrusting its destiny and future to graduates? They selfishly looted all our resources and flung us in total chaos, countless civil wars, and urban starvation which all, combined, rendered our social fabric irreparable. Hence, you need to reconsider your apolitical decision quickly, and dislodge the hapless panel of any powers, because it is unprofessional and its members will, logically, be influenced by their tribal leanings, which ,at the end of the day , undermine the very purpose of its formation in a country deeply polarized on tribal and ethnical bases. Remember … you are not elected but accepted as destiny and providential occurrence, and this, of course, does not give you the right to impose on us people who lack acceptability and have no popular support-bases. …misery, how a serving security-personnel –like yourself-takes all that long, to come up with ill-informed decisions?????
Adaroub sedna onour .

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