Warrap State’s political elites are behind intra-communal conflict By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial

Warrap State’s political elites are behind intra-communal conflict By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial

06-11-2015, 00:19 AM

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Title: Warrap State’s political elites are behind intra-communal conflict By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial
Author: Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial
Date: 06-11-2015, 00:19 AM

01:19 AM Jun, 11 2015
Sudanese Online
Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial-Kampala, Uganda
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Kampala, Uganda

The recent communal fighting between the two sections Aguok and Apuk in warrap state is deeply disturbing. This conflict between the communities was unexpected to restart because these communities have been living harmoniously and tranquilly since the signing of 2008 peace initiative. Therefore it has been fueled by claimed politicians who were sacked from their various positions.
Unfortunately, the reoccurrences of this war which caused the loss of lives in both sections is a lack of competence from two commissioners to prevent the situation though it has influenced in other individuals . The commissioners have failed to manage the conflict, but they pretended to be engaging in resolution of conflict.
I am shocked again, when I heard the conflict erupted between these brothers communities due to political interests in the state level has been derived back home by state political elites with big heart and small mind. The two communities are kinsmen and kinswomen who can live in harmonize situation for decades of yours without conflict, but political greediness of some politicians.
Therefore, state government should fine out the root cause of the conflict between these groups instead of imposing dialogue to the people. What I know so far, is that top political elites are the ones fueling intra communal fighting from both sides. Some of my tribesmen pretends to be loyalists when they are working in government and if they are sacked in government then, it will be the time conflict erupt between the communities.
Indeed, I suspected those recently removed from their position in the state level that they are behind communal conflict so that they should be reappointed in ministerial positions. They are preaching peace but they are not supporting it. However, they preached wine and expect audience to talk water. “I personally term this to be political conflict of an interest”
Although, the conflict is between elites it can be easily controlled by county level. Civil populations are expecting for developmental programmes to be carried out in their local areas instead of being subjected on wars but Iam not surprised the political elites ‘s behaviors are to be blamed. The presentation of strong negative emotion, or misperception, poor communications or repetitive negative on people which the main core problem in these communities. The state political elites are answerable to this erupted conflict between communities because they are fighting for their own interests.
Although, there were some problems of border issues between these communities, I see it as it is not an issue that can cause conflict to this extend . Now the number of people who got killed will not come back and is that leadership you want to govern people when you at first failed to value the lives of innocent civilians, only inciting them to finish each other. The removal of a person from position is the development, and doesn’t meant you are hated but your incompetence.
I urge the state government to look into this and if alleged individuals pretends, that they are not part of communal conflict then, why are they not participating in conflict resolution. I don’t see valid reason why many people are singing name of Lt.Gen Salva Mathok and businessman Makiir Gai that they are behind conflict meanwhile there is no sufficient evident of accusing them. I seriously do condemn the allegation of these two people . They are not behind the conflict. The conflict arises after state reshuffled government, it is resplendent here that the above mentioned were not part of removal staffs. I don’t see the reason why people hided under realities. We will not achieve something when we don’t admit facts.
My honorary respect to commissioner of police Major General Peter Mading Duor for his quick intervention in rescuing the people of these two communities. He is only one who condemned the communal conflict meanwhile state government officials were busy lobbying in juba for reappointment.

Conclusion, the government should investigate the genesis of conflict first before resolution of conflict between the communities. The resolution of conflict needs an expertise to explore and sensitize civilians with loving peace. Conflict resolution needs open minded people who are impartial and also recognized by the warring communities as people/ delegates who are able do better thing in mediating peace instead of rushing imposing dialogue on people.

Ajang Malueth AjangNhial is pursuing concurrent degrees at different Universities in Kampala, bachelor of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at Cavendish University and bachelor of Accounting and finance at Saint Lawrence University. Uganda He can be reached at +25679995330/+256786364488.

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