Khamenei is sitting on ocean of wealth By: Heshmat Alavi

Khamenei is sitting on ocean of wealth By: Heshmat Alavi

05-29-2015, 01:59 AM


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Title: Khamenei is sitting on ocean of wealth By: Heshmat Alavi
Author: Heshmat Alavi
Date: 05-29-2015, 01:59 AM

02:59 AM May, 29 2015
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Khamenei on the top of the $95 billion Caliphate

Khamenei is on the top of a $95 billion Caliphate. The mullahs in Iran are speaking of living simple and with austerity, but their wealth is exceeding billions of dollars.
Khamenei is on the top of such list with wealth exceeding all other elite in the country. The Supreme Leader is sitting on an ocean of money which tops $95 billion.
This is at a time when millions of Iranian people are living under the poverty line and are struggling to survive with only one meal per day.

In less than a decade, methamphetamine (Shishe) use has skyrocketed in Iran to the point where now about 345,000 Iranians are considered addicts, according to official statistics.
A top official from the Iran Drug Control Headquarters said last year that shishe could be found in Tehran in 'less than five minutes,' according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency.
Shishe addicts in Iran are mostly urban, middle class and young, experts say. Notably, there are a large number of women who abuse shishe, too.
One of the main reasons why shishe use has spread quickly in Iran is that 50 percent of Iranian graduates stay at home. The unemployment rate of women in this sector was more than 30 percent. 5.7 million Students and graduates of the country are inactive and have no role in production and economic added value. Out of 11.2 million students and graduates, 5.7 million people are inactive and have no role in the economy.

Heshmat Alavi
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Heshmat Alavi is a political activist and supporter for regime change in Iran. He writes on Iran and the Middle East.
He tweets at @HeshmatAlavi

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