What Do You Think? by Heshmat Alavi

What Do You Think? by Heshmat Alavi

05-25-2015, 07:11 AM

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Title: What Do You Think? by Heshmat Alavi
Author: مقالات سودانيزاونلاين
Date: 05-25-2015, 07:11 AM

08:11 AM May, 25 2015
Sudanese Online
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What would you say if someone asked your opinion about Iran‘s “Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei”? I mean your opinion. Mr. Obama or Mr. Kerry think that it is safe to negotiate with nuclear loving delegations sent from Iran, even if it takes another hundred years. What do you think?
Well, there are many things that make us ashamed of being born in the same era of Ayatollahs. From the practice of ferocious torture and imprisoning in Iran, to supporting terrorist groups in neighboring countries ,to helping Bashar Assad , Houthis , Hezbollah or remnants of Maliki. From splashing acid on women’s face to brutality against students or workers whose only demand is to get their unpaid salary?
Putting aside all these catastrophes, latest news coming out of Iran’s social problems is heartburning. They talk about child trading business. Growing social problems and despondency caused by severe poverty is another product of Mullahs rule in Iran. Infant selling, in Tehran or other Iranian cities, as an ominous and antihuman fact is of the most painful social problems Iranian community is facing today. Infant selling by washed out poor families is so prevalent that inevitably makes the state media to confess about it.
State newspaper “Eatemad” once reported that in the poor districts of southern Tehran children are sold as low as 100.000 to about 5 million Tomans ($50 to $1500). This is of course not limited to Tehran and is happening in many other cities. This is the other side of the coin of plundering the national wealth of Iranian people by the ruling Mullahs. Reports also reveal the dreadful story that extreme destitute forces some poverty stricken women to sell their babies before birth.
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Although Iranian authorities believe that the main reason for buying children is to use them as labor force but unfortunately most of them end up in the streets to be subjects of aggression and harm. Other reports notify that some children are smuggled out of the country to be sold abroad. It is clearly understandable what an omen destiny is expecting these innocent children and the dreadful traps that lie in wait for them.
A deputy to Iran’s Minister for Labor and social welfare has said, “Most of these children don’t even have any ID card”. He admitted that children, even on the age of three, are brought into the streets.
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Infant selling is a direct product of 36 years rule of fundamentalist Mullahs who offered to the Iranian people nothing but suppression, plundering, poverty, unemployment and social problems.
Now what is your opinion about the supreme Leader Ali Khamenei? Wherever they are on this planet, Members of the Iranian resistance are struggling for a regime change in Iran to restore the basic rights of the Iranian people.

Heshmat Alavi
Twitter: @HeshmatAlavi

Heshmat Alavi is a political activist and supporter for regime change in Iran. He writes on Iran and the Middle East.

He tweets at @HeshmatAlavi

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