ADVICELOGY by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

ADVICELOGY by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

05-08-2015, 06:07 PM


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Title: ADVICELOGY by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Author: Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Date: 05-08-2015, 06:07 PM

07:07 PM May, 08 2015
Sudanese Online
Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam-Kassala-Sudan
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Don't be in sadness because of the people happiness.
Just show them the smile,
and keep it in your heart.
It hurts to smile while you're sad, but it's better to smile while you're.
Don't be harden heart as not
to be sad, but don't be always sad.
Give your heart the chance to be in some sadness, but try to live in crowd of happiness.
Smiling when you loose, will
not bring back what you've lost. Neither the hope of have it back.
Spreading your lips will bring you the delicious taste of that victory.
Don't ask the people to stop saying what they want, for you to say what you want.
Stick in yours and let them
take what they want. Don't be the first to; hate, deceive and hurt, but be the first to stand against.
Go and look for happiness, since it's not logical to look for sadness.!
Search of love, although hate is available.
Hold your dreams, really they can be tangible.
Follow the crowd of those who are delight, even troubles, and issues
are trying to make youmiserable.
A tree is never asking the
rain to come, but seem the rain is longing of making love with trees.
The trees are not grateful for
that gift,!
But instead;
They give a porch for every beautiful couple of birds.
It's certain that, tears can
show you sadness, but for
some people they cry
when their happiness.
A smile indicates, happiness and cheerful. But also fling, and
Being hurt for many
times, will make you feel no
pain again.
When you slew, you loose
the feeling, the beat of the
heart and the thinking
at all.
Having a company, is having a family, home, and world.
When you brokeup with a
person, don't tell him; he is a liar, false or wrong, but alternatively; you're not right.
Having a darling is having a
company, life, and soul are
A sane person is not walking for hundred miles for
nothing, but for aims to be achieved.
It's not wrong of being
waiting fifty years for things to come.
But the wrong not to do it
since it's the moment to be done.!

Don't go for things that
was given for others. Because if they were going to
benefit you, they might be
yours. That for god has nothing
to do with them. He doesn't
need them, although he
owns them.
There might be perfect ones waiting for you. Sometimes we feel so happy that we can see
what the others are having,
inspite of; we don't yet
have it.
When we have got something
very precious we feel nice. But the nicer is to be patient when we lose it.
It maybe needed by someone who is more needy than us.
The poor people may be in happiness. Not for having bonds to pay.
But for having a nice words to say:
"we're so happy"!!
The weak hearts among them say:
"we wish, if we have it"!
A rich person, may purchase a
car, blood, or even a part of the world.
Yet, their chance to know, they can't buy smile.
The poor people, less wishing, longing and hopping of having
money. The rich ones hope more to be in presence.
I respect the rich because
they pay, and i like the
poor because they don't

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