Sudan's political scene: Post a pseudo election by Mujtaba Arman

Sudan's political scene: Post a pseudo election by Mujtaba Arman

05-04-2015, 05:01 PM


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Title: Sudan's political scene: Post a pseudo election by Mujtaba Arman
Author: مجتبى سعيد عرمان
Date: 05-04-2015, 05:01 PM

05:01 PM May, 04 2015
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The Sudanese political scene can simply be described as bleak as a turbulent sea due to the lucid fact that the rigged election will not solve "the comprehensive national crisis" which is incarnated in the issues of finding a lasting and just solution to the war between the central government and the marginalized peripheries, correction of the judiciary system in a way that allows justice to be done and no one will be above the law as has been the order of the day since the coup d'état which was masterminded by the 'Political Islam' forces represented in National Islamic Front party, last but surely not the least, the issue of restoring democracy and preventing the gross human rights violation in various corners of the country.
Understandingly, the question remains why does the so called election that has taken place recently will not be considered as a catalyst in solving the above mentioned crises? To my knowledge, of course the same views are held by other political analysts, the election's atmosphere was not conducive to such kind of an event, most of the Sudanese political leaders and activists agree that the priority is for the 'National Dialogue' that was aborted by the pseudo election and absenteeism of the government representatives from the Addis Ababa preparatory meeting with the 'Sudan Call' forces under the auspices of the African Union.
The priority of giving an opportunity for the National Dialogue is of paramount importance because the intrinsic notion of the national dialogue is to put an end to the prolonged war in various areas of Sudan. Paradoxically, how could the African Union monitoring mission asked people in the war zone areas to vote, indeed voting is an expression of civil rights, while their most important right, the right to life, was taken away from them? Interestingly, the above mentioned reasons for running an election goes in conformity with the Troika's press release which was issued three days before the polling start. Let us quote some important reservations of these countries and their political stance in not holding election in this war-torn country: "The members of the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) regret the
Government of Sudan’s failure to create a free, fair, and conducive elections environment. Restrictions on political rights and freedoms, counter to the rights enshrined in the Sudanese Constitution, the lack of a credible national dialogue and the continuation of armed conflict in Sudan’s peripheries are among the reasons for the reported low participation and very low voter turnout. The outcome of these elections cannot be considered a credible expression of the will of the Sudanese people."
In a nutshell, the pseudo election that took place a week ago will not change the core nature of the regime which is grounded upon repression and aggression of public civil liberties and solving the issue of the war via military and intelligence tactics. Similarly, the defunct regimes in our region had the same election, to mention just a few, Mubark of the Egypt, Saddam Hussein and his Bas'ist party, all these regimes held 'elections' in order to change their repressive nature ,but alas the police state remained in control tremendously in various walks of the life. Therefore, the regime that seized power in 1989 through military coup d'état will continue the policy of maintaining the status quo in order the keep the economic and political privileges at any cost. The only way for the Sudanese masses to free themselves from police state is through collective efforts and pressuring the regime to make fundamental changes or will be uprooted by public uprising.

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