Genocide in history Before 1490 up to 2003 Darfur Genocide By: Hammad Alkrty

Genocide in history Before 1490 up to 2003 Darfur Genocide By: Hammad Alkrty

04-29-2015, 07:49 PM


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Title: Genocide in history Before 1490 up to 2003 Darfur Genocide By: Hammad Alkrty
Author: حماد سند الكرتى
Date: 04-29-2015, 07:49 PM

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According to the article (2) of the convention on prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide of 1948, as defined ‘’ any of the following act committed with intend to destroy, in part or whole , a national , ethnic , racial , or religious group . As a such killing member of the group , causing seriously – badly or mentally harm to the member of the group, deliberately inflicting on the group condition of life , calculated to bring about it is physical destruction in whole or part , imposing measure intended to prevent birth within the group and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
In 1944, Mr Rophel Lemkin, stated that ‘’ the Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or part of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.
This article will cover briefly, the history of Genocide, since or before 1490, however this research will focus on the modern Genocide in human history and how the international community has failed to keep it is promised to protect the coming generation from a such heinous crimes.
Genocide has been committed a long time ago in human history, as the matter of fact, this atrocity crime took place as far before as 1490 BCE.
As stated by historian , Genocide took place in which , when adult males were killed , while women and children were taken away by the enemy forces , for instance , the Assyrian Empire and the destruction Melos By Athena , during the Peloponnesian war ,which took place in the fifth century.
On the top of that , the old testament in the holy Bible book of Christian , reported that the destruction of the Midinites , took place during the life of Moses , not only that , but also , the book of Number in the old testament (Bible holy book of Christians faith) , in chapter (31) which , stated that the arm forces of Israel killed every Midianite man , however the women and the children had taken away . according to that time , it could argued that , Genocide was a atrocity crime , which men were killed and the women and children taken away by the enemy forces, this kind of crime took place even before 1490.
The time between 1490 to 1914, people in some area around the world faced different type of crimes, in the coming part of this article will discuss, some of the areas that faced very serious crimes as the follows:
What happened in Africa continent?
Most of the time, Black people or African people been subjected or been victimised of the atrocity crime such as Genocide ,which been committed by white people or European and all the evidence support this claim or allegation. In 1890, Belgium forces , entered Congo ( The republic of Congo ) and committed a serious crime against it is cangolians , which include torture , Killing million of people , in addition , diseases such as Sleeping sickness and small box been spread among African in Congo, in order to kill many of them as they could .
Germany forces , had committed unspeakable crimes in south west Africa , especially in Namibia , it has been reported that more than half population been killed in a brutal way , this mass killing called a genocide according to the international criminal law now day.
America continent:
Christopher Columbus, arrived in America land in 149s , the indigenous population this land had to faced many crime , mostly committed by white and they used disease as a weapon to kill them . it has been estimated that more than 1.8 million people been murdered by white.
In Brazil land, it has been reported that , more than 3 million from indigenous population subjected murder by different type of diseases. It estimated that the death toll more than 50 percent.
In Argentina only, millions of indigenous were killed by the Government, and the same thing in Haiti, Mexico thousand were killed in the time between 1847-1901, and many other countries.
In Siberia, thousand been murdered most of them were Muslim, this happened during the Russian Empire.
Japanese people killed thousands of Chinese and Korean, also indigenous population in Japan were murdered by Japanese colonisation of Hokkaido.
Qin empire, which was the last empire in China, it believe that force’s empire has committed many serious crimes against ethnic group called (ZUNGHER) , the estimated number was 600000 people were murdered by the Qin empire .
In Australia, just before getting into detail about Australia, according to the historian, which argued that ,there were no white people around the regions approximately 200 years ago. According to the researcher published has reported Britain colonize , deliberately used disease to kill more than half of indigenous population across Australia , on top of that the shocking story about stolen Generations left a huge bad experience among the first Australian people in Australian.
In New Zealand, atrocity crimes cried out by group of people against other.
In French , during the French revolution , was the first genocide took place which committed by both side during the civil war.
In Ireland, the time between 1639 and 1651, the war of the three kingdoms took place , during this time many serious crime been committed.
During the Irish potato famine between 1845 and 1852 , it has estimated that , more than a million people were killed as the result of potatoes disease , which well known by potato’s blight.
Russian empire, tried to carcasses hold a long the black sea coast, after a hundred years of war and failed to end the problem between two side.
In 19 century Genocide crimes took place, it has estimated that more than 2 million circascians people been killed .
It be concluded that, Genocide as atrocity crime has taken place, a long time ago , far as twentieth century , which is going to be out main subject of Genocide in History.

By: Hammad Alkrty
Lawyer – Legal researcher
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Genocide in History

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