Armed revolution in Sudan is weaken by overwhelmed initiatives of unarmed oppositions By Salah Hus

Armed revolution in Sudan is weaken by overwhelmed initiatives of unarmed oppositions By Salah Hus

04-20-2015, 07:39 PM


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Title: Armed revolution in Sudan is weaken by overwhelmed initiatives of unarmed oppositions By Salah Hus
Author: Salah Hussein
Date: 04-20-2015, 07:39 PM

06:39 PM Apr, 20 2015
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Sudanese revolution periodically taking various trends since the eruption of conflict in Darfur, later jointed Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, these trends rigorously scrutinized by all armed forces in terms of alignment and interest reflection to their people. The birth of Sudanese Revolutionary Front SRF was victory in Sudanese recent political history, however, many initiatives come to effect as part of the ongoing efforts to widen the oppositions while isolating the central regime in Khartoum, and these intentions are quite genuine to achieve political and economic prosperities in which viable to all. Despite the efforts of expansion and mitigation of historical bitterness existed among Sudanese ethnic sectors, one should carefully examine the machination lines within unarmed oppositions that has been managing fuzzy agendas with high virtuosity.
Certainly not all unarmed oppositions carry true desire toward marginalized people of three areas include Eastern and perhaps further North, but the fluctuation of its political position has been a great concern to ordinary citizens of the three areas in Sudan whom overlooked and hold tendentious concepts by the same oppositions parties for decades leaving deep deception and mistrust of any outsider from these regions, this is de facto. Armed revolution aimed to achieve goals of sustainable development with price of human life and long suffer of the revolution per se. benevolent approach of unarmed oppositions are truly persuasive and pitfall at the same time, this is not rejecting any political alliance or further joint cooperation, but strategic approach must be different when you deal with so called unarmed oppositions that blatantly regime invest on them in order buy time and weakening the armed revolution, regime is not worried from peaceful opposition as long as game place it in effective and agreed methodological ways.
Regime in Khartoum has been bombarding innocent civilian and created massive influx of refugee and internally displace people, gross of human right violation in the three areas occur on daily bass, the ongoing military campaign resulted chaotic humanitarian catastrophe from famine to malnutrition, acute of malnutrition in the three areas reached 30 % this is more than double officially recognized for emergency level according to UN, brutal rape and killing continue to deteriorate local people, in the absent of adequate protection more humanitarian situations is expected in this dry season where regime will be lunching military assault aiming to end the armed revolution.
Despite the human suffer in the three regions, international community represented by Troika, Canada, and, EU silenced the voiced of activists and fail to carry their moral duties, while frustration grow among civilian, furthermore, possible resolutions of AU that commenced in Addis Ababa was fail, nevertheless, armed revolution waiting resolution from the regime and continue to adapt the unnecessary initiatives from unarmed opposition who as i mentioned above seek to prolong the current regime but in fuzzy way that ordinary people won`t understand, this is waste of time and silly to mobilized people in Khartoum to overthrow the regime, situation in Sudan unlike Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia, Sudanese social institution is deeply divided based on geographical belonging, more importantly marginalized people viewed differently and conceptualized into media stream hence reproduced image of three areas as secondary citizen. Within this a sociological issues is prominent it is impossible to mobilized peaceful demonstration and subsequently removes the regime. Solution to heal past wounds probably help to unlock the outstanding issues and then notion of unity can be attractive within broader Sudan, unless otherwise voices of self-determination has been increase.
Contrary to notion that SRF or marginalized power will eliminate the northern oppositions for good, in fact, people of three areas are open minded toward any political resolution aimed to end human suffer, but these initiatives cannot be at the expenses of three areas, it is time to create new approach and restructure the Sudan call in the way that align the armed revolution, hence the soft enemies within broader alliance deteriorate gradually and forever. Armed revolution in Sudan acrimoniously isolating the regime while unarmed oppositions tumultuously joining them to secure future political entities, and yet the rampage of armed revolution is inevitable.

Armed revolution in Sudan

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