The atrocity crimes in nuba Mountain – Blue Nile state and Darfur How could that happened? By: Hamm

The atrocity crimes in nuba Mountain – Blue Nile state and Darfur How could that happened? By: Hamm

03-31-2015, 04:46 PM


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Title: The atrocity crimes in nuba Mountain – Blue Nile state and Darfur How could that happened? By: Hamm
Author: حماد سند الكرتى
Date: 03-31-2015, 04:46 PM
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03:46 PM Mar, 31 2015
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The atrocity crimes in nuba Mountain – Blue Nile state and Darfur
How could that happened?
By: Hammad Alkrty
Lawyer – Legal researcher
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I would like to outline or explain, what is the atrocity crimes mean, before I get to the details.
Atrocity crimes are the most serious international crimes, which include war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing as well as the Genocide.
The international community has promised and determined himself in the chart of the United nation , that will save the coming generation from the scourge of war , which twice in our life time has brought untold sorrow to human being. The international community has promised , that will not allowed as such horrific crimes to take place anywhere in the world in the future GENERATION, however the international community has failed to keep that promise alife ,when faced the massive killing in Rwanda in 1994, when more than 800,000 civil people have been killed in the witnessed of the international community.
How could that happened? Why the international community turn blind eye?
Today the victims of this atrocity crimes in Blue Nile state, nuba mountain and Darfur , can say that , the international community has failed to protect them from a such unspeakable crimes.
How could that happened in front of the international community?
Atrocity crimes have occurred in these mentioned areas. On top of that the ongoing massive killing in Nuba mountain is heart breaking, when people around the world see those facing a great suffering and that include children and women. Yet still action hasn’t take place!!
Atrocity and most serious international crime’s elements have take place in those mentioned areas.
According the international criminal law and Rome statute of international criminal court 1998. In article No(6) Paragraphs (a),(b) and (c), which talks about the Genocide crime , which can take place ,by killing people , genocide by causing serious bodily or mentally harm , genocide by deliberately causing or making situation of life so hard so people likely die , genocide by forcing people to live their places . Genocide can happened any time anywhere, anytime mean, the time of war or time at peace. The government of Sudan, still killing people all the time, under the dark and behind the bars, and action has not take place yet!!
In article No (7) paragraphs (a),(b)and(c), from Rome statue of international criminal court (ICC) 1998, which talks about the crime against humanity , there is no doubt , that the Government of Sudan committing this horrific crimes ,as the matter of fact , this government still murdering people , enslaving them, torturing , raping women as well as men and other inhuman act.
War crim also, take place, as people facing wilful killing, torture , inhuman treatment and denying a fair trail . On top of that causing a great suffering.
To conclude this research , the ongoing conflict in Sudan bring a great suffering to people , where they live in the conflict zoon and it is a atrocity crimes take place and the international community turn bind eye for what is going on in Sudan.
Action should be taken sooner, rather than later if international community really want to safe life.
By: Hammad Alkrty
Lawyer – Legal researcher
mailto:[email protected][email protected]

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