CAT REVENGE short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

CAT REVENGE short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

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Title: CAT REVENGE short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Author: Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Date: 03-21-2015, 00:19 AM

00:19 AM Mar, 21 2015
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Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam-Kassala-Sudan
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chapter 1
newyork city ;
Once a time ,rosa was
listening to the music.and ironing the
cloths.suddenly, she heard
the bill ringing.she thought
that her
husband is in the door_
step.but, that was their neighbor, lewis he is
a fishman.
How are you , she said.
I'm verywell,madam, he
How about your husband, he asked.
He is verywell, he went to
his work , she replayed.
He left few minutes later.
Now days we don't have
guests, i should bring the milk before john
comes, she whispered.
She daily,brings five liters
of milk to the family from
their small
farm .sometimes ten, to make ;butter, cheese, or
yoghurt.they have two
cows,in their farm.
She entered the house and
complished her the rooms of the house.
she sat watching the
television,thinking about
her husband ;john.
chapter 2
********************* john is a kind
person.tall ,thin,with black
hair and green eyes.his
works as a taxi driver.he
daily goes to his work
early in the morning and returns back home at
the evening.john
sometimes come back too
to his house.
But, that day he was too late and delayed.
what seem to be the
matter? , she asked her
She picked her mobile and
phoned him.but, no answer.
His telephone was in silence
she became more anxious.
Then, she went
upstair .that she may watch
the lights of his taxi.
Finally, she went to her bed
and hug the baby of the
She went to sleep one kilometre per a
second.because , she was
When john about to
returns home , he found
her missed calls . He called back . But, no body
answered his calls.
He became anxious too.
He drove 1kilometre per a
second too!
His body was sweat , as a result of hot whether.
He knocked the door with
his shaking hand,can't hold
his breathe for a
while but, she was
sleeping . Then, he dialled the house telephone ,
also, no response to his calls.what is going on?, he
Finally, he rang the bill,
which was forgetten! She
wokeup and opened
the door . They closed to each other extremly and
entirely till , no
space for the wind
between them,even he
could smell her perfume in
his clothes. Why you are too
late today, you should call
me . I got worry
and anxious. She said.
He took her in his arm as a
child as paul!then, they entered their
little beautiful house. He
opened the television to
watch the news.
Whereas she went to
prepare the dinner. paul was sleeping . He is the
only and the first son for
them.they all
were going to the parks,
zoo, cinema,. . . .Etc, at the
weekends. they love the sunday so
much. Sometimes they go
to the church in that day.
Paul, was just like a
aroma for their life.they love him so much. Because
they have no son except
him.since they got
marry few years ago.
Rosa, wokeup paul, and
they took their meal.then , they went to sleep.
The next day , early in the
morning ,john wokeup
and rosa too. But,
paul decided to stay in his
bed. He rejected going to the school . Why
you don't like to go to the
school,are you not afraid
to loose your
lessons for today ? His
mother asked. I everyday dream with a
cat saying to me :
"i'll kill you as soon as you
arrive to the school", he
But, dear this is just dreams and not more. Please
descripe it to me . She said.
It is a black cat ,walking on
the flame with red spark in
his eyes and
bigger than a dog! He told. Paul, john , and rosa . They
all were afraid and scarred.
Paul reached the 13th but ,
he still feels horror!
It followed him among
periods of his life time. The nightmares are still
following him.but, no way
to last forever.
Chapter 3
once a day he came back from the school with his
friends. They
intended to visit his family
and to stay with him for
few hours. They
talked about the nightmares , ghosts,
witches, the devils and
They adviced him to
change his bed position, and direction.
Also , to keep a bible close to him.but, the cat
was listening to them too!
The nightmares stopped to
come for ####### days . Then,
they returned back again!
The cat tried to come for many times . But, no
way,Finally, rosa took
the bible , and went to the
church with it ,she put it in
the cupboard
when she returned back. Chapter 4
John's family for three
days , they haven't drunk
a milk.rosa daily
puts the milk in the kitchen . But, no longer it
She told her husband
about it.
They planned to find out ,
who is taking the milk daily,who is the doer.
But,they fall sleeping while
they were waiting for the
thief with no eye glance.
The day after, they put
some salt into their eyes to avoid being sleeping!
And they drunk lots of tea
and coffee.
A great , huge , and big
cat , came into the kitchen
through the window! They were looking at it,
It was just like ,five
month's age dog.
And the cat too,was
looking at them. The cat drunk the milk and
went out through the
window again with no
little attention or fear.
They followed him, by
their eyes. They were close to the
window observing at that
It converted to a young
beautiful girl ,then, a bird
and then, flew away. Rosa, remembered her
son's nightmare dream!
And his description for the
Then, she told john
saying :this is the same exact cat which paul
descriped and told us
chapter 5
once a day, paul invited to attend a party in his
neighbor's flat.
There, he met a beautiful
lady.the whole youths
started to look at her
aspects and her well dressed.
But, she has already chose
her nightboy . She winked
to paul for many times.
He was so surprised by her
beauty. He fell in love with her, he
loved who takes leave of
one's senses, "jinn".
Few days after,she asked
him to visit her family. He
went there for many times. They've very nice flat .
Containing , a big
swimming pool , and green
garden. Where paul liked
to sit with her.
Her family interested into paul. And they claim, love
to him so much.
Once a day they asked him to tell
his family about their
That day , paul returned
home too late.
His telephone was shutdown,while he was
Where have you been all
this time, what about your
telephone , his
mother asked him. We were so anxious about
you, we felt so much
worry,They said.
I'll tell you .but, not now.
Tomorrow in the morning ,
he said. He kissed his parents
gently and they did too.
Then, they all went to
sleep .
At the next day
morning's , they asked him to breathe the words
was kept yesterday.
Give me the 100$, which
you promised me
yesterday.he said. Paul , but, no body
promised you by
something . They said.
Ok, i've nothing to say. He
Ok,ok,ok, they said. She is a beautiful girl. Her
name is laila.
We love each other so
much. I'm waiting for you
outside dad, the
school, and he left.! Chapter 6
for many times paul asked
laila to come and visit his
family, but, she
ignored that. Once a day he invited her
to the cinema, and his
parents too. He
intended to make it a
surprise to laila .
Paul saw her, Then he moved toward his sweet
look, john, paul is going
through the girl cat ,rosa
She screamed to him:paul no,no , . . . This is the witch.
changed her shape to a
bird, and flew away.
He intended to make it as a
surprise , but really, he did! All the people felt
afraid,fear , horror and
they ran away.
That day , paul dreamt
with the cat saying :
"aleson john". Then, she laughed and dissappeared.
Paul asked his mother
about that name.
I don't know him, she
chapter 7 ********************
few years after ,the
president of the white
house died. The people
have to choose a new
president. Aleson john, is the leader
of the army. So , he will be
a president
via eliction . The people are
free to choose their new
president, aleson said.
Rosa forgetten about that
name and paul too.
They went to vote for the
new election.
There, rosa felt down. The ambulance took her to the
two weeks she went to
the hospital too.
Rosa was crying and
screaming about 15
minutes.but suddenly that
voice stopped.
Congratulations for you. The nurse said.
the new president is
aleson john.she added.
He is very good person. I
will name him the same
name too.She said. The nurse smiled and left.
Two weeks after, paul
dreamt with laila, she was
reciting the name of
his brother for many times.
Paul told his mother about his dream.she remembered
and he too.
And they became so a
chapter 8
***************** few months after, rosa
was washing the dishes
when she heard aleson
screaming . She walked
toward him, in the kids
room. He was covered with his
They all were sad and
The ball is still rolling, after
few months ;paul dreamt with laila.
What do you want?
What have we did for you,
why are you trying to
destroy our happy
little family? He asked. She hasn't answered his
question.she was just
crying, and the tears
rolled her face.
When he wokeup , he
could see her eyes water. He went to tell his mother,
but,she was already gone
His father decided to leave
that house and go
somewhere else. chapter 9
california, autumn.
Paul and his father went to
live in california. They were
very happy. Their life has been new.
Paul became a teacher in a
school .
Paul , i think you should
look for a wife now. I
want to see your sons and your daughters. His
father said.
What is is your word about
kelly. Paul said.
she is a beautiful girl. John
replayed. You're a teacher and you'll
marry a teacher too, he
said. Paul and his
father went to kelly's
family house. They talked
about general life, political , then, happiness
and sadness participant.
Kelly's parents were very
happy to engage them
chapter 10 ********************
paul and kelly soon got
After ten months, they had
a little daughter, she was
named _rosa. She behaves the same way
of laila.
For many days paul, was
missing the milk in the
kitchen. He knew that
there is a cat comes in and drink it daily.
He put some poison on the
milk. Suddenly, his mobile
Are you mr.paul ,the
speaker said. Yes i am , he replayed.
I'm sorry to tell you that
your father has died in an
I'm talking to you from
the central hospital at california. The speaker
Paul and his wife were
crying loudly at the
Paul and 10 men , took his body to his new house
eternal. They read
some versions from the
paul returned home . Alot
of people were there when, his wife called
him to come into the
chapter 11
paul i'm sorry. I love you. I must tell you the truth
now , she said.
Truth about what He said.
I'm the one who killed you
mother and your brother
too. She said. May you are joking ,this is
madness, he said.
Do you know laila , the cat,
the bird, and you
nightmare. She asked.
Then, she changed her shape to a big cat, bird,
laila,and finally,
kelly. He was really
Why did you killed them,he
asked. They did nothing , but
your grandmother did.
She had killed my mother
and my brother too, with
poisoned milk.
Now i've took my revenge too, no more murders.i'm
going now.she said.
And they were crying.
Don't worry paul , we will
meet in our hereafter life.
Then, we'll be together. She said.
She diss appeared.
Paul realized that
everything that he had
seen was a magic, the
swimming pool, the green garden, and the two
All, were magic.
He drunk the milk and fell
As a matter of course , the little cat came into the
kitchen to drink the milk.
No, no , don't drink it he
said to his daughter.
But she drunk it all!
She also gone invisible. They all died and paul too.
Mohammed Alfatih mubarak Adam, mailto:[email protected]

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