Thoknaath Thuokok Became second traitor like Buay by

Thoknaath Thuokok Became second traitor like Buay by

03-02-2015, 07:47 PM


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Title: Thoknaath Thuokok Became second traitor like Buay by
Author: Ruach Wal Yat
Date: 03-02-2015, 07:47 PM

06:47 PM Mar, 02 2015
Sudanese Online
Ruach Wal Yat-
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Please be advice don’t be traitor against society like Gordon Buay because to get advance cash money. Lou Nuers are very strong and heroes people in the territory of Nuerland. Betrayal of Naath Nuer simply like that because you are supporting Lul Ruai Koang who defected from SPLA-IO is wrong move brother. But your accusation to IO group, it could sound to me is illusion how to confuse yourself period. Lul Ruai Koang was taking some of Lou Nuer Yours in Juba hotel yesterday, and including you (Thoknaath), and also influences you and others not to support side of DR. Riek Machar faction. This is what I heard and received from my friends who had been working in national security in Juba for long time in current system.
Lul Ruai Koang points you to be one among of mobilization yours in order to influence them not to support Dr. Machar faction. In frankly speaking by telling you the fact of SPLA -IO, this party is not about Dr. Machar faction alone without others, but it is belong to everyone from south Sudanese to correct wrong current system in the government. We all need freedom for change to correct current system not to corrupt the entire system like what is in progress system in Juba government now. SPLA-IO is about everyone who needs change in system to bring democratic constitution government to fair all citizens in south Sudan.
Lul Ruai paid 2,000 south Sudanese pounds in hotel to gave you free drink to confusing all of you, but you were not attention about that politic is about way to confuse you sir!. He has been claiming nonsense in media, and saying he has right to defected in SPLA-IO because he did not get pay in full. I hope, this is not the issue that the man like Lul Ruai Koang might claim such nonsense like that.
Thoknaath, I had been known in you for several years since we were in Dimma Refugee Camp from school. You were always claiming nonsense in Lou Nuer community about leadership to be elector as leader, but you failed to get that goal because for your carelessness activities in community. Your lifestyle activity always is about accusation to claim nonsense to get your own benefit, and that is, I had learned from you sir.
Now, you were becoming back up and supporter of Lul Ruai Koang because he was given you 5,000 south Sudanese pounds as extra pockets money, and that is why you went to media to condemn SPLA-IO group to wrote peace of condemnation against SPLA- IO. Please, be pay attention on this conflict, it is war of tribe to tribe to kill not to forgive. This is ancestors conflict from last 50 years decades, and don’t be joke like that. If you were becoming food lover to betray your people to enemy, please just stop your stupidity criminal acts.
Thoknaath Thuokok, please let me give you peace of advice, if you are joining politic because you will get what you wish to be your personal wealth, then you are nearest to die simply like that on street like slave dog. Think like man not like woman traitor!
Be aware, politic is about to kill not to forgive if you are already involving in system game. Struggle in politic is about to win or to die without dot period. Politic game is about how to protect your society not betray like what you are performing now against your relative people (Thuoknaath)! Cash money may always confuse half human mine to accept wrong consent to kill his/her own brother or sister. Human has same birth and same physical look, but he/she has different mentality in mine to create different style life in politic to be success full in strategy plan to win the game.
The time is closer to all Nuer traitors whom were betrayers Nuer society to killer (Salva Kiir). I believe we may get you one by one in future, but it is matter of times. Following of Lul Ruai is nothing to me because he became innocent primitive man who had never been experienced in military trainer. Let him go freely simply like that, and no one care about him. SPLA-IO will prevail by any mean and no matter of what.
Ruach Yat
Head Chief of WA

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