United Nothing Against Indigenous In Darfur-UNAMID By Salah Hussein

United Nothing Against Indigenous In Darfur-UNAMID By Salah Hussein

02-22-2015, 05:40 AM

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Title: United Nothing Against Indigenous In Darfur-UNAMID By Salah Hussein
Author: Salah Hussein
Date: 02-22-2015, 05:40 AM

05:40 AM Feb, 21 2015
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Salah Hussein-
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Apparently, peace keeping force in region of Darfur, seemingly has been exhibiting vulnerability toward performing its work, more importantly fulfilling the duty of protecting civilian is at stake, hence, the operation of this organization remain fuzzy, specially policy of routine patrol in remote area where is consistent and systematic catastrophes take place, this dubious mandate certainly fuelling already detriment situation in boiling region, subsequently civilian face tremendous suffer without adequate protection from international community who represented by cowardice organization so called UNAMID, since the start of its operation, several incidents occurred, interestingly disappeared with no even condemnation, not exaggerating but to san what they. While philanthropic people wholeheartedly pursue toward ending this conflict, through various pressure to international community still evaluating merit of this organization and its mandate something strenuously to look at, in fact UNAMID turned to be government tools to implement its vicious policies, such as inducements and bride being presented to the high military officials of this organization, it is clear cut that UNAMID members are part of the ongoing genocide in region of Darfur and should be held accountable for misrepresenting mission and concealing atrocities, having said that recently Tabiet incident blatantly cover up by UNIMID and prevented any access to the site, moreover, SAF activities near Tabiet was fully aware by this mission members, that would have been prevented this incident and similar others. Indeed, moral imperative replaced by insinuated cowardice patterns, a patterns that cost people of Darfur for almost ten years, notwithstanding, international community funding this organization in order to “keep peace” obviously, Sudanese government deemed as main enemy but invisible enemy is worst to deal with, during this ten years civilian was hoaxed and disappointed, nonetheless periodically report indicate no signs of progress rather backward and more rampage, this is not entirely consider UNAMID reprehensible for the chaotic situation in Darfur, but what galvanize, ordinary citizen in Sudan, is that, international community counting on this paralysed body, who fail to bear basic responsibility. Time to phase out and seek alternative mechanisms to keep people of Darfur save, this mission causing and tormenting more than serving its benevolent concepts, in the meantime Sudanese government fabricate puffery image for this mission whenever UNAMID discredited voice of innocent civilian. Ironically UNAMID alliance with SAF in scenario similar to bilateral reached head quarter of UN who in fact pay little attention or albeit slowly, of course alliance strategized by SAF domination per se. so what exactly need here? The answer is to foster industrious of rebel groups and enhance toward protecting People of Darfur and Sudan in general, time for international community activate article 7 of security council and enforce no fly zone, and fully support rebel groups to retain usurp, peace and prosperities are paramount for people of Sudan at this critical juncture and effort of rebel groups should be meritorious. There is no UNAMID in Darfur it is merely aggregate of cowardice people with blue helmet, who receive order from Sudan Army Force, a blue helmet that many heroes in this world present their life for sake of peace and properties such Romeo Dallair Canadian retired lieutenant-general, Senator, and celebrated humanitarian, was appointed Force Commander for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR), where he witnessed the country descend into chaos and genocide, leading to the deaths of more than 800,000 Rwandans. He literally waved his blue helmet and ready to die for peace, thus with limit resource Dallair managed to save as many as he could, today world witnessing mass rape and systematic destruction of life in Sudan that blatantly projected in the media, nevertheless, perplexing situation remain without remedy, and innocent civilian in the hand of religious zealots in Sudan who beheading is their core value to perpetuate in usurped power. Protection of civilian emanated from universal moral that induce everyone to act accordingly, issues of protection in Darfur is beyond UNAMID narrative conceived, it is a moral obligation for all.
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