Excellency, THABO MBEKI...What are you trying to achieve in Sudan, sir?

Excellency, THABO MBEKI...What are you trying to achieve in Sudan, sir?

02-03-2015, 01:40 PM

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Title: Excellency, THABO MBEKI...What are you trying to achieve in Sudan, sir?
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 02-03-2015, 01:40 PM

07:40 AM Feb 3,2015
Sudanese Online
Adaroub Sedna Onour

What is this man doing in Sudan? What at all, is he here for...? This is the often heard question on everybody’s lips in Sudan today. Thabo Mbeki, is an ex-president of South Africa who put an end to his retirement/resting -stage and assumed a go-between role assigned to him by the African union AU a couple of years ago, as a high-level ,ad hoc envoy to Sudan to help solve the chronic national crisis of this war-torn country. I prefer not to trouble myself by what the man has achieved so far. Not only because of my unfavorable feelings towards him, but because of his mysterious role which is beginning to raise eye-brows now. Many political figures within the opposition accuse the man of being a fire –fighter hired by the regime. Others go to a greater length and demand he should quit his long-standing fruitless mission, alleging he had played a hand in misleading the international community by drawing an unrealistic picture of the catastrophic situation in Sudan. By contrast, the pro- government propaganda depicts the man as a dove of peace, which, of course, no normal person could swallow. The opposition groups, in turn, spare no efforts to empty that broad claim of any credibility, by describing the man as a mere facilitator/broker for South African investment firms operating in Sudan. But Iam pretty sure that, those who think the man is lenient on the isolated tyranny have a right, because he failed to see any condemnable violations, When killing indiscriminately is a declared and strictly-applied policy by the regime, not in remote Darfur but, several times, in the heart of the capital-city Khartoum ? Therefore, negative attitudes towards the man are expected to surge, if he does not kick his bad habit of travelling extensively without achieving any thing tangible, which will give credit to his critics who think that he lacks will, vision and ,most important.. An in-depth knowledge of the complicated mission he was assigned. The Sudan tyranny is famous for giving handsome bribes to those it fears. Likewise, it is easily irritated by professional expats who disregard its DOs& DONTs. In corruption-infested Africa Bribing is common, you have to have money to win a football game, slant facts and even have repots written to your desire? I wonder how many of our innocent civilians should be killed by the regime before they will be accounted for by this MBEKI. Funny though, that some Sudanese mock whether Mr. Mbeki was in attendance during the opening ceremony of the new presidential palace, the unfurling of the flag and the changing of the guard etc. which indicates that the Sudanese people grew accustomed to the idea of his constantly being in Khartoum for one reason or the other, but not to bring about peace to Sudan. I hate flinging allegations about, without adducing proof, but am sure many envoys who flock here nowadays, are not above suspicion. And if their so-called missions were ever put to real tests of lessons-learned reviews they won’t pass such tests. Remarkably, none of the army of envoys lodged in exorbitant presidential- villas in Khartoum took a positive stance ,despite the large number of civilian casualties killed in Khartoum by the pro- regime armed militias in broad day light in the September 2013 demonstrations ? Let me be clear here, Iam not asking Mr. Mbeki or any other high-level envoy to put their lives at risk by going to battle –fields in Darfur, south kordofan and the blue Nile state, on the contrary…Iam only keen to put one direct question to his Excellency Mbeki: who instructed you to play unifier, trying to narrow the differences between the regime and its falling-away members? Is it part of your mandate to re-unify the notorious Islamic movement of Sudan? Is that your top-priority? If so, and am afraid it is… is it in the best interest of the Sudanese people? Sir, I call on you to RESIGN, show us your back and discontinue this mission –impossible of yours...not only for your multiple failures, but for a variety of reasons..On top of which is your increasingly becoming part of the problem you were supposed to solve.
Adaroub sedna onour

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الحزب الإشتراكي الديمقراطي الوحدوي (حشد الوحدوي) ينعى سعودي دراج
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