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Author: Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
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Needless to say, Sudan is a peaceful, hospitable home and refuge for the neighboring countries. Sudanese enjoy the originality of values principles and conventions. They incline to reconciliation Undoubtedly, Sudan is homogeneity between the Arabs and the Africans. Sudan with its rich culture, various religions and traditions is a nation qualified to set up a civilized harmonious nation. Thus, Sudanese one nation united by citizenship, and religion constitutes a significant element in their making up. Sudanese are united by, sentiments, common history and one destiny.
Therefore, there is no distinction based on race, color, and ethnicity. Despite the long running political feud between Sudanese sects and parties Sudanese are reputed for reconciliation and denouncing terrorism. Sudan has not been acquainted with assassination- of presidents.
Some Sudanese towns such as Kassala and Khartoum had witnessed physical,
Liquidation practiced by immigrants from foreign countries: to cite an example, the Eritrean revolutionaries had taken Sudan as a site to launch their attack against the emperor and Marxist regime in Ethiopia.
The prominent Terrorists violent acts in Sudan include:
1- The seizure of the Saudi embassy in Khartoum by members of the black July Palestinians Organization:
It occurred at the beginning of March,1973 while celebrating the departure of the head of the American diplomatic mission .
In the Sudan as the chairman of – the diplomat – Arabic – foreign staff, eventually the armed band trespassed on the embassy. After some sheeting the Belgium's ambassador was injured. Some diplomats were injured such as the American ambassador, the Saudi ambassador and the consul of the embassy. The assailants distributed leaflet from inside the embassy which summed up their demands: the release or acquittal of some prisoners and detainees in exchange of the embassy hostages. The Palestinians had chosen Sudan to carry out their violent operations not instigated by hostility or hatred toward Sudan, but they were agitated by a predicament imposed upon the Palestinian uprising, as Sudan is accessible to them like other Arab territories , likewise the Saudi Embassy .
Moreover, they expressed their willingness to leave the Sudan after they would be permitted to leave accompanying their hostages, otherwise the Palestinian were adamant to murder the hostages, eventually on the second day of the seizure of the embassy they issued a second leaflet claiming that despite the end of the ultimatum, they had not received a positive response to their demands, and called for instantaneous response, nevertheless, the concerned government declined to respond. Also, in the same evening, the American ambassador was assassinated and the consul the embassy, the consul of the Belgium embassy. Eventually the culprits were arrested and put on trial .
The assassination of Mahdi El Hakeem at Hilton Hotel in Khartoum on the 17th of January 1988 :-
As a matter of fact, the assassination of Mahdi El Hakeem had repercussions in Sudan and Arab countries , The international capitals due to the circumstances as well as ambiguity of the crime , as his arrival in Khartoum was some simultaneous with a symposium held by the Islamic front and lot of influential Islamists ,thinkers were invited to attend the symposium . Moreover , to evade embarrassment with Iraq , the late Mahdi El Hakeem , was not invited to the forum , Since he was one of the counter Iraqi regime leaders in spite of his affluence and belonging to a religious family. He was shot dead in the corridor of the Hilton Hotel. The assassins fled away .after investigations; the Sudanese government issued a public statement saying the presumed assassin was a diplomat from Iraq. In addition, the Sudanese general attorney addressed the Iraqi minister of Justice to suspend the diplomatic immunity from the diplomat concerned with the crime. The Iraqi government protested vehemently against the alleged accusation. Ultimately, the situation came to stand still .

The explosion of El Ocrapul Hotel and the British Club in Khartoum on the 15th of May 1988:-
On the evening of 15th of May 1988 an armed group related to Fath Organization ,the revolutionary council (Abu Nedal group) broke into El Ocropaul and the British club in the middle of Khartoum bombarding them with bombs explosives . As consequence, there was a horrid devastation, injured, the death of a number of foreigners as well as Sudanese who were accidentally present while the perpetrators were executed their assault. Ultimately, the attackers were arrested and put on trial.
The aggression on the followers (lnsar) EL Sunna EL Mohammadia :-
On the fourth of February 1994 while prayers were steadfast in prayer at the mosque in Omdurman (Elthora) first quarter, some t attackers broke into the mosque and fired their sporadically.
The victims were sixteen citizens and eleven .
The security pursued the attackers and ultimately were arrested on the fifth of February nineteen ninety four. Moreover, two of the attackers were killed instantaneously and three were injured.
Finally, investigation arrived at the fact that they were. Militant traditional, Islamic – sect known as El Khileafa group. Eventually put on trial and Sentenced to death.
The hijacking of Boeing (707) :-
On the sixth of April nineteen ninety while the Sudanese (Boeing 707) was taking off on in an ordinary flight from Khartoum to Dongola (in north Sudan) ,the plan was hijacked . Eventually, the hijacker compelled the crew to divert destination to Egypt. Later, the plane landed at El Augsor Air – port (South – Cairo). The hijacker surrendered to the Egyptian Security claiming political asylum.. The flight ended peacefully without resistance. The plane returned back to Khartoum Safely with all the passengers except the hijacker or the plane who was put on trial in Egypt .
The hijacking of foekrz plane :-
On 16th of December nineteen ninety four a Sudanese Airways plane was hijacked while it was flying on an dames tie flight . from Khartoum to Marwee and it was compelled to divert to Port Sudan , Eventually , the hijacker and his wife were arrested without blood – shedding .
Surprisingly , the hijacker as pretext , claimed that he was not allowed to spend honey – moon outside the Sudan (deprived of Exit visa) the hijacker was put on trial (waging war felony) .
The hijacking of an Ethiopian plane
It was on the 17th of March nineteen – ninety five an Ethiopian plane was hijacked , during an internal domes tie flight journey in Ethiopia from Addis to Gondar (Bredar region) the plane intruded the Sudan legal Air space , eventually , landed at Elobeid Airport in (West Sudan) . Finally , the hostages , were released and the hijackers were arrested and handed it over to the Ethiopian government in accordance with the extradition , ratified between Ethiopia and Sudan (reciprocal handing over criminals) . Ultimately , the plane was returned to Ethiopia on the 19th of March 1995

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