The Beja congress party...Standing alone on the wrong side of history by Adaroub Sedna Onour

The Beja congress party...Standing alone on the wrong side of history by Adaroub Sedna Onour

12-23-2014, 02:50 PM


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Title: The Beja congress party...Standing alone on the wrong side of history by Adaroub Sedna Onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 12-23-2014, 02:50 PM

December 23, 2014
I am not a member of any political party in Sudan (including the Beja congress party?)….Nonetheless some friends of mine voluntarily issue badges of membership bearing my name (I am an inactive member of 4 different parties already?) the reason for my refrain is because political parties in Sudan are slightly different from privately-owned enterprises, which stances stem, either from self-interest, in reaction to the run of events or the irrevocable judgments of the party-leader/owner? (The party leader’s reign is only terminated by the almighty god, the elevated, after a distinguished long-service of more than 60 yeas in office, and that is when one of his sons should come forward to replace him?) It now seems that the leader of the beja congress party and presidential aide, ustaz-musa Mohamed ahmed, has contracted that syndrome of leader-for-life..Which necessitates reminding the man by volunteering a bunch of unasked advices, before he drifts further away into uncharted waters? Firstly, the rebels of eastern Sudan can’t claim an out- right major victory over the regime, only that the regime signed the 2006 agreement with the rebels because its pressing priority, then ,was to silence the guns on the eastern front –temporarily-to concentrate all the war-efforts on Darfur,south kordofan and the blue –Nile fronts…..and that was achieved ? Secondly, the agreement was primarily in a swap for the Beja civilian martyrs who took to the streets in 2005 and were killed on identity in cold blood by the very regime USTAZ musa is working for as a presidential aide now? Thirdly, the Beja congress failed to draw any lessons from the temporary flash anger of its masses in the 2005 demonstrations, which should have been studied, digested, revised and then replicated, if effective results were to be gotten? Fourthly, the role of the beja congress should not be that of a mediator, trying to calm the outraged Sudanese masses, or worse yet ,merge into the ruling tyranny ,assuming, groundlessly- that it is the lesser of two evils…forgetting that all the Sudanese people are fed-up of the futile on-and-off rounds of talks , or the equally blood-boiling vicious circle of fraudulent and unilateral Mickey- mouse elections?, instead of taking advantage of the ripe moment of the regime being in its weakest situation ,while all the Sudanese opposition factions are more united and determined than ever, to remove the tyranny , the beja congress, against all odds , decided to breathe life into the dying tyranny by accepting to participate in the forthcoming elections of April 2015 which the regime is dying to conduct to gain false legitimacy ? Of course it is all up to commander musa to be part of the deplorable ruling regime, or even , go into an ill-timed ,mysterious and unholy alliance with his BOSS omer beshir, but am afraid the man is alone wolf …because the beja people do not have the slightest intention of making an alliance with those who are still robbing their resources ,consciously marginalize them and kill them on identity for no apparently justifiable reason ,other than demanding their rights in their own region of eastern Sudan ..moreover, all the deadlines of implementing the terms outlined in the 2006 notorious agreement passed unfulfilled … without adequately addressing any of the profound differences between the beja and the center .? That said …..Go it alone, commander … because we, it seems, are still destined to remain a source of friction, but we, undoubtedly, have sufficient reasons to think that our dilemma is inseparable from those of our brothers-in-homeland.

Adarooub sedna onour