Al-Zaidi bird by Omer Ahmed طائر الزيدي تأليف ورسم: عمر دفع الله

Al-Zaidi bird by Omer Ahmed طائر الزيدي تأليف ورسم: عمر دفع الله

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Title: Al-Zaidi bird by Omer Ahmed طائر الزيدي تأليف ورسم: عمر دفع الله
Author: عمر دفع الله
Date: 10-19-2014, 06:25 PM

طائر الزيدي تأليف ورسم: عمر دفع الله
ترجمة انس دفع الله

Tara village is located near Jebel Marrah (Marrah Mountains, southwest of Darfur. Its small village surrounded by large areas of dense forests and farms of maize and millet like green mat. It looms in eye as stylish shoes enfold the mountain feet. And Al-Daylam grasses, with its violet flowers and white and bright edges climb the maize sticks, and worms crawling on the ground and among the grasses and insects of Al-Ofa jump from one place to another.
The birds here are different than the birds in the other places, for example, one of the birds that live here is Al-Zaidi bird which sometimes called (Chameleon of birds). This small bird can change its color according to changing of the year’s seasons, as if it wears for each season its specific garments. In early summer, color of its feather becomes brown then yellow in the winter. And in the fall, Al-Zaidi bird wears the red as if it simulates the red flowers that grow on the beach of valleys in those areas.
Tara village, no doubt, is a beautiful village and has kind and peaceful people.
Mosa Atim and his young sister Fatima came out in the early morning to play under the huge tree of acacia located in the edge of the village. Saleh, son of their neighbor, was standing near the tree and meditating in Al-Zaidi bird. The bird was sometimes lies above wetted grass and sometimes somersaults with its little body then flies and sits on the tree branches, and then moves its wings and fluffs up feathers when the morning sunshine fall on its soft feathers and dry it from getting wet, and thereafter the bird feels refreshed and smiles on the faces of the children standing under the tree.
Lame ewe came to where the three children were standing and Fatima tried to ride on its back, but the ewe ran away and stood a short distance from Fatima and watched cautiously. This ewe has no owner and arrived to the village from an unknown location, taken from the acacia tree as a shelter. It is said that a ravenous animal has attacked the ewe in middle of night and bit her leg and then left her in this case. Since that day the ewe had become lame; however it remained in her place and had not left the acacia tree.
Fatima followed the ewe and jumped on her back, but the two fell on the ground that made Mosa and Saleh laugh at Fatima because of her naughtiness and recklessness. Since her birth, Fatima was naughty and adventurous girl. She usually prefers playing with boys to girls. The village people say that Fatima resembles her grandmother, Um Al-Khair, in everything, including her feature, characters, wit and delightfulness, so they are nickname her ( the male of neighborhood ) as they called her grandmother with the same nickname.

Fatima has had a special relation with Al-Zaidi bird as the latter was impressed by her courage, big heart and her sympathy with birds, and this admiration has a story told by Al-Zaidi to the other birds with pride and fondness.
One of the Al-Zaidi babies fell on the ground one day and it was so young and featherless. Coincidentally there was a huge cat at the scene which heading cautiously towards the little bird to eat it. Fatima was just a stone's throw away from this event; she hurried and grabbed the small bird from the tooth of the cat. The cat getting mad and scratched Fatima in her hands with its sharp teeth, but she resisted bravely and expelled the cat away, then she put the baby bird in the pocket of her dress and climbed the top of the tree as a monkey and went back the baby to the nest.
While the children were listening to the soft singing of the bird among the branches and scattering these rhymes like full-grown fruits, they suddenly heard loud and strong sound which trembled the ground under their feet, and leaves of the tree dropped, and clouds of smokes spread over the sky of Tara village. In briefly Al-Zaidi rose up and flew away from the Acacia tree. Mosa, Fatima and Saleh ran way toward in their houses. Chaos has spread in the place and terrified and scared people and animals have run randomly in all directions.
Source of the sound was a warplane that fired missiles and fires on the straw houses. Shock hit people and volcanoes of anxiety and fear exploded in the corners of the village, where people and animals has become closer to state of madness, and like the Day of Judgment as portrayed in the books.
Cries of children here and there can be heard, besides calling of woman for help, and sound of hen between straws dying , a sheep surrounded by flames of fire. Then the fires began creeping up as hungry monsters towards the houses and devoured them completely.
What is happening now is inconceivable and no one of villagers could imagine what is happened. It's hell and nothing but hell.
After the plane poured its fires and pulled away from the sky of Tara, people saw heavily armed men riding on horseback and camel and rushing toward their village. People fled in haste out of the village looking for a safe place to protect them from the hell of devastation which came down suddenly on their homes without advance warning. Some of them ascended to a mountain and some scattered in the desert aimlessly, leaving behind wounded and dead and those who couldn’t escape because of the tragedy.
The escape was not easy as the village is surrounded by the horsemen from the four directions like a bracelet surrounds a wrist. And those who dared to get out of the village are subject to killing, and those who remained inside will be lost. Uncle Atim didn’t believe that he came out alive. He sometimes touched his body and sensed with his fingers his nose, lips and eyebrows to make sure that he is himself and not someone else. And of course there is no someone else in his lean body, its Uncle Atim with his well-known features, but he became orphan in other respects.
An orphan because he lost the land, clan and the warmth of place and carried another name IDP (internally displaced person) and he would live the rest of his life misses the smell of the field, peace of mind, and gathering of affability in the shop of Al-Haj Abdel Mawla. It’s known in Tara village that Uncle Atim doesn’t like to travel and doesn’t leave Tara rarely except to go to visit patients or pay condolences in neighboring villages. He just has gone to the city of El Fasher only when he was a child and never visited Nyala, Darfur's largest city. He divided his life between the field, the home and the shop of Al-Haj Abdel Mawla, contenting with his life and happy with his wife and two children and he doesn’t look forward to other’s life. Yet he came out today from his village aimlessly and empty-handed after all these years with only dusty clothes.

After a few days and with thousands of Tara people and neighboring villages hit by the aircraft, Uncle Atim has reached to the village of Deribat, located on the main road between Zalingei and Nyala. Uncle Atim was in miserable condition, he looked pale as a dead person already got out of his grave. He was so exhausted as if the Darfur put its all sadness and gloom. He also was gloomy and grieved because he knew nothing about his son Mosa and he doesn’t know whether his son alive or dead. He also was most concerned and worried about that the fate of his son and maybe he fall under the grip of the horsemen because death is better for him than to be under grip of these heartless groups. While was thinking about his missing son and pain tearing his guts and chest like a sharp knife, Uncle Atim suddenly recalled clearly the picture of his neighbor Abu Saleh, the man is standing before him now, Abu Saleh is a sick man and bedridden. Several years ago Abu Saleh went to Al Fashir Hospital and doctors advised him to go to Khartoum, and because he is poor and didn’t have enough money the villagers collected amount of money to cover the costs of travel and treatment, but unfortunately he suffered near-total paralysis and was sp difficult to be transferred to Khartoum in that case. Finally Abu Saleh’s family abandoned to Allah fate, and thus Abu Saleh remained in that case until the day of the great fire.
Amna bint Al-lawh, Mosa’s mother, was heartrending and pitiful on her missing child but not as her husband Uncle Atim. She has suffered grief and fear, and lost patience and become more like a person suffering from awesomeness. She woke up early and went to stand in front of the gate of the camp to ask newcomers about her son without success. At sunset and falling of darkness she felt tired in every muscle in her body, and goes back home to her bed in front of her house which made from plastic sacks. She stretched a plastic sack and extended her feet and put her head on her shoe and released the sight into the sky as she was gazing at the unknown.
The stars sparkle before her eyes and sometimes they disappear, and from time to time she hears mixed voices of humans and animals that she cant’s to distinguish them. The world for her has become kind of craziness and terrible dreams, she doesn’t understand the causes of this war as understood by others and she doesn’t want to understand. It is enough for her that an ominous day put her in the heart of the tragedy which she trying hard to deny and reject it, but what happened has already happened and can’t be avoided or ignored. She took mouthful of water and began asking the distant stars and amusing herself with these stars before sleeping:
O stars of the night..
You didn’t see Mosa?
He is my only baby, people..
He has no similar ever..
Whole spend night…..
Between cows and horses….
And Shileil plays with them….
Did you see my son Mosa? …
My only baby, people…
He plays amid the trees…
He walks under rocks….
Maybe he is hungry now ?...
Maybe he is thirsty...
Maybe his is tired of wakefulness?....
You didn’t see my son Mosa? ….
Long days have passed and Amna bint Al-lawh didn’t hear anything about her missing son. And when she watches the young boys playing football in the courtyard in front of the camp, she cries and her tears run down her cheeks heavily as a waterfall at the top of mountain. But this sense of injustice and loss will not continue indefinitely, one day her daughter Fatima was roaming in the sides of the jungle collecting dried brushwood which used as fuel in cooking, when she heard a voice calling out to her by her name, she stood up with her short stature quickly. She knows this voice well and her ears are familiar with this voice as if remote ringing of bell ringing in the alleys her Tara village. Yes, she knows this sound well, but she no longer remembers this voice in this moment which is fraught with possibilities, although she was able to distinguish this sound amid millions of voices. She missed and dreamed about this voice in all nights she spent in Deribat camp.
The voice called out her back again:
O Fatima?
How are you my friend?
Fatima has turned right and left and looked among the tall grasses and trees, but she didn’t see anyone.
Voice called her for the third time, she stood in stunned silence and when lifted her head to the top of the tree she saw, what a surprise, Al-Zaidi bird which was jumping amid branches and spreading its small wings. It showed signs of joy and pleasure to see its close friend who disappeared since that morning when the plane hit Tara village without notice.
Fatima was unbelievable about what is happening about her eyes, its Al-Zaidi bird in front of her eyes and not a dream. She walked toward it in trembling with joy; she wanted to say something but words have frozen in her tongue. And when the surprise vanished, many of beautiful memories came to her mind, and hovered with her imagination about multiple images of the days Al-Zaidi spent with Saleh and Mosa under the acacia tree where lame ewe lived. Tears flew from her eyes.
In the meantime Al-Zaidi flew from the tree and landed on her left shoulder and said:
Why are crying, my girlfriend….
And why are you sad?
The bird suddenly remembered that cursed plane in that gloomy morning and it almost ask her (Why do they kill you and burn your homes and take you out of your village? )?.
But the bird didn't ask and well it did because Fatima doesn’t know the reason of this war and what she realizes that she lives like her mother under circumstances left by this hateful war which changed her childhood to a piece of hell.
Fatima narrated her story to the little bird and what happened to her since they separated after the arrival of the cursed plane to Tara village. She told the bird about the suffering of displacement, on lives that have been killed on that morning, property that have been burned or looted, and her brother Mosa who has been lost and they don’t know his fate.
Moments of silence prevailed and both were trying to jump over piles of horrible memories that won't return anything that's gone and will not correct the ravages caused by the plane. Suddenly a strong sound came out from the bird's beak like she hears it for the first time in her life.
(I will fly, Fatima, everywhere I can and I'll look for Mosa among trees in the forests, in valleys, in this huge infinity mountain, rock by rock and cave by cave, at the mouth of the waterfalls, even in the vast desert stretching without borders).
The bird rose from Fatima’s shoulder suddenly without even to say bye to Fatima as it did on the plane attacked the village and it flying in space. Fatima remained pursuing it by her sight until it disappeared in the clean sky. She realized at that time that the bird has decided to fulfill its promise without delay and the smile has returned to her bad-tempered face and felt satisfaction and hope touched her small heart. She returned to the camp and told her mother about the meeting with Al-Zaidi and on the bird’s promise to search for Mosa.
The mother was greatly happy and hope came back to her wounded heart. This time she did not stand up so long in front of the camp’s gate, but she went and wandered in the woods like she want to unload her energy that inspired by the bird promise for her daughter. Now everything has changed in front of her eyes. She saw spice fields on the slopes of the hills in Deribat as if they grown in plains of Tara, and she smelled their smells as the smell of millet and maize on the outskirts of her occupied village. The hope restored her strong memory which thought it was died and rotten in the open with the dead in that heartrending morning. In the evening she returned to the camp and as usual she stretched the plastic sack and extends her feet and put her head on her shoe and looked at the dark sky and shining stars. She began to chant, but this time addressing Al-Zaidi bird:
O Al-Zaidi bird?
If you did find my baby…..
I will give you big sack of maize….
And big sack of millet…..
If you order impossible things…..
They will come to your place….
And what you want and whish …
Don’t say this impossible

Al-Zaidi bird returned after three days to Deribat camp with the good news in its beak and landed on the big gate and began singing with its soft voice:
O Fatima…….
O Fatima…….
I have found Mosa ….
I have found him……
I have found him……
The bird’s voice has circulated in the alleys of the camp as medicine spreads in patient’s veins. Kids and adults gathered in front of the great gate guarded by UNAMID forces entrusted with the protection of internally displaced persons. Fatima has managed to make her way in this crowd difficulty to reach the front row. When the bird saw her words came out from its mouth as pure as a waterfall, and Fatima heard these words as she did under acacia tree in Tara village:
(I have found him, O Fatima, at full health and he didn’t suffer any misfortune, he now lives in Gaga camp, eastern Chad. And he rejoiced like me when I told him that you are still alive).
The news shook all corners of the camp and at the moment the place turned into a fountain of great joy. Almost Amna falling on the ground in joy as if Mosa already step out of her womb as he came out in that rainy night several years ago.

Adults distributed sweets, tea and juices to the large people and Deribat camp turned into great wedding. Finally the residents of the camp reassured that son of Al-Haj Atim still alive and they made sure that the war did not take him any further than displacement. The cursed war took many children of his age either to the world of death or detentions of the horsemen which is closer to the corrals of slavery in past centuries.
After the wave of emotions have receded and agitated feelings calmed down, the elders of the camp brought together to consult among themselves on how to return Mosa to his family in Deribat camp.
Some said that the road from Chad to Jebel Marrah is risky and completely unsafe; others pointed out the need for communication with the UNAMID forces. And despite they don’t fully trust in these forces, but they hoped maybe these forces help to give solution. Numerous plans and opinions have been discussed and the voices have risen highly and the courtyard of the camp has turned to a place like market vendors, as sound of birds when come back to their trees at sunset.
At this time Al-Zaidi intervened with its confident reassuring voice:
(I have a solution… I have a solution).
There was silence for a moment among the people gathered in the courtyard of the camp and their eyes looked to the top of the big gate where the bird landed.
(I have a solution) the bird echoed its phase for the second time and then added (I'll go immediately to the summit of Jebel Marrah in Sarnag, where the huge King of birds Mang lives, I will explain to it the story of Mosa and ask him to help, I know it would agree, as you know, the King of birds can carry Mosa on its legs and fly with him for long distances. Please don't worry Mosa would return for you unscathed).
Amid surprise of IDPs and some members of the UNAMID forces, the bird rose with its slight wings and flew at low level over the ######### of the crowd people and turned complete cycle around the camp and then rushed up toward the top of the Jebel Marrah, known as Sarnag, the highest peak on the mountain in which volcano’s mouth and warm waterfalls existed where people believe that this water heals the sick people. The huge king of birds, Falcon Mang lives there and its nest exists in those areas.
Al-Zaidi bird reached before sunset to Sarnag and started asking the birds where does the King live, they have pointed out to high and thick tree to the right of the waterfall. Al-Zaidi flew close to the top of the tree and it saw a huge nest. When it approached, the bird saw the Queen of the birds feeding its babies and felt of fear and anxiety. The Queen looked at it and without expectation she greeted it in a friendly way that encouraged the bird to expel away the fear and landed on the edge of the nest with reassuring heart.
Can I offer you any service dear little bird?: The Queen asked:
I came from faraway place; Her Highness, from Deribat area, I wish the King of birds would help because no one else can help. The story, Madam Queen, is one of the children of the village, where I lived in before the war, has moved away from his family and now lives in Chad, and since the road between Chad and Jebel Marrah is hazardous, thereafter I see that the only solution is to be honored by our Great King to bring the child to members of his family who misses him so badly: The bird said in a low voice barely heard:

The Queen said that the King had gone to north Mountain to an urgent matter and will return in the middle of the night and promised to inform him about Mosa story. Then she told the bird to sleep on a branch next to the nest until occurring of dawn. During their dialogue, Al-Zaidi made eyes at the Queen. She really is so attractive. She has nice eyes and high chest voice as voice of the nightingale. The red color on her neck grading to orange and yellow as a scarf decorated her top chest and something reminded him of the lioness which sometimes seen on the valley near Tara village. If the Queen learns that this bird flirting with her secretly, she will laugh at him. Certainly that this poor bird does not know that like Queens don’t care for creatures like him.
The sun of the next day shone and poured its lights on the top of the mountain as a shining waterfall. The scene was indescribable, the sun seemed as coming out from a hole under the mountain and when the sun started to climb to upper, the Zaidi imagined that the sun climbing the mountain with pillars of light and clinging to trees and huge rocks on its way to the top of Sarnag. It's the first time Al-Zaidi sees such incredible landscape
At these moments the King got up from sleep and was playing with his babies, while the Queen was telling him Mosa story as was narrated by Al-Zaidi bird last night. The King’s sympathy about the poor child's story seemed clearly in his eyes, then the King told the Queen that this is easy and simple issue and will finish it noontime of today and will return to take his babies to swim in the pool below the waterfall. King of birds appeared from his huge nest and greeted Al-Zaidi saying:
(Good morning dear little bird).
Al-Zaidi replied with fully respect, then the King ordered Al-Zaidi to sit on his back to guide him to location of the camp where Mosa Atim lives. After a few minutes later the huge falcon has rushed as a rocket flying in space towards the West in direction of Chad. The trip was long and difficult.
The magnificent mountain began to disappear in the horizon and slowly fading like a dust run by massive wind to the other side of the vast universe.
After a few hours the King and Al-Zaidi, on his back, crossed wide valleys and deserts and entered eastern Chad. At noon the King arrived to Pumpkin Valley and flew on low level. The King watched beneath it tattered homes which made of plastic sacks and scattered on the edges of the valley and in the middle of the desert.
At this point the King realized that the war hit people hardly and forced them to leave the green lands and freshwater sources and threw them in this isolated lands and barren soils.
Why do they kill them and burn their homes and throw them to this drought? The King asked Al-Zaidi:
Al-Zaidi remained silent because he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to say that he doesn’t know for some reason.
The King of birds landed near Gaga camp under one of Al-Haraz trees and asked Al-Zaidi to go into the camp and bring Mosa promptly because the King was in a hurry after he watched armed men guarding the camp, and he afraid that somebody maybe think to shoot him if they saw him .
It is only a few minutes and Al-Zaidi came back accompanying Mosa. Mosa felt some dread and event he didn’t greet the King of birds, but the latter greeted Mosa who expressed his happiness with smile at his face which is a mixture of sadness and joy. It’s smile of weak in front of a powerful savior. Al-Zaidi went up over the back of the King and Mosa sat on his legs, and then the King quietly flew west towards Jebel Marrah. In the meantime there was child hustling out of the camp, waving his hand and shouting at the top of his voice:
(Bye Mosa, I will miss you a lot)
Goodbye my friend Saleh, We will meet one day under acacia tree in Tara village, and Al-Zaidi bird would sing to us as it was singing to us every day: Mosa replied:
After the three left Gaga camp and flew in the open blue space, the IDPs houses appeared in remote like scattered yellow, blue and black grain of sand, and Al-Haraz trees around the valley as a cloth of green fade dress. Clouds were clear and the cold breezes blowing from South to North. In the ######### of the three creatures was blowing different ideas and visions, but all of these ideas and visions end with one question that no one of them can answer it (When will this ruin come to an end?)
During the journey the King asked Mosa:
Describe your happiness and you are on your way to meet your family after all this long time
My happiness is indescribable but ... Mosa said, he stopped talking suddenly as he remembered something that tempered his mood
But what? The King asked
Although I’m happy to see my family soon, but I feel incomplete happiness: Mosa replied:
And why you are feeling like that: the King asked again
My happiness will not complete only to return to our Tara village, to our home, school, Al-Khalwa, Acacia tree, my father’s field; grandmother’s grave, to all the people who were with us there): Mosa added with sad and bitter words coming out of his mouth
While he was hanging between heaven and earth Mosa felt that he is a person without roots and without origin, such feeling that has changed with prolonged tragedy to feeling of shame and humiliation which will never put to an end easily. Mosa might doesn’t know that his village, the place he was born, lived and his ancestors died, has been destroyed completely and what is remaining just memories would be eroded with the time and wounds of displacement, and his village will be existed only as a name in his birth certificate.
On the way to Deribat Mosa asked the King timidly to pass on his village Tara because he wanted to take this opportunity, which may not be repeated, to inspect the situation of the village after the the coming of the plane. This village is his first land and sky where his eyes accustomed to its alleys, and appearances of people and their smiles in happy occasions, and tears in sad events. He misses any landmarks in this village. He missed to see the streams when it rains, and the mosque when the caller calls for prayers, and to Al-Khalwa at noonday times, to the grain mill in the western neighborhood where he deliberately went there to meet Mariam, the beautiful daughter of the lorry’s driver, whom he loved her so much and dreamed to marry her when he grows up and becomes a young man. He misses everything.
The King responded to Mosa’s request of and understood his desire and condition of the boy. The huge king Huge jumper skidded off the track a bit and after quite some time they had flown over the stricken village. The King was flying over the village cautiously feared of being shot by snipers on earth.
Tara village seemed from a distance like a pile of ashes, and pieces of charcoal and stones scattered around it as if put on green sheet. When they approached closer, the details began to come into sight slowly. There is a big hole caused by a rocket to the right of the mosque. Homes in the western neighborhood have disappeared entirely, only a remnant of the grain mill and at a distance there were bones of died cow. The centre of the village seem to be better than the other parts of the village, as you can see remnants of scattered houses including the house of his friend Saleh. When they came closer Mosa saw that a new house was built on the ruins of his friend’s house and saw a camel and flock of goats nursing their babies.
After awhile Mosa’s eyes moved to look at the neighboring house. Its house of his family where he was born and lived part of his childhood to the tragedy in that cursed morning when the plane came and poured fire on the alleys of the village.
Mosa felt that injustice eating his liver and blood has frozen in his veins, and he was in a sweat. Here is their home in front of his eyes, a fact not fiction. This house was full of life, and now only a small area was used as storage for the agricultural tools and some needs. When they approached more the poor boy realized that water jars in their house are still unbroken, but empty like stones. Mosa looked carefully around these jars when he saw a single of shoes of his sister Fatima and cloth from his mother orange tob where his mother worn in the weddings’ nights. At this point he remembered the last time in which he saw his mother dancing with her chest and hit the ground with her feet. This was at the marriage’s party of Halima, sister of his friend Saleh. The half shop of Al-Haj Abdel Mawla, which is made of zinc plates, has been destroyed and the other half stood on each other, and some of its parts have burned completely. The acacia tree in front of the village is still standing in its place as a witness to the horror of what happened that miserable morning. Then Mosa noticed that there is a white body moving under the tree and after awhile the body moved away from the tree’s shadows, and it was a surprise to see the lame ewe because he thought that this ewe would be one of the first victims of the disaster. Mosa smiled ironically because of this wonderful fate, despite the war displaced villagers in camps, killed hundreds, burned down houses, blew off the property, violated honor of women and girls and forced even Al-Zaidi bird to leave its nest; however the lame ewe has remained in her place under acacia tree like Phoenix ash. Yes the lame ewe remained as the last living creatures in Tara, and the horsemen and military left it like something useless. The lame ewe came from unknown place and has no owner, and she has no origin amid animals of the village.
Mosa asked Al-Zaidi bird if it could come down to the earth to ask the lame ewe about his friend's father, Saleh, who has been left by the family with his daughter Halima because of his disability and their inability to carry him with them as they fled. And despite the fear felt by the little bird of this place, but it trust in God and landed near the lame ewe, then returned shortly with lowered head and burdensome news and avoided to look at the eyes of Mosa, but the latter realized that fears of Saleh’s family about their father and his eldest daughter, Halima, has occurred.
What have the lame ewe said? Mosa asked
She has told me that she was wandering in that evening in the middle of the village and watched flames of fires came out from Al-Haj Abu Saleh house and heard him screaming and call for the help, and the ewe thinks that Al-Haj Abu Saleh was inside the burning hut And no one helped him despite the fact that there were men circled around the hut and giggling. When the ewe moved away from the place, the screaming has diminished, and after moments later the lame ewe has realized the fate of the poor man when she smelled the smell of human body burning.) Al-Zaidi added.
And what about Halima?: Mosa asked:
The lame ewe said that she saw Halima in the next morning with a group of women and girls led by men riding on horseback to the outside of the village and Sua’ad, daughter of Al-Haj Abdel Mawla, shopkeeper was among them. Al-Zaidi bird wanted to add something, but it stuttered and baffled and uttered confused sentences as a sick person, Mosa worried and yelled at him with severe tension:
Tell me why do you hide something?
Al-Zaidi said that Al-Batool, wife of the lorry’s driver, Adam Abu Taqiyah, has been raped by group of horsemen and soldiers in front of her husband who was screaming at the top of his voice, but they insulted and beat him, and then they slaughtered them both and left them bathing in their blood. The lame ewe understood from the military commander to one of his soldiers that the lorry driver has three brothers who joined the rebels at the foot of the mountain in Rokro area. Mosa looked at the little bird cautiously as if he doesn’t want to hear news that can’t be bearable. Al-Zaidi knew what is going on in Mosa’s chest, therefore said without waiting Mosa’s question “The ewe knows nothing about beautiful Mariam and it didn’t see her and did not know if she was among the dead or displaced persons ."
The journey has come to an end after great adventure and the space caravan has landed on Deribat camp. Mosa has returned to his family and brought them joy almost lose under the feet of the horsemen and fires of the cursed plane in that sad morning. The king of birds came back to the top of the Mountain in Sarnag to take his babies to swimming pool below the waterfall. Al-Zaidi bird went back to its new nest in Deribat forest, and as if it came across to this place near the girl that loved since their old days at that nice time. The bird and Fatima don’t los teach between them. Fatima always sees the bird whenever went out to collect firewood and dried sticks from the forest, in turn the bird usually sings and tells Fatima about journey to Sarnag and splendor of the nature in that high peaks, and rise of the sun over Jebel Marrah and its going down to the vast green plains like a deer jumps over a small hill, and beauty of the Queen of the birds.
Will we stay here in Deribat until I get married and bring children who would come here to sing for them, or will we be back to Tara soon?? Once Fatima asked the bird:
Al-Zaidi bird kept silent since he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to say that he doesn’t know for something realizes it only.


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