Time has not yet come for foreign troops to leave the country!By/ Mayor Angong Panther

Time has not yet come for foreign troops to leave the country!By/ Mayor Angong Panther

09-29-2014, 01:02 PM

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Title: Time has not yet come for foreign troops to leave the country!By/ Mayor Angong Panther
Author: Mayor Angong Panther
Date: 09-29-2014, 01:02 PM

By/ Mayor Angong Panther

Uganda and South Sudan are neighboring states with strong cultural, economic, military and political relations, the Ugandan government from the beginning of the current crisis in South Sudan focused mainly on just warning the rebel that decisive action from the Uganda military would be taken if lives and property of Ugandan living in South Sudan were endangered, moreover President Yoweri Musevani sent troops to the country, but did not allow them to intervene in the conflict just only to evacuate Ugandan nationals from South Sudan.

With the rapid development of events, the Ugandan government felt that there is imminent threat on peace and security of the new Country which include pushing in of LRA and destabilize the region at large, made the Ugandan intervention into South Sudan. All were not absurd as some people believe, but it was imperative to deter the insurgency that startle the new emerging government in the Republic of South Sudan with a surprising military offensive on the government’s military units.

It is quite clear that the rebellion led by Riek Macar was carefully planned and well prepared so as to have their first strike in Juba on the 15th December 2013 and in conjunction with the defect of better- armed military units in each of Jonglei and Unity States noted that these two Battalions/Brigades have been armed with the latest weapons to counter the David Yau Yau insurgency by then, in Jonglei as well as to repel any violation of Sudanese armed forces and its pro-militias in South Sudan territory.

Such situation where the insurgency is most heavily armed than the regular forces obliges the government in the country to search options for deterrence of rebel but fortunately South Sudan, the world's newest nation entered into military accord with Uganda, just over eleven months before fighting erupted in Juba on December 15, 2013 which allow the two countries to execute their joint military operations.

Anyway, the practical experiences have proven that the International and Regional peace and security was the outcome of cooperation between countries at bi- multilateral level in all aspect of life including the military cooperation, for instance, the Sudanese army during the twenty one years -war in the former Sudan was using the potential forces of countries like Iraq or Iran, especially Air bombardment and operational coordination. Also one other example is the Chad-Sudan Joint Forces battling the rebel in Darfur has to prove to other that accords are respected/ existing.

Another example is the exceptionally close military relations between the United Kingdom and the United States of America where the two countries have the same military planning and operation in any part of the world, so military cooperation indicates the development of bilateral relations between countries and thus become one of the factors of stability of states and governments therefore nothing wrong with the existence of Ugandan troops in the country as long as the security situation of both countries allows it, also it is well known that governments generally supported those who occupied the seats of power, whether they held that power legitimately or not.

General speaking, for those who are calling for the evacuation of Ugandan troops either they are supporters of rebel who wish that the situation gets worse, more and more in the country or they do not know the real meaning of cooperation between countries. In addition to that the concept of bilateral relations between the two sovereign states is to share the benefits and difficulties between them for their mutual interests through diplomatic channels.

In conclusion, no one encourages or wants the continuation of foreign troops in his country, including the UN forces but necessity is the mother of invention, therefore, time has not yet come for the foreign troops to leave the Republic of South Sudan because the reason of the deployment of these troops still exist which is peace and stability within the country in particular and the region in general. That is why America always wants to fight his/it enemies from very far distances according to the principle of ‚Äė‚Äôattack is the best form of defense‚ÄĚ.