Omer al-Bashir rests assured laden-burden on the Sudanese people’s shoulders By Mahmoud A. Suleima

Omer al-Bashir rests assured laden-burden on the Sudanese people’s shoulders By Mahmoud A. Suleima

07-13-2014, 10:00 PM


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Title: Omer al-Bashir rests assured laden-burden on the Sudanese people’s shoulders By Mahmoud A. Suleima
Author: Mahmoud A. Suleiman
Date: 07-13-2014, 10:00 PM

Omar al-Bashir believes that his continuing in power better protects him from tracking and prosecution
by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He clings to the continuity of his rule in Sudan under the protection of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), the Sudan armed Force (SAF), Popular Defence Force (PDF), the recycled former Janjaweed- dubbed as the Rapid Support Force (RSF) and the remnants of mercenaries imported from the neighbouring West African countries. These vast armies of mercenaries and militias costing annually more than 70% of the Sudanese public purse that is already meager and broke In addition to the bare minimum, spent on education and health services. Moreover, the bankruptcy of the state budget has resulted due to the lavish spending, pillaging, corruption, embezzlement besides the money wasted on the absurd endless civil wars of state against the homeland citizens. Experts indicate that the situation in Sudan is candidate for the collapse for wasting resources in spending on repression. This makes life almost impossible for more than 90% of those who make up the least income in Sudan. Sudan occupies the No. 3 in the global list of most corrupt countries.

Thus, the presence of Omar al-Bashir at the helm rule of Sudan- the so-called the Government of National Salvation ‚Äď has been a laden burden costing the Sudanese people money, blood, stability and threat of unity even after the secession of the south through tyranny, racism, corruption and social injustice. Moreover, Sudan has become further impoverished through the loss of it international financial entitlements. The entitlements include:
‚ÄĘ Exemption of the foreign debt of $ 44 billion dollars under the debt relief draft states indebtedness Debt Relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative.
‚ÄĘ Economic sanctions imposed on Sudan, which cost about 745 million dollars a year
‚ÄĘ Agreement on unfreezing of 350 million dollars per year by the European Union to supports poor countries owed to the Sudan under the Cotonou Agreement/ Convention. The Cotonou Agreement is the most comprehensive partnership agreement between developing countries and the EU. Since 2000, it has been the framework for the EU's relations with 79 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).
This is in addition to the treatment of Sudan like a mangy in the corridors of international diplomacy and avoided Nations in dealing with it. Not only that but the bad reputation of the notorious regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) included the components of the Sudanese people wherever they landed their backpacker in the world and while they are in exile and asylum. Through corruption, nepotism and embezzlement the government of so-called National Salvation, the Muslim Brotherhood, destroyed the Economy sources in Sudan, which include agriculture, livestock and health and education services. And the Islamist regime acted as a pick for the demolition of every kind of creativity the people of Sudan had in the past before the fateful coming of the 30th June 1989 Coup d’état.
Worse of all is the systematically fragmenting of the social fabric caused by the NCP regime among the tribes of Sudan using the evil doctrine of divide, conquer and rule through sowing sedition that led to infighting and tribal civil wars by proxy.
Based on the foregoing referred to above, the world would be better off in peace and happiness by getting rid of Omar al-Bashir and his burdensome clique.
And in related topic comes the abhorrent unbalanced abusive political discourse directed by the pillars of the regime of the Islamic Movement, or rather the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan so-called National Salvation Revolution on face value to against imaginary enemies inside or outside the country. The kind of unbalanced random political discourse brought disasters and misfortunes to the Sudanese people and had a negative impact on their life and vitality in many fields, including diplomatic and economic relations and peaceful co-existence with the countries and peoples of the world in its vicinity locally, regionally and internationally. An example that was the threat to the major powers in the world of doom and gloom and raising foolish empty slogans, which made these countries, put it on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, which led to the imposition of economic, political and commercial sanctions and trade embargoes. Moreover, within the homeland, the systematic racial rhetoric made unity unattractive to the people of South Sudan, who preferred to secede after a referendum in 2011 to become an independent state, the Republic of South Sudan. Internally there are racist scums within the leaders of the National Congress Party (NCP) and all their efforts were ongoing abuse of the components of the Sudanese people in marginalized areas. They carry on doing that without scruples or conscience and without a movement of their eyelid, so to speak. Chants and slogans along the lines of America and Russia, their torment has approached. The slogans proved to having no meaning! They used frequently for domestic consumption only. The Sudanese air force including Omar al-Bashir's presidential plane is a Russian-made! Some satirists said suppose that Sudan does not want a relationship with the United States of America, why signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which the United States of America was the main facilitator, and eventually led to the secession of the south?
Moreover, within their political rhetoric that charged with saucy language one of the racist elements affiliated to the Islamic Movement, Muslim Brotherhood said that a black belt surrounds Khartoum. He refers to the existence of people with black skins around Khartoum. He was referring to the Sudanese people internally displaced (IDPs) because of the senseless wars. He is suggesting that they do not deserve to live in Khartoum as if Khartoum is a sacrosanct. In fact, body colour of that scum is darker than many of those whom he tried to abuse. Furthermore, applies to him the aphorism / adage: ‚Äėthe pot calling the kettle black! Thus, the use of the psychological defense mechanisms of inferiority complex and projection are rife among these who are suffering from condescension syndrome.
the NCP regime‚Äôs history full of breaching peace agreements signed with the parties to the conflict is no longer trustworthy to dialogue with. Moreover, the regime remains heavy burden borne by the people in spite of the atrocities and heinous crimes killing, displacement and impoverishment. The components of the political opposition, both civil and military should refrain from participating in the alleged ‚Äėnational dialogue‚Äô with Omar al-Bashir. He is a liar. They should work steadfast with all segments of the Sudanese people to overthrow the Khartoum government led by the G√©nocidaire fugitive from the international justice. The people of Sudan should discard the Muslim Brotherhood regime into the bottom of the dustbin of history. Then follow searching studiously for how to govern Sudan and not who would govern Sudan. The previous search for who would rule Sudan was the omen that crippled the country for more than half a century and has made Sudan a pariah state becoming at the bottom of the nations of the world. The French historian‚Äôs phrase that ‚ÄúBourbons do not forget a thing, neither shall they learn something‚ÄĚ applies to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in their Sudanese version!
Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is the Deputy Chairman of the General Congress for Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). He can be reached at [email protected] and he is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is