Sudan on its way to impose restrictive measures on press freedom by Adaroub Sedna Onour

Sudan on its way to impose restrictive measures on press freedom by Adaroub Sedna Onour

06-10-2014, 02:49 PM


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Title: Sudan on its way to impose restrictive measures on press freedom by Adaroub Sedna Onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 06-10-2014, 02:49 PM

At a time of rising agitation provoked by the recent revealations by the Sudanese local press which published huge corruption scandals that stirred considerable controversy within the country when it disclosed irrevutable and convincing evidence, linking top regime officials to unprecedented scales of irregularities, the regime, taken by total surprise, decided to draw some red lines and limits -off before things reached the point of no return or even beyond ….but any laws ,regulations or arrangements brought into effect to repair the damage and rehabilitate the regime,s reputation remain of little significance ,because the mass media attention the recent documented revealations generated, confirmed that corruption was a state-approved policy and that all the state-puppepts and the regime custodians alike, were all of the same kidney. The actual fact brightly exposed by those revealations left little doubt that those who refuse to end their
25-year stint in office, were uniformally implicated ,more or less ,in a concerted,state-tolerated and full-fledged corruption that riddled the country ever since , and have no intention of appearing in courts of law to answer for their crimes, But would rather prefer settlements outside courts by falsley agreeing to pay back the stolen money,( which is a na√Įve attempt to throw dust in the eyes of their people who ceased to believe anything their regime says or promises to do, and because they know that no stolen money ‚Äďunder this tyranny- would ever be recovered???) the agony,though , is that those shameful practices were occurring under the pro-regime ,unwilling and incapable judiciary system,s nose ????????? A fact which would come as no surprise to anyone who knows that the regime,s top-ranking ######### are indicted by the ICC for horrendous crimes against their own people???? And because it is impossible to shake off those allegations or
flatly deny them, .The regime decided to silence the press by shutting down some daily papers {assayha} and openly threatened the rest {the minister of information went on radio to air a cautionary message?????)Thus the regime slammed shut the last window of opportunity that could have lead to some degree of reconciliation, reform or a transitional period etc. But the total joke is the regime,s call for A WORK-SHOP to agree on the common Sudanese values, enhance them, strenghten the national unity and collectively maintain an impenetrably solid security of our homeland????????Hence the As begging Qs would be…….. Why identifying criminals is considered a roor back?? Is the 100-year old Sudanese press still below the age of consent? Why does the regime refuse to use the shamful revealations to its advantage by singling-out its corrupt members and demand they appear in courts of law?????????Which is clearly an additional indication of the
regime being wholly corrupt summit to base??? Are Sudanese journalists unable to identify where their country,s interests ly?? Isnt it in the regime,s interest to draw clear lines between what is public and what is private ?? Does the regime still dream of censorship in today,s digital global interconnectedness ???????Why can't the regime see that the current roll of oppurtunity might not be available always?????? On the whole, it is apparent that the bewildered tyranny failed to capitalise on what could have been a priceless eye-opening revealations….So let us wait for the easily predictable outcome of the work-shop which I expect to be more shackles on the press, because the regime wants a tamed, non-observant and pro-regime press… As its chief concern is to remain in power forever, not sufficiently aware that it is considered in and outside side Sudan as a pariah and outlaw regime that should cease to exist in the third mellenium??? Yes …the
regime had better not assume that the regional and international players are so na√Įve as to believe it could contribute to combating global terrorisms when it is still sponsoring it, ??? Similarly the regime should not expect that the role of game-changer in future Sudan will be entrusted to it, because it is not a potential and indispensible regional player?? Yes‚Ķ. Previously the regime, to its eternal shame, extradited some of its own citizens to Guantanamo for its own safety and survival, but it has now to do a lot of house-cleaning before qualifying for its envisaged regional role, which, to start with, requires less confrontational approach with its political rivals at home and adopting a realistic policy when dealing with the outside world to dispel their well-founded fears.. While remembering all the while that..The deal-impossible of impunity or draging Sudan into the unknown is, and shall always remain off the table, because, in addition to
other factors, the regime is not as strong as it once used to be to make terms.

Adaroub sedna