Sudan, s tyranny rolls back from its own initiative of national dialouge)) by Adaroub Sedna Onour

Sudan, s tyranny rolls back from its own initiative of national dialouge)) by Adaroub Sedna Onour

06-01-2014, 12:32 PM


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Title: Sudan, s tyranny rolls back from its own initiative of national dialouge)) by Adaroub Sedna Onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 06-01-2014, 12:32 PM

It seems that war-torn Sudan is destined to remain stuck endlessly in crises, so long as this fascist regime remained in power, that it is fair to say the regime,s conflicting and confusing policies are indicative of deeply split opinions within the ruling cabal itself ,over what should be done ..Not to put the country on an even keel and bring about peace, stability and reconciliation …but, rather to secure impunity and exit-route for the regime,s prominent figures who have blood on their hands and have committed mass-killings in darfur and elsewhere in sudan, together with those mixed up in #####ng huge amounts of public money in local and hard currencies alike …. Figures that read like telephone numbers????Therefore the civil opposition, armed factions, African union, UN and the international community should fully realise that unless those on top of the tyranny feel the pinch of sanctions and be subjected to tougher pressure that affects
them personally and directly ... they shall never bother and will remain defiant and nonchalant .???Evidenly the regime, today, is too weak to master the course of events, after it repeatedly failed to clamp down on the armed factions … and knows very well that it wont, of course, be allowed to set the agenda of it's now abandoned initiative of dialouge, a fact which is enormosly annoying the regime given the fragile confidence it has in its deadly rivals, hidden agenda and its well-founded fears of putting its political future in their hands, and thus be at their mercy? And today… after the president, s recent knee operation and his temporary diappearance from the political theatre, it is hard to pin point that a particular person is really in control of the country now. though ,Some well-informed observors suggest the shadow camarilla is and was always in command since 1989 {armies of wealthy pro-tyranny men and women who officially hold no
formal posts but are allegedly driving from the back-seats and are actually running the country from behind scences ever since ????????}Nevertheless the only game in town today is the rumour filling the country of a deal simmering on fire between the last democratically-elected Prime Minister Mr. sadiq elmahdy and his brother-in-law who toppled him in 1989 Dr Hassan turabi, which will understandably be aimed primarily at curbing any radical or violent change that could edge them out of their central position in sudanese political theatre and dash their leadership aspirations once and forever. Whereas the opposition components regard the two men as yellow political leafs whose roles should not exceed being part of the tableau only??Then again every sensible person would easily gather that relinquishing power for the bewildered and cornered tyranny of Sudan is equal to committing suicide, because upon stepping down they are likely to be subjected to
blanket-condemnation, acts of reprisal and backgroundwise prosections etc….of course that is a most likely scenario upon which the hard-line elements within the ruling cabal rely on to justify their clinging on to power and have the upper hand in determing the course of action and agree only to integrate the willing political entities ,,,and recalitrantly refuse the mere contemplation of regime change..Come what may? Take this small example I am giving to back my assumption…the president called for a national dialouge recently, which was attended by over 80 political parties ,some of them were suit-case plitical parties made up of a couple of phony persons??Addressing that gathering , General Beshir expressed his intention to discuss all the long -standing problems of the country and solve them, vowing to come to a common ground with all his political rivals , including those up in arms?????? A couple of days later, Commander, YASIR ARMAN,
from SPLM/NORTH.. Precisely offered an initiative similar to that of the president to the governmental delegation in the Ethiopian capital, addis ababa.. ALAS though ...believe it or not, the regime,s delegation refused the offer which was typical of the presidential initiative..Almost issue by issue and Word by word..Ruling that the AU and UN resolutions don’t cover issues and areas outside the two districts {south kordofan and Blue Nile states) which gave a brightly shining example that the unscrupulous tyranny was still using its old and tarnished tactic of saying one thing and doing the oposite to buy time …Hence all rivals, facilitators, mediators and sponsorers should note that the current tragedical situation of sffering, insecurity and lawlessnes have all the ingredients of sliding into the unknown ,which is very easy to see in main towns-
Including the out skirts of khartoum-(.thanks to the recent deployment of three brigades from the janjaweed) where armed gangs loot from banks and ordinary citizens in broad day light at gun point. ,, So the fatigued tyranny should stop its impractical endeavors to re-invent itself and start a fresh without paying the dues of the inevitable change..??????? Yes… the days in which a couple of people used to rule sudan from the comfort of their luxurios homes in khartoum are over forever…and it is far too wise to live with this reality..Instead of listening to the buzz of hypocrite voices ringing out in the pro-regime domesticated local media..Which talk of an Islamic republic…in acountry infested with corruption from head to toe?

Adaroub sedna onour.