Banana Republic - Part Two by Abdellatif Ahmed

Banana Republic - Part Two by Abdellatif Ahmed

05-17-2014, 11:46 PM


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Title: Banana Republic - Part Two by Abdellatif Ahmed
Author: Abdellatif Ahmed
Date: 05-17-2014, 11:46 PM

Banana Republic - Part Two

We heard recently some of our top leaders boasting at an international conference how Sudan could set an example in transparent governance... I must agree. I have to agree because the term "transparency" has a unique definition applicable in Sudan only. In Sudan it means that the officials are robbing national property openly, in daylight, in public, and the wider population has the privilege of watching and being able to do nothing about it.

In any somewhat civilized state, if a high ranking official has been spotted in the company of a well-known corruptor, it stirs such a scandal that ministers have to resign and often governments fall. Not in Sudan. Here they can "transparently", freely and visibly maintain their cordial relations with criminals and mobsters.

But what else to expect in a society where the government exists just to increase the personal wealth of its officials and the ruling class? In a society where top ranking officials who are themselves inadequate to hold their own offices, are appointing long-standing friends to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications, the only criteria being: not to try to weaken the position or express views contrary to those of the appointer. They just have to respect these two rules and get rewarded lavishly: they can start practicing "transparency" as they like.

Opportunity bears the thief - goes the proverb... Is there a mistake in thinking that one can live in a corrupt society without becoming corrupt? After all, what do you achieve by refusing to make quick and easy money? A perfect argument for corruptors, specially to those who perfected bamboozling to artistic levels, such as our superhero, Ashraf the "Cardinal". And he is so good in bamboozling, that even if you've been bamboozled long enough, you'll ask for more...

Just like fungi in a warm and moist environment, the likes of the "Cardinal" multiplied rapidly, affecting every segment of our society. And in just couple of years, those who were yesterday robbing Peter to pay Paul, who were jumping fences to escape arrest, suddenly emerged as the Sudanese elite. A bunch of nouveau riche parvenus, who are good only in spending their ill-earned moneys conspicuously. They lack education, even basic social skills or manners that would be appropriate for that class, so they will try hard to create the appearance of importance and distinction, at any cost. They will try to get social prominence the same way they've gathered their wealth: grease couple of hands and if necessary, instead of genuinely earning it, spend little fortunes to buy themselves a honorary doctorate or a leading position at a social, cultural or sports club. Just to get social acceptance...

Deep rivers move with silent majesty, wise people say. Contrary to our bamboozler-in-chief: big boast, small roast.