Sudan, s fascist regime should not be improved be removed in the earnest

Sudan, s fascist regime should not be improved be removed in the earnest

05-15-2014, 02:20 PM


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Title: Sudan, s fascist regime should not be improved be removed in the earnest
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 05-15-2014, 02:20 PM
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When the now ruling, namely, Islamist regime of Sudan toppled the democratically-elected government in 1989 people received them with mixed emotions. The romantic ones who were blinded by the false Islamic slogans upheld by the new comers, expected the beginning of a new dawn in which the restoration of the Islamic caliphate was only a matter of time? But others who were realistic and knew the new rulers in-and-out warned that the country was taking a new and dangerous twist and was heading into the unknown , expecting the real and ugly face of the false ideological heroes and theoritians of the tyranny to take centre stage alittle later , after getting rid of the uniformed officers who risked their lives and brought the change about????? …sadly enough, the second scenario was what materialised precisely when a shadow –cabinet( lying in wait) took over forming a government within the government. .. they began by sacking all the public servants in sudan and replaced them with under-qulified pro-regime elements, all pulic properties were sold; private enterprises owned by non-partisans were confiscated, trade-unions were dissolved and banned by law and irregular semi- military groups were given free hand to arrest and convict anyone , oddly enough all those excesses and horrendous crimes were bottled in religious slogans and were justified by pro-regime above-the-law religious men whose task was to bend them and make those crimes consistent with islamic teachings and ciommandments and bring them much as possible to islamic codes , but with little success so far. Today the regime is in its death rattle and the whole world is in little doubt of its days being numbered and its inevitably looming collapse which will come as no surprise to any one who reads about the horrifying revelations of state-tolerated corruption scandals in the local media and the impunity granted to those implicated in them. In addition to those responsible for mass-killing who are still at large instead of appearing in the dock of court in the hague (Netherlands) but the troubling alarm is that the current row about sudan being open to investment and business is to cover putting everything under the hammer inclding the sudan itself which is now up for sale? As such, the non-chalance of the regime is but indicative of its unwillingness to accept responsibility for its conscious actions of the past 25 years. So its current insincere call for dialouge and reconciliation should be taken in context of only being a smoke screen the regime uses to buy time, take breath, and capitalise on the weakness and helplessness of the civil opposition by sowing the seeds of distrust between its components (the regime understandably prefers to negotiate with opposition figures separately???) because its strategy is to drag the opposition to partial agreements to prevent it from going into an alliance with the armed factions. And at the same time offer retailed agreements to the armesd factions in Darfur, Blue Nile and south kordofan.unfortunately the opposition factions failed to unite and agree on the one pressing objective of regime removal and the eqully vital need to temporarily shelf its ideological differences in the meantime???????…therefore all patriotic nationalists need to wake from their slumber and live up to the challenge ahead, which is contributing every resource at their disposal ,human and material, to remove this anti-people tyranny at the earliest. …Yes …it has now become crytal clear that this tyranny, s only plan is to rule for the aye …..But whenever under pressure it resorts to its unmistakable confusing signs of reconciliation ,dialouge and consensus etc… aiming primarily at rehabilitating its distorted image in the public eye…So our primary goal should be to break free from living with this monstrous tyranny by exposing its crimes to the whole world and aborting its delay tactics by refusing its self-imposed dose of reform …and by insisting that a broad -front-national transitional government should be formed soonest possible to take the country back to the drawing –board for re-drawing and reshaping after erasing the fine line between nationalism and ethnicity… And should the regime refuse that we should,first, take arms in self defence …and then we must waste no time but immediately mount our pressure on the enemy by writing anti-regime slogans on walls, scattering leaflets in public places, calling on all peace-loving countries and other organisations in the free world to help us impose no-fly zones and deploy surviellance aircrafts to deprive the regime from having the upper hand and to prevent it from bombarding the innocent civillians…….Remember brothers and sisters, the only thing we don’t have much of is…TIME…And the moment is ripe now..The whole world is against this regime and many in the near neighbourhood are more than willing to stretch a helping hand if we asked for it …And all we need is pulling in one direction towards our common goal (removing the tyranny) plus a good level of coordination…. And simply taking to the streets all over Sudan simultanesouly and chanting one slogan in a concerted manner LEAVE.

Adaroub sedna onour