Thank you note to Jikany White Army

Thank you note to Jikany White Army

05-05-2014, 09:46 PM


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Title: Thank you note to Jikany White Army
Author: Gordon Buay
Date: 05-05-2014, 09:46 PM

Dear all,

First of all, I thank the Jikany White Army that listened to us we the Jikany in the government. The SPLA forces walked into Nasir town singing because the White Army refused to fight after we persuaded their leaders and the chiefs of Jikany. By the way, May, 4th, is the date of birth of my son. I thank the Jikany Chiefs and the White Army that gave Nasir town to my son as a birth day gift. Riek Machar is now on the run. The man is going through a very bad transition. From vice-president to a rebel leader and from a rebel to a refugee in Ethiopia. I feel pity for him because his foolishness is killing him.

Persuasion of the White Army was a collective work. I and the following persons worked very hard to convince the White Army: Gov. Simon Kun Puoc; Gen. James Hoth, Gen. Charles Lam, Hon. Khor Diw Gai, Hon. Peter Lam Both, Hon. Gatwec Lam, Hon. Daniel Deng Mayian, Hon. Tut Gatchai, Speaker Chuol Deep, Mr. Deng Thuok, Col. Gatwec Joak, etc, etc.

The Commissioners of Jikany did a very good job. The following Commissioners worked very hard to influence their citizens: Hon. Dak Tap (Commissioner of Nasir County), Hon. Gatkuoth Biem (Commissioner of Ulang) and Hon. Paul Biel Chuol (Commissioner of Maiwut). The commissioners of Nasir and Ulang happened also to be Canadian citizens (Peter Both included).

I want the people of South Sudan to thank Gov. Simon Kun Puoc and the three commissioners of Jikany plus Gen. James Hoth and other Jikany who worked very hard to kick Riek Machar out of Jikany land without a fight. There was no fighting in Nasir. Even one grass was not lost in Nasir, let alone a Tukul.

Gov. Simon Kun Puoc showed a very unique leadership in this crisis. Renegade Garhoth Gatkuoth is wondering how we convinced the White Army NOT to fight the government. Riek Machar and his team are not sleeping because they never imagined that we would persuade the White Army.

We the Jikany in the government want to tell the people of South Sudan that we would never allow Riek Machar to use our children, brothers, nephews and relatives as cannon fodders to destabilize our country and turn South Sudan into Somalia. Dok Nuer clan, where Riek Machar hailed from, do not have White Army fighting the government. Jikany and Lou are not machines of Riek Machar that he can use for destruction as he wished.

Let me inform the public that Lou Nuer elders and politicians are talking to Lou Nuer White Army. Very soon, the people of South Sudan will hear good news on the side of Lou Nuer similar to what happened to Jikany White Army.


Gen. G.B.