These are the big factors blocking peace and stability in Sudan by Adaroub sedna onour

These are the big factors blocking peace and stability in Sudan by Adaroub sedna onour

02-27-2014, 03:45 PM


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Title: These are the big factors blocking peace and stability in Sudan by Adaroub sedna onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 02-27-2014, 03:45 PM
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These are the big factors blocking peace and stability in Sudan
When sudan,s ruling islamists swindled power in june 1989 from the democratically ‚Äďelected government of Mr. sadiq elmahadi in a bloodless coup, nobody in and outside sudan thought the tiny group was yearning undeservedly,for a sempiternal rule over multitudenous sudan . Nontheless that understimated bunch of men and women used every resource at their disposal to remain in power and are still in command of events in a meaningful fashion. the ruling cabal were fully aware that there were no democratic political parties in sudan (technically speaking}but sectarian and ideolgical entities presided over, for life,by persons who take them for privately ‚Äďowned enterprises with popular support-bases who vote on tribal and sectarian lines for the nominees selected by the party,s custodian? So, and after a quarter of a century of iron-fist absolute power and countless grand, and undeniable crimes against their own people, the cabal realised that its regime has become a festidious elephant in a room or a bull in a china store which ,if not tamed and incubated could pose danger to its own founders ? By contrast, the only person who is willing to help haul out the drowning regime is Mr Sadiq elmahdi who is still mourning his loss, and is dreaming of substituting the regime{which ousted him??} by taking soft line on the regime,s anti-people policies which only truly na√Įve politiians could approve of . His vivid and opportunistic strategy which he calls {civil jihad/resistence} is rapidly losing shine, and did not pay off as yet, rather it fractured all the already fragile political parties from within {because the regime,s bribing of the custodians of its political opponents has a smell of truth?}Therfore Sudan,s political chaos will roll on for sometime to come. But then again the embroiled tyranny is not in favor of any change which could eventually end its dominance...Because it fears for its own survival. At present what the ruling cabal is dying to secure is IMPUNITY and NON-CONFISCATION of their ill-gotten wealthes {and that perhaps explains why Dr Turabi, who is the mastermind of the tyranny, spoke recently of: let bygones bygones????????}Besides, there are armies of shadow companies and people who run businesses they built from public money and who became fabulously wealthy beyond the imagination of ordinary citizens, and who to this date monopolise the national importandexport of the country and daringly evade taxation. Let alone the pro-regime janjaweed regular militias who are on the regime,s pay-roll and are operating with total impunity under their new name THE RAPID INTERVENTION FORCES???Hence the futile shilly shallying about an interim and/or a national government is a hoax most expected from the deceptive/secretive tyranny which to this hour is killing innocent, unarmed and unprotected civillians in south kordufan and darfur states which are considered as TERRA NULLIUS which, after slow but sure ethnic-cleansing would be given to the migrant ethnic arab tribes as a promised land {in return the janjweed have allegedly covenated with the regime to protect it to their last man????}So... Any compromise, to be fair, should focus on healing the wounds of the regime,s victims first ‚Ķand then concentrate on other minor excesses in which many pro-regime elements are implicated either directly or otherwise..The misuse of corporate assets and the selling of ALL public corporations and utilities in and outside Sudan should be a priority here??True‚Ķ. the regime is currently is in disarray and might accept change but not they are principally opposed to any fudmental change that could leave them at the mercy of their mortal enemies. The big worry though, is that the regime does little or nothing at all, not even a diciplinary action against its party members who commit mind-numbing atrocities on the loose‚Ķ from burning denseley-populated villages, crushing peaceful demonstrations and staging military coups??????? I wonder if the huge public money stolen could ever be recovered, despite the authentic accounts some have of where it was deposited. Eventually what is evident is that the ingredients of ethnic and regional disputes threaten to erupt at any time unless sincere efforts were exerted to diffuse them in the earnest. And the regime should confess and accept moral responsibility for its crimes which attracted international controversy and received condemnation from allover the world. Because the currently monolouge and fuss made about it will lead to nowhere..They need to engage constructively in a meaningful negotiation with its enemies not its shadow cabinet. The opposition ,on its part ,should refrain from blanket-condemnation and provide convincing assurances as to what it intends to do prior to the regime,s collapse/removal, in regards to the thorny issues of identity,power-sharing ,system of governance and the like.

Adaroub sedna onour