A look into Sudan's futile presidential initiative in the making by Ad

A look into Sudan's futile presidential initiative in the making by Ad

01-27-2014, 02:34 PM

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Title: A look into Sudan's futile presidential initiative in the making by Ad
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 01-27-2014, 02:34 PM

Sudan, as a country, has potentially all the necessary resources to become one of the world's most self-reliant and prosperous nations, only if it had patriotic politicians, but that is, regrettably, a commodity in short supply in Sudan. I shall refrain from referring to the deteriorating conditions in Sudan, as that would sound like describing water to a drowning person. Because the whole world is aware of every bit and piece of it, from crisis-laden, poor and dictatorial ERITREA to microscopic and autocratic QATAR where an influential woman rules from behind scenes? My focus will be on the deafening cacophony made by our pro-tyranny local media of A SURPRISE by general beshir that is expected to contain all the answers to our multi-layered crises??? Unfortunately a quick glance at the attendants invited by the initiator leaves no room for optimism and makes the anticipated outcome easily predictable. Remarkably, those in attendance are the very people who failed to set up a just, people-first political system …representative, inclusive and reflective of the multi-racial and multi-religious mosaic of Sudan since as back as independence in 1956? Initially the host and his guests share 2 common goals.
1- Prevent the collapse of the unjust post-independence political establishment
2 strike a deal granting the ruling cabal amnesty and impunity in return for power-sharing
And as we can see this is merely solidarity in distress, and confirms that our inconsonant political entities are out of touch/date?????? I wonder why they while away time trying to re-invent the wheel. How could one be part of a problem and part of its solution? Why not call those up in arms? What are the certainties that we all share and agree upon? What about the hundreds of thousands who were killed in cold blood and whose perpetrators are still at large? What will become of those sacked from their posts without compensation? What about the billons of dollars of public money {our money} the recovery of which should be a top priority? …True some of us have sympathy for general beshir assuming that he was embroiled in the coup of 1989 which was engineered by the opportunist and Machiavellian politician Dr Turabi and his party NIF/NCP that said, the abandoned general needs to realize that Sudan's political wind is not in his favor anymore, and he is no longer commanding its direction. Therefore He should bend to the will of the people and call for a broad national front interim government first, and then read carefully the fact-sheet of his own absolute rule of the past 25 years and contemplate making significant concessions. Or else, his opponents will remain united by one common-goal…HIS REMOVAL…general numerie is an invalid precedence here, at least he was not indicted by the ICC for .genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Adaroub sedna onour