Museveni: The de facto president of South Sudan By: Weirial Gatyiel Pu

Museveni: The de facto president of South Sudan By: Weirial Gatyiel Pu

01-18-2014, 07:34 AM


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Title: Museveni: The de facto president of South Sudan By: Weirial Gatyiel Pu
Author: Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang
Date: 01-18-2014, 07:34 AM

Museveni: The de facto president of South Sudan
By: Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang
South Sudan has over 65 different tribes who speak different languages. These people are known for their diversity, hard work, courage, hospitality, and many other unique cultural norms. The idea that a plan created by a Ugandan dictator can succeed in South Sudan is absurd. Yoweri Museveni must first study the people of South Sudan, and only then can he be sure of what to do. The South Sudanese are brave people and are afraid of no man but God. Therefore, dictator Museveni, who established himself as the teacher of a Kiir in Africa’s newest nation, must bear in mind that he lost the direction; Dr. Machar the forced rebel cannot be like the rests of east African leaders who fear him. The south Sudanese (Nuer) whom he is trying to massacre again apart from Kiir’s 16, 17, 18, and 19 massacres are afraid of no man on earth but almighty father. They were massacred because it was planned for almost eight years and they were not in power. That was the reason that they lost more than 4000 innocents Nuer civilians in vain, not because their cowardice.
The involvement of Ugandan dictator Museveni is not a surprise to me since I had known him as the only leader in the whole world who has been ruling our country after the death of our late hero Dr. John Garang Demabiour indirectly.

The fact that President Museveni sent Uganda’s soldiers officially into South Sudan to fight alongside Kiir against the forced rebel Dr. Riek Machar Teny (the only threat to KiirandMuseveni) is ironical. The international community and South Sudanese must know that the Ugandan president is the one who gave all these ill-guidance to Kiir and he is now assisting him with covert military assistance intended to deal away with Dr. Machar’s Prodemocracy SPLA who are the south Sudanese at the same time.
Museveni and his Kiir are the one responsible for the massacre of more than 4000 innocents Nuer civilians who had nothing to do with the SPLM issues and most of them had never known about SPLM let alone its activities. Now dictator Museveni is again touching the same wound that they have caused some times back by sending his troops to fight alongside Kiir’Gelweng against the prodemocracy fighters and the Nuers as a result of tribal cleansing. The Nuer whom some of them have been murdered by the two Godly friend ( MuseveniandKii) are not’’ WEWES’’(Ugandans)
Appalling crimes have been committed against the Nuer civilians for no reason than their ethnicity by the two friends (MuseveniandKiir)
To the best of my knowledge the involvement of this dictator will not be the solution but fueling it to the maximum
It is a shame for the two presidents (MuseveniandKiir) to fights against south Sudanese with Jets and Helicopter in the civil war!
Where were this Uganda president and his jets Helicopters during the south Sudanese agains Sudanese army war in heglig?
Dictator Museveni doesn’t want to lose the free oil money that he takes from his friend Kiir’s administration since 2005 unknowingly. Kiir thinks that Museveni is freeing him by fighting alongside him but Kiir may be a slave to Museveni in case the two united forces UPDFand pro Dictatorship SPLA of Museveni and Kiir respectively wins the military war against Dr. Machar’s prodemocracy SPLA. This is a true analysis because in economics, when you are owed or you are given money for borrow by somebody than failure to pay them back in the due time you will automatically become the slave to the creditor. It is ironical for any foreign country to exercise his/her military against our people (South Sudanese)
Kiir shows the signs and the symptoms of the weakest leader in the globe due to the fact that he is helped by the outsiders against his own people. South Sudan is nothing to the eyes of the world because of our weak and coward president Kiir mayardit who turned to be one of the sons of dictator museveni.

The world, and the South Sudan in particular, must know that the Ugandan president is not an expert in any good governance; he is only an expert in dictatorship. I want the good people of South Sudan to understand that Museveni is an experienced killer in Uganda, and we must tell him to stay out of our home dealings or else our nation will be another Somalia in our beloved Africa. The people of Uganda are our African brothers and sisters; but Museveni is separating the two friendly countries by fueling the current crises in our country that he has created.
Dictator museveni is putting the south Sudan and Uganda future relation at doom due to the fact that his days on the earth are numbered because of the blood of the people he has killed in cool blood. The bloods of our great leaders Dr. John Garang, George Athor and the rests will drive him to the grave as soon as possible.
South Sudan have got a well-qualified leaders unlike Uganda that has only one man (the so-called Museveni)
I came across the world history but I have never seen a foreign intervention in other country’s affairs directly like what have been done by dictator Museveni of Uganda.
Museveni doesn’t like president kiir as seen in the entire step he has taken, museveni a foreign president declare the capture of jameiza by his forces not the SPLA, what a shame to our president!!!
If all presidents were like my president kiir than there would been no need of creating the country boundary. Museveni must not compare the south Sudanese with Ugandans, we the strong people of south Sudan we fought 22 Arab countries during the liberation days but we had never surrendered yet we gains our independence .
In conclusion,
I as a patriotic son of this expensive nation, I appeal for my brothers and sisters in south Sudan and in diaspora to strongly condemn the direct involvement of president Museveni of Uganda which has a bad contribution on our future generations. Remember our population during the 2008 census was less than Ten million but it will decrease in and increasing rate if this dictator Museveni involved militarily.
Furthermore, Ugandans must put in mind that their friendship with the south Sudanese got spoiled completely.

The author is concerned citizen of south Sudan: he can be reach through [email protected]