Save Gedaref library from dust and rust by Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer

Save Gedaref library from dust and rust by Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer

01-01-2014, 05:38 PM


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Title: Save Gedaref library from dust and rust by Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
Author: Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
Date: 01-01-2014, 05:38 PM

Save Gedaref library from dust and rust.

Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
On December, 15th 2004, in Eastern Sudan, in the city of Gedaref, in the public library, I was reading the story of hostages held within the American embassy in Tehran in 1989. The librarian indelibraretely closed the outside door leaving me sweaty and worried. The musicality of Gedaref have offices situated near the library where there were some construction workers doing some repairs. Opening one of the windows, cool breezes seeped inside and my voice of alerting of no man-captive existence was heard by the building over-seer. He slipped a bottle of water beneath the door and described my condition on the part of library staff dereliction of duty. After 3 hours of solitary confinement in the best cells of world, the Director of cultural affairs ordered breaking the padlock to free me at last. The middle shelves were removed by the library authority to ensure no body is stuck there just by an appraising look from the library door.
Today, the middle and all shelves have disappeared somewhere and the library has been occupied by the Gedaref Legislative Council. Where are the books? Where are the pretty ladies whom we shot with furtive glances to alleviate the lust of flesh? Where are the ambitious and confident young people who learned English and spent an enjoyable time there? Where is Fatima? A young woman who served sweet and spiced tea for readers? Why our Councilors have thrown our divorced love into the basket-bins? Don, t you think etiquette dictates that they put up a notice to inform the loyal and gentle readers of the library fate and apologize for the little nuisance that they caused? I roamed the city like someone who has lost a child or valuable property .By chance; I knew the library was transferred to EL-hilal athletic Club where their shelves were relegated to cartons arrayed in an appalling status.