The dismaying Change in Sudan …too late too little by Adaroub sedna

The dismaying Change in Sudan …too late too little by Adaroub sedna

12-10-2013, 04:23 PM


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Title: The dismaying Change in Sudan …too late too little by Adaroub sedna
Author: Adaroub sedna onour
Date: 12-10-2013, 04:23 PM

The dismaying Change in Sudan …too late too little

At a time when the Sudanese national crisis reached its peak and all eyes were centered on the key and prominent figures of the collapsing dictatorship, to see how they would navigate in the stormy political climate out of the mess they landed themselves and their country in -since as back as 1989- the regime confirmed the suspicions of the whole world, that it only had next to nothing to offer to its hard up people, as far as change to the better was concerned?? All observers were dismayed and taken by total surprise and disbelief, when they discovered that the whole much talked about, long- a waited and so-called change was nowhere to be found, seen or felt. .. Only a hurriedly crafted EXIT-STRATEGY aimed at bailing out those accountable for the countless horrendous crimes committed during their dark era of absolute rule since 1989?? Worse yet, the departure of those directly implicated in all those horrific crimes was portrayed-unashamedly- as an act of heroism, nationalism and self-denial which justify granting them impunity??? ironically enough there was no mention of the billions of public money, the public corporations sold at throw-away prices, the shattering of the home-land, the huge revenues of oil and gold in billions of dollars {all the so-called development and infrastructure projects were financed by foreign loans which will shackle future generations of Sudan… Despite the fuss suggesting otherwise?? let alone the misuse of those huge budgets which were entrusted to the leaving PATRIOTS who grew wealthy beyond imagination in a relatively short pace of time???}In addition to the thousands of innocent and unarmed civilians indiscriminately shot dead or tortured to death in the notorious ghost-houses allover the country with or without explanation,{their families were denied their corpses or any dignified burial} besides the millions of public servants sacked from their posts under the pretext of PUBLIC INTERESR. That said, the marooned general. Who is presumably not sufficiently aware of his vulnerability or the well-set trap ahead of him, in which he is setting foot now, made no sign of his intention to work out, have in place or develop anything similar to the mechanism of truth and reconciliation by drawing on the post-apartheid South African paradigm .unaware that any thing less than that wouldn’t find buyers or admirers,{ Whether the long-time key-post holders and the old guard remained in their posts or not.}.Because the innocent millions killed in cold blood and the billions illegally embezzled are so fresh in the memory of the Sudanese people, that no single party or institution, local or international could forgive on their behalf. Therefore the regime's tactics of flat denial and its attempts to wash its hands and shuffle free of any degree of accountability by naively trying to capitalize on the traditional short memory of the Sudanese people should be abandoned. No body should ever assume that the ethnic segregation the leaving predatory politicians unleashed was an unintended policy; rather it was a conscious policy which the disputes it triggered are increasingly proving inextinguishable? {they were openly calling for the annihilation and ethnic-cleansing of some indigenous groups –and now they ended up having All Sudanese tribes at logger ######### with one another ???}I always held negative views when commenting on the romantic policies of this dying tyranny and its inapplicable perceptions judging by those in command{they were the wrong people in the wrong place in the wrong time}.. Sadly enough, the unfolding evens constantly gave credit to all that I said and wrote earlier .Nothing lasts forever...a fact the departing hawkish elements became increasingly aware of..So they decided to wrap the whole responsibility of all their heinous crimes throughout the last 25 years around the neck of the same scapegoat whom they glued on top of their ready-made coup in 1989 making him the commander of the national salvation revolution?? Who do they think they are fooling? I don’t think if what was announced could be termed as change or anything of the sort. but what I am dead sure of is that it is well below bar, because broad sections of the ordinary Sudanese people who have no business in politics want fundamental change which brings about stability, peace and equal citizenship in an inclusive country after taking to law those who were so recently had no regard for human life to extent of shooting to kill their fellow country men and women {in their own words??} therefore if there were no other worthwhile compromise. Then it is fair to say that Sudanese masses have every right to get these criminals off their shoulders. Because peace would never be a done-deal so long as those who were behind all our tragedies and had their fingers on almost every aspect of our life since 1989 were the ones who set its rules and require others to play by those rules in a one-sided match the victor in which is known well before the kick-off..
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