Sudan’s immediate priority is not meddling in Egyptian internal affair

Sudan’s immediate priority is not meddling in Egyptian internal affair

09-02-2013, 10:14 PM


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Title: Sudan’s immediate priority is not meddling in Egyptian internal affair
Date: 09-02-2013, 10:14 PM

Sudan’s immediate priority is not meddling in Egyptian internal affairs
2013-08-21 18:00:00
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Sudan, as a country, is blessed with all the essential resources to make it one of the world’s most prosperous countries. All it needs is a responsible leadership faithful to freedom, social justice, and equality, democratically-elected, supportive, reliable, capable and transparent institutions. E.g. a strong democratically-elected parliament, truly independent judiciary system, free unshackled press, independent civic movement and a vibrant private sector that functions on fairly completive basis. But the saddening reality is that what we had since independence in 1956, and still have; in Sudan is the complete opposite. Particularly when the now ruling racist cabal seized power through a military coup in 1989 justifying their unlawful action of overthrowing the democratically-elected government, by saying they wanted to restore order, curb the total deterioration and bring about PEACE AND STABILITY? The harvest of their ruthless rule for 24 years in row yielded the separation of the country’s richest region {south Sudan} the civil war worsened to cover almost all Sudan claiming millions of innocent civilians caught up between the countless warring factions, millions were displaced in their own country, basic services collapsed {Sudan is the only country on this planet where people have to pay taxes against their will, and receive no services at all in return?} Public sector projects no longer exist, public money and the huge revenues of tons and tons of gold and oil shipments simply disappeared..Either having been channelled in private accounts or used to purchase deadly weapons to kill brothers-in-the-homeland under the pretext of keeping order?? Ironically enough, the recent floods called off the deafening and incessant bluff of development and infrastructure projects and the fuss made about them by the regime’s top officials who should from now on shut up ,now that their prayers of making war-torn Sudan a super-power state went unanswered. Because half of the country is virtually under water now, thousands of homes were s washed a way; millions of disaster-stricken people are living under ramshackle roofs [let alone their equally devastated livelihoods?}As a result of there being no decent sanitation or drainage systems ,even in the capital city Khartoum, despite the boring and nerve-racking repetition in the local media of the achievements of the construction firms owned by ministers to which the erection of infrastructure and so-called development projects were exclusively entrusted ? but the biggest worry of all is that political observers sensed that Dr turabi was still the one setting the tone and directing the compass of the now-not-under-command regime{rallies were staged by the regime in support of the ousted Muslim brotherhood president of Egypt??} instead of mitigating the suffering of the people of Sudan in their hour of need ??????????In other words we are stepping back in square 1 again. And that means our regime’s relation are not grounded in mutual respect and interest with other countries, which means that the regime learnt nothing from its ill-advised siding of Iraq in the gulf-war, the failed assassination - attempt of the ex-president of Egypt Mubarak and the most recent turning back of the chartered presidential jet from the Saudi aero space ,{which had onboard the president and his retinue on their way to Iran to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new president there . the regime of Sudan should remember the Islamic commandment which says{god holds a person responsible to the extent of his capacity only} so they should rise up to the terrible challenge s ahead and try to solve the total lawlessness which is steadily becoming clearer and the catastrophe of tribal wars which are looming ever closer . bearing in mind that it is in dire need to mend its distorted and stained image on the regional and global levels alike . after waking up from its dream of exporting its paradigm which failed to materialise at home ..Before all doors slam shut, because the visiting Egyptian foreign minister had a meaningful stop-over in south Sudan as well..When the selected members of our rubberstamp parliament were calling for his arrest alleging him of committing crimes against humanity which i guess will provoke disbelieving amusement in the ICC head-quarters and the world over.