Fading Cries of the Sick Wolf

Fading Cries of the Sick Wolf

12-07-2017, 07:15 AM

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Title: Fading Cries of the Sick Wolf
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 12-07-2017, 07:15 AM

06:15 AM December, 07 2017 Sudanese Online
إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان-
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President Trump made it crystal clear he would move the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. A promise that he had made to the wealthy Zionists tycoons who had supported his campaign for presidency of the United States, However, Mr. President phoned four of his best faithful Arab leaders to inform them about his decision namely:
King Salman Of KSA
King Abdallah of Jordan
Prince Mohammed Ben Zayed of UAE
President Al Sisi of Eygpt

Most of these stooges knew their given roles already, first is to keep deadly quiet for the time being till the sounds of the sick wolf fade away.

However, King Abdallah of Jordan was given an extra task by visiting President Erdogan of Turkey who was the first to draw the warning line. King Abdallah’s visit was meant to throw the ball into the Turkish field while the big shots of the Arab leaders enjoined their eternal silence with throwing shy objections meant to deceive their local public.

What had interested me this time, were the empty cries of the Palestinian leaders which ranges from:
a)The peace process will be dead
b)There will be an intifada among the Muslim and Arab youth
c)The United States will be isolated
d) We will take the issue to the international court…..etc…..etc

Let me examine these empty slogans of the FATAH leaders one by one…!
The peace process was already dead when their leader, the late Yasser Arafat agreed to deliver all the weapons of the FATAH resistance movement to the UN. Every rookie diplomat in the world knows that there is no such peace movement between the Israelis and The Palestinians. The Israelis refused the process over and over. For something to die, it has to be alive first….!!!

The best Intifada was the first one, which popped up spontaneously by the Palestinian youth without the intervention of their leaders. Believe me, if the Palestinian youth goes into an Intifada, then later on, the security personnel, which would stand to foil it would be the Palestinian police force, which cooperates openly with the Israelis to keep calm the status quo. Abu Mazen and his political and security apparatus were under the American and Israeli payroll. Nothing more than the usual demonstrations in some countries of the Arab and Muslim world which raise the same old solgans heard since 1948 and on
…By the soul, by the blood…we…

In countries with the faithful relation with USA and Israel, like Saudi Arabia, UAE. Ofcourse, no demonstrations would be allowed anyway….!! In other countries, after each demonstration, the American and the Israeli flag will be burnt….So what….؟؟؟؟؟؟

The say that the US will be isolated is really a ridiculous gesture from Arab and Muslim leaders who were gathered at the beginning of this year in Riyadh to show their utmost support to President Trump….!!! The latter returned to the US with a hefty amount of money and political support and delightly went on TV shows to boast openly how he was able to siphon Arab money by the billions to the American treasury.

Moreover, the often cry of the Palestinian leaders to take Israel to the International Court was meant to be an empty bluff said since the beginning of this century without any action to support it. No one in the Arab world would believe this bluff could have been turned into action. Abu Mazen is the first Palestinian to safeguard Israeli leaders from being taken to the ICC. I wonder, why we keep on saying over and over slogans we do not have the guts to achieve…..!! Abu Mazen and other Palestinian leaders were among the wealthy Arab citizens in the Middle East with companies that invest billions of dollars in the area including Israel….!!!؟؟؟؟؟؟؟!!!!
If we were really serious about protecting our land and holy sites, we could have started a meaningful boycott of the American goods like MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Kentucky Fried, Starbucks,….etc… A move which could have been declared by imams during Friday prayers….! A move if put into action and succeeded would be a deterrent for other nations, which were tempted to follow USA. The Philippine, for example, generates billions of dollars form the Middle East labor market, if not dealing with them commercially would have stopped them from following US steps. The mere fact that everyone in the world knows about Arabs and Muslims is that we always raise empty slogans and when it comes into action, we are all the fifth column. Wealthy Arabs are not ready to change their spoiled style of life which relies on having American fast foods, driving American cars, having Philippine maids in their homes, ...etc.. When it comes to boycott these simple demands, they are not ready to give the slightest sacrifice...!! That is why the Quran spells quite clearly these are the most hypocritical human beings on Earth. While, when you read their newspapers and listen to their talks on media, you get the impression that these people are ready to give their souls to any Islamic cause...!!!