Reflections of the Nights and thoughts of the mornings by Dr. @MohamedSMYassin on the SPLM-Ns

Reflections of the Nights and thoughts of the mornings by Dr. @MohamedSMYassin on the SPLM-Ns

10-18-2017, 05:08 PM


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Title: Reflections of the Nights and thoughts of the mornings by Dr. @MohamedSMYassin on the SPLM-Ns
Author: Mohamed Yassin
Date: 10-18-2017, 05:08 PM

05:08 PM October, 18 2017

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It is sad, weird and ugly that some comrades reduced the vision of the SPLM to the SPLM-N standing for North, as a compromise. Its adaptation it was bitterly adopted in unaccomplished and ambutated process of disengagement. Subsequently, similar wrong transformational or self-claimed reform path is imposed becoming New reality, thus reducing the indication of N standing for the North or the Non-liberated Sudan to an N for Nuba in a limited vision of Nuba as Nation or limited Nationalism under the sacre-saint principle of self-determination, which is legitimate and should be inclusive, not exclusive collective exercise accredited with consensus without limitation to tiny and limited geographies. Behind this mess are the classical foes and enemies of the Mother Movement SPLM which originally called for New Sudan and supposed to stick to this vital vision, but ironically at a certain juncture opted to cope with only limited liberated territories and unclear and non demarcated geographies, some of which left in limpo-dilemma. Briefly, those who are standing behind this N are explicitly and implicitly clear and evidently reflected in some pseudo-splm partners and wearers of SPLM robes, possible mentioning could be the Nuba National Party, the National Islamist (Congress and Congress plus a third congress and National Chameleons). I have nothing against the tribes but some reservations on the destructive tribalism, however, tt should be exemplary clear that the New Sudan Vision and Project can neither be hijacked through ethnic coup nor through strong weapons, rather than solid and robust believe in its sounded and deep principles and ethics and values. It is crystal clear that this situation will not last for long as long as those foes assimilated in narrow-sighted tribalism as distorted nationalism fueled by functioning policies of divide-to-rule are latent at the corner.

Reflections of the Nights and thoughts of the mornings. @MohamedSMYassin