Moments of Ecstasy or Bewilderment

Moments of Ecstasy or Bewilderment

09-14-2017, 08:18 AM


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Title: Moments of Ecstasy or Bewilderment
Author: محمد التجاني عمر قش
Date: 09-14-2017, 08:18 AM

08:18 AM September, 14 2017

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Moments of Ecstasy or Bewilderment
Mohamed Tijani Gush

Sometimes you find yourself in a very strange situation. This may occur at home, at the work place or anywhere else! You may be alone, with your family or in a big crowd. You may not be doing anything, or not engaged in any activity nonetheless you feel preoccupied with unknown nagging thoughts. In this case, your mind might be oscillating unrealistically! Different pictures will come to your memory, some of which are quite gloomy and excruciating, while others are soothing and pleasing to the extent that you cry and smile simultaneously. This is so unusual, yet it is likely to be the case with many of us, particularly those who have been detached from their community or homeland; thus, they do not show any emotional involvement or interest in a situation. Such moments are so intense and exciting for poets and other talented people. However, they may be of overwhelming intellectual and psychological impact; because a person in such a situation may suddenly be in a direct confrontation with his inner emotions and thoughts that unexpectedly become manifest. These are moments of realization for the genius; otherwise, they may be moments of ecstasy or bewilderment!