Sheikh Donald Trump Preaches Muslims

Sheikh Donald Trump Preaches Muslims

05-21-2017, 05:04 PM


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Title: Sheikh Donald Trump Preaches Muslims
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 05-21-2017, 05:04 PM
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06:04 PM May, 21 2017

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إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان-
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It is really a sad day in the history of the Middle East to witness such event in the heart of the Muslim World. I believe, it is the worst turn-out of events for any human being to sit down and listen to this unethical ignorant vulgar speaks about history, honor and dignity.

- Here is a man who speaks openly about female private parts and gives advice in how to grab women from these parts to media!!!

-He mentioned that every believer in every religion should feel guilty when a terrorist kills an innocent soul. I do not condone terrorism but Sheikh Trump will never admit that his own country under his own Republican Party invaded two Muslim countries and millions of innocent souls were killed under a false assumption of presence of weapons of mass destruction or fighting terrorism. The massacre is still going on and not a single word of apology were offered to the victims.

-It is your country’s army interference in the internal affairs of other countries during the course of history that have created all these upheavals and terrorist adventures. I wish you have the guts to admit it and come up with a real deep solution. It is the AMERICAN ARMY who trained Al Qaeda fighters!!!!!

-He insulted Muslims openly during his campaign and vows to prevent them from coming to America. He banned the other poor Muslim countries while he intentionally allowed countries which have the potential to be milked by his government or by his own private companies. Though most people who committed nine eleven act came from the countries he is embracing right now. No wonder your values are embedded into materialist endeavors.
-Most of the American army and its bases are located within the heart of the Muslim world from Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, West Africa …….etc. If you really believe in democracy, you should allow and encourage the people of these countries to have a say in choosing their own governments or whether to agree on your armies presence into their backyards.
–You embrace such autocratic leaders and dictators like Sisi who came by a coup against a democratically elected government. Your CIA works diligently with open monetary resources to overthrow countries like Venezuela,….etc. I doubt such bright ideas of freedom and morals to stand with the populous societies of the world in quest to achieve a decent way of life, would have never cross your self-centered, greedy thinking.

-I wish you own the dignity to and the courage to tell the Israelies about their own openly terrorist acts against a weak population who do not own the same armada of weapons that your country provides. I am absolutely sure that you would put on your head that little skullcap and pray with them in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. You will never dare to mention a whisper about the daily killing of Palestinians but the usual rhetoric about victimizing the victim.

-After your prayers at the Wailing Wall, You will be glad to offer the in-laws, the Zionists more free sophisticated weapons to continue their onslaught of Gaza and the west Bank Palestinians. The Arabs paid 400 billion dollars which is more than enough for the job.

-Sheikh Trump spoke about history!! Well the leaders who came to listen to your bullies came from proud nations of African, Arabs, and Asians who are the owners of their lands since the beginning og history. Your America used to belong to another people who were wiped out by your fellow white citizens!!!
-The proposed Centre for fighting terrorism would engage in silencing any opposition to the American policies and against your royal bankrollers …! Anyone who dares to criticize or honorable Muslim scholars would end to be silenced forever….!

In 2009, President Obama stood in Cairo ِAmerican University and promised us. A two state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians!!! In his euphoric address, he forgot that the Zionists hold the nuts and bolts of the American decision-making system. Your in-laws, Sheikh Trump....!!!

I am afraid in your fiasco attempt to bring a solution for The Middle East problem; you would end up suggesting for the Palestinians small little scattered pieces of land which is exactly what the Zionists want it to be under their immortal domain.

I wish there are people who could believe in one single word of your utterance other than your royal audience….! Enough is enough….! Even the royalties would not be eligible for a refund of part of the dough you had collected….!!!