The Two Jamaicans and Islamic Terrorism

The Two Jamaicans and Islamic Terrorism

03-24-2017, 01:15 PM


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Title: The Two Jamaicans and Islamic Terrorism
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 03-24-2017, 01:15 PM
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12:15 PM March, 24 2017 Sudanese Online
إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان-
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I chose the above title, not to discriminate about Jamaicans in general, but to highlight their social struggle which was unfortunately associated with Islamic terrorism as the phrase used by western media. Instead of dealing with the plight of these poor folks separately, they found themselves engaged in another religious cause which was seen as detrimental to the western way of life.

The first one is Richard C. Reid who is a British citizen of a Jamaican origin born in England on August, 1973. Richard was a criminal born to a father who is a career criminal, but it was claimed that during his jail term, he was converted to Islam. Richard was known as the shoe bomber who tried to bomb American Lines flight 63 which took off Paris to Miami on December 22, 2001.Richard was given by the media the Muslim name of Charles Yagoub. According to his trial of eight counts of terrorism as he tried to lit the explosives he hid into his shoes and I believe he is still spending his jail term in the States. The incident was only about three months after the September 11 incidents. The name Yagoub was singularly emphasized by the media at the time to prove that he is a Muslim with a clear Muslim name. The fact that he is a criminal and a drug addict was not of any interest. The latter facts might definitely contradict with being an extremist Muslim who is ready to die in an Islamic cause....!! I tried to look for his record in the net and I found no trace of the name Charles Yagoub which was mentioned at the time.In London bombings last week, another man who is a British with also a criminal record committed a terrorist act that end up killing 5 people including a policeman in front of the British Parliament. His name was not declared unless after more than twenty four hours after the incident. On the second day the Muslim name of Khalid Masood was given to him. He is also a criminal and a drug user with the real name of Adrian Russell. The real christian name was made public on the third day of the incident. Besides, the details of him being converted to Islam were sketchy. It the same situation of Richard Reid where no detailed information was given as to when he embraced Islam to the extent that that he is ready to die as a martyr for a religion that he might have not understand its basic ideas.....!!

The latter is the real question that every Muslim would like to find an answer for. This does not mean to exclude some Muslims from committing acts of terrorism. Terrorism happens from all ethnic backgrounds but to highlight it on a certain religion is not acceptable. Using other terms as a criminal case or a hatred crime or other soft terminology would not be helpful.Since the reputation of our sacred beliefs was being tarnished by these drug-addicted criminals irrespective of their origin, we have the right to know more in each case. Why European and USA would like to distance themselves according to the religious background of the terrorist. I noticed in the case of Richard and Adrian, the fact that they are converts to Islam were emphasized not their nationalities or ethnic background. This approach had left Muslims singled out intentionally with the new American laws that targeted only Muslims of certain countries. Those Muslims with the oil resources where the tycoons businesses exist (like Trump) were spared...!

Most Muslims are baffled by the organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Nusra, ...etc. I wish those who had helped training and creating these monsters would come and admit their part instead of using them as a pretext of fighting these monsters with the intent to change the demographic composition of the countries surrounding the State of Israel.

The saga of terrorism would continue to drag on for a long time, since it had hidden agendas and no country would like to discuss its real roots. As long as it is used to criminalize Muslims in particular and to scare the citizens of Europe and America to the extent to drive them to vote for a far right political party and to use it as a scare craw for the weak leadership of the Middle East countries. It remains as long as it is paying to those who thrive on milking the world's resources, whether financially or politically. I see no end on the horizon but my advise for Muslims is to get their heads wet for extra bald shaves,,,,!!!

Any terror incident becomes a dramatic TV show, where false assumptions were aired intentionally to support the idea of Islamic terrorism. Gradually, small doses of the true details were aired in the following four days so as not to spoil the first political rhetoric of the far right politicians. These two gentlemen are British citizens born in a country where they were treated to be less than half humans. The whole affair is meant to pass the blame to Islam and Muslim countries. First. the British would wash their hands from the hidden ugly discrimination problem that flourishes in their societies. Secondly, it serves the far right political plea to demonize Islam. Thirdly, it might be used as a pretext to sue rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia in the future. IT IS A BRITISH PROBLEM...!