Prosperous Future of Sudan

Prosperous Future of Sudan

05-05-2016, 07:29 AM


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Title: Prosperous Future of Sudan
Author: Nasir Alaagib
Date: 05-05-2016, 07:29 AM

07:29 AM May, 05 2016

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By:Nasir Alaagib Alarbab
We always see our country with blind eyes only, forgetting the fruitful future of this wonderful great country, this is done by the majority of us as Sudanese people.
However, we just look behind the miserable windows of pessimistic thoughts towards the future of this great country, but for how long will we stay thinking about these contrary ideas with surrender.
Some scholars form an early age predicted that Sudan will be prosperous, if its regional strife and conflicts have been resolved. Others foretold that, Sudan would be better one day in achieving the old sayings(The world's food basket) indicating the endless natural wealth which more rich countries don’t have, Thus, for how long these optimistic allegations will be true.
Another political analyst claims that, there are developmental schemes every day, new bridges, tarmac roads everywhere. It is easy to travel from one Sudanese region to another. Cash crops, electricity became available in the faraway villages and towns, Communication Technology, you can talk with your father who stays in) Hawaiian Islands (easily, using different available technological devices.
Other writers said, Sudan will become the leader of the African and Arab world if its huge natural resources and agricultural lands in use. It is high time to overcome the obstacles and make astrategic development and social reconciliations and complacency.
Last but not least, I am not going to exaggerate if I say that Sudan will override all these Obstacles and will be prosperous and happy forever.

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Title: Re: Prosperous Future of Sudan
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 05-06-2016, 05:23 AM
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Mr. Nasir
No doubt, the country is full of natural resources and it is promising for sure. It is the leadership which causes havoc and misery on the country and its inhabitants. Our army, which is supposed to guard our borders and defend our way of life, had turned against us in bloody encounters ....! Since our independence on January 1956, the army staged three successful coups to foil fully elected governments. Besides, more than ten failed attempts to capture power...! Out of the sixty years since our independence, the army had ruled us for 49 years which is 82% of the time. Our army had never engaged into a battle against a foreign country and as far as I remembered it was humiliated by the Chadian army during their border conflicts about twelve years ago. How do you expect from such an army to be lenient on its people!
If our political parties were ethical in contending through peaceful democratic means to rule the country, we would have been among countries like India, Brazil, Turkey .....etc! Unfortunately, we were plagued by the so called Islamic movement which had screwed in the last nail on the coffin of our economic and political being.....!!!!! If they were damn honest among themselves, why they keep getting rid of their leaders from time to time. Their corruption was unaccounted for in any underdeveloped country in the whole wide World! Every Sudanese was aware of their high rise buildings which they had milked from the sweat of the poor Sudanese people. Moreover, the assets they own in countries like Malaysia, Turkey, UAE besides fat bank accounts which were monitored and run by their siblings.
How could a dishonest greedy leadership maintains a healthy run of the economy and no wonder, the dollar keeps jumping over 14 Sudanese pounds and it is the same problem which they claimed to fix in 1989....! Inflation had impacted, not only on the low income group of the country, but on the middle class which is poorer than any time since our independence in 1956...!
Have you ever noticed the amount of people who exist( not live) by collecting pieces of bread from the strayed garbage bags in every street of our Capital.....! Have you ever come to know a grieved poor mother who had lost her dear son who had been shot by the army for simply going out to demonstrate against the regime....!
How could anyone who owns a simple shred of honesty supports such a regime that preys on the poor people of Sudan.....!!
Yes! Sudan is rich and promising but the leadership stinks.....!