Who is Who

Who is Who

03-09-2016, 08:53 AM

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Title: Who is Who
Author: السر حاج يوسف الحساني
Date: 03-09-2016, 08:53 AM

07:53 AM March, 09 2016

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One may think why being registered nine years ago in this forum, while yet only this is the second thread to share in this brilliant platform. However, something massive kept me to continuously watch around and keep as a keen reader.

Briefly, graduated in field of Economic and Political Sciences, U of K, 1991, known as a poet. I’ve had well appraised translations made to a number of famous classics.

Before undergoing a recent successful open-heart surgery in Saudi Arabia, I was upon leaving my works to be under custody of my colleagues and family. However, while gathering around me at the hospital cheering my safety, a communal decision was made to get my ‘heritage’ introduced to public. Thus a forecast published editions of my poetry, articles and other narratives will be during the current years Insha Allah.

I’m glad to start now posting in this staggering forum and expose my opinions in different issues.

When people talk, non-deliberately they introduce themselves!