President Obama in touch with Family but out of touch with Realities

President Obama in touch with Family but out of touch with Realities

08-09-2015, 03:42 AM


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Title: President Obama in touch with Family but out of touch with Realities
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 08-09-2015, 03:42 AM

04:42 AM Aug, 09 2015
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President Obama in touch with Family but out of touch with realities

It is the third time, President Barak Obama insisted to talk about gay rights to an African head of state. It began in Senegal, Uganda and now in Kenya! As if this is the urgent issue that African people is in need nowadays. The issue really indicates either this Obama is far away from what the World needs or he might be shuffling the cards in favor for a certain lobby which want the World to be busy with such unimportant stories.
President Obama remarks came in time where black Americans suffer a crystal clear onslaught from an imposed white-dominated security system that is involved in in a systematic silent genocide to any threatening race to their American empire. Any wise reporter or a journalist would have expected Obama to shed some comments about the latest mistreatment of an African American lady activist in Texas from the law enforcement unit and her saddened demise in her prison cell. It would have been more credible to the African population and the rest of the world to hear something that would denounce the ugly realities within the American society rather talking in senseless issue like the gay rights in Africa.
I really feel sorry about the African American ordeal and their resistance against an unjust treatment that began long time ago starting from the slave trade two centuries ago up to the horrible treatment from a security system that is well entrenched within a single ethnic race that dominates the life of the civil society in America. The racial discrimination is institutionalized within all the government hierarchy from the top to the bottom of the American government. A naive look from an outsider would only focus on the high standard of living of an American citizen as compared to other citizens of the World and this is how the majority would like it to be seen to any outsider. However, abundance of goods should never justify the true aspirations of minorities within a society. Besides, the number of crimes committed by a certain group or race should not justify the infringe of the dominant ethnic race on the helpless other minorities. This is the crux of the American problem not gay, women rights or outside terrorism as the tightly-controlled media outlets would like it to be seen.
After each incident where a black person was shot to death, there are some demonstrations from black folks where I witness some clashes with the local police force or might considered bringing the National Guard to assume order to a fragile unjust society! The National Guard would called after the intentionally-let-go robbing on some local businesses in order to justify the horrible misconduct of the police onslaught. Some nicely-dressed priests or reverends would jump into the wagon by well-orchestrated somber talks preaching forgiveness and trying to soothe and patch bleeding wounds. I almost came to memorize the reverends names from a well-known list: Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson,….etc. Even President Obama talk is very shy when he asked citizens for calm after admitting there are racial cracks that need to be fixed. The whole talks either from black leaders; Obama or the American media campaign would give the impression that nothing could have been done! As if everybody should accept the issue as is. Or they usually say: It is America love it or leave it!
President Obama would more credible to us, we Africans, if he would have dealt with this racial discrimination in his own country, saving us from fake demand of gay rights. Mr. President, what about your own black caucus rights. The rights of the people who have voted you twice as president! Charity starts at home…!!
The same approach, President Obama had followed over the Palestinian issue. Instead of dictating a solution to the nagging problem of the world, he chose to shy away from a just solution which he could have imposed on both sides. It is quite clear that Obama had caved to the strong Zionist lobby that made him withdrew his initial ministers and advisers within six months from assuming office in his first presidential term. He proved to be a lame duck that quacks only in Africa and the Middle East! I wonder if people still remembered the Euphoria when he first elected as the first black president to the strongest country on earth. All of those hopes had withered away even before him leaving office.

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Title: Re: President Obama in touch with Family but out of touch with Realities
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 09-17-2015, 05:51 AM
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The recent arrest of Ahmed Mohammed the sudanese teen, who invented a clock which was thought initially as a bomb, is a clear example of what I had outlined above. The kid proudly took his invention to his school to show it to his teacher who later called the police to arrest him, again this issue supports my claim that racial discrimination is alive and being nurtured by the local judicial authorities which is completely under certain powerfull ethnic groups. President Obama is helpless to deal with this real issue other than making a media stunt action to absorb the growing anger within all the minorities in the american society. Besides, what was done to the officer who arrested the black woman who lost her life in the jail because of a minor traffic violation. The incident was considered as a suicide but was there a real through investigation done to the whole problem! Everybody watched the video had seen how the white officer had misused his power to detain the black woman activist!!! Had anyone heard of what happened to that police officer or what is the outcome of the investigation being done. Does the media had questioned what President Obama could have done other than giving some soothing words to condole the powerless minority groups !!!
The real problem is that racial discrimination is deeply institutionaled within the American justice system. Unless something is done about this real cause, we will witness many manfistations like this every now and then. As I outlined above, Mr. President' s inability to fight the problem. made him adopt other side issues in Africa and in the rest of the world. While, a direct head collision with the powefull ethnic races which dominates the justice system will be often avoided by sideline stunts.