11-12-2014, 07:37 PM


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Title: Remembering
Author: Mohamed Yousif
Date: 11-12-2014, 07:37 PM


I hope, in Durban, to join your seaside walk.
Saddened, and, mostly silent, with emotion,
Not interrupting the majestic symphonies of the Ocean.
I hope to have my place reserved by your side.

To walk up to THABA BOSIU holding your hand
To observe the Kingdom in the sky,
And to observe the magnificent mountains of Lesotho
With their Streams twisting down
Creating a heavenly silvery shades,
Embracing colourful flowers that seem within reach.

And hand in hand we slip in the night ,
To watch the Ocean roaring up the beach,
And the glittering lights of the waiting Ships
Like a city beyond the Ocean.

To go to Sun City and buy Tokens for children games !
To register all in our brains,
And none in the Camera, I hoped otherwise !

To visit the shops and EDGARS on the top !
And go round the WHEEL to HUB
And pay a visit to CNA
To mingle with books of all sorts.

Phe-Zulu we climbed
Almost touching the Sky,
To meet the descendant of Shaka Zulu,
And to observe a day in the life of the Zulu.

Down the narrow twisting lane
We made our way,
To the Zulu Kraal,
Overlooking the valley of thousand hills.
At the center of the Kraal
The pounding of drums,
And Sangoma performing his skill,
Filled us with mystery and fascinations.

We sat watching Nogma dancers,
And their songs igniting the rhythm of Africa
Deep into us.
And soon we became part of them.

It is an honour to be in Mandela land
Amandla Ngawethu..!..He Made it real.
Really I am glad,
I would love to repeat every moment in his land.

I enjoyed Fiddler on the roof,
And through Natal Orchestra melody
My sadness washed away,
Compensating moments of silly talk.

Waiting to exhale
Was a wonderful film.
Through Whitney melodies
We had the chance to exhale.

We had a nice tour
To all places we been to before,
During those lovely ten days,
We came to know.

Saying good-bye was tough on me
I felt like being cut off from life.
And an emotional confusion settled in me,
For the parting was intense and sorrowful.
No words spoken ,
For truly love was there before words of expression.
I was full of dejection
And found myself in a state of deprivation.

When you drove away,
I stood still
And I felt pain like Hell.
And the grief was beyond my will.

I dragged myself to the Airport Hall, aimless,
And a cloud of sadness prevailed.
And I realised the growing distance between us,
To make the thousand miles ahead.

South Africa Aug. 96
Mohamed Yousif