Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice ..

Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice ..

07-14-2013, 11:37 AM

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Title: Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice ..
Author: Mohd Ibrahim
Date: 07-14-2013, 11:37 AM

Arabic is so good and I can explain my self better with it but I feel like I am not getting along with Arabic culture ..So decided to switch .
My daughter help me a lot because picked English as first language .I am still have no confident in writing or talking in English but decided
to give it a try ...I would to see English language in same rank of Arabic in Sudan ..I feel like Arabic culture is limiting us to a certain knowledge
and behavior ..I was seeing this forum for long time and each time I am telling my self ..Ok I will try it next time till today I made my mine ..So many
thing I want to discuss , share and understand I feel talking in english can help to use the beauty to express my self my problem and my thoughts ...
I am awful at spelling and make some grammatical mistakes ..I don't mine to stand corrected since it is in a nice and kindly manner ....I do not from where
I should start but seems I already start to like it ... I will start with my dreams BIG DREAMS ..See you soon

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Title: Re: Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 07-14-2013, 03:46 PM
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Dear Mohammed
It is a very encouraging step to adopt another language particularly English. Though I disagree with you regarding the limitations of the Arabic culture and language. To know other cultures and languages will definitely open new horizons and increase your knowledge. A well-educated human being is the one who opens his/her mind to other cultures, languages and traditions. You may be surprised if you come to know the historical effect of the Arabic culture and language on the English language and literature. I studied English literature since high school, I clearly witnessed how great British scholars like Shakespeare. Bernard Shaw. Elliot,...etc had adopted the ways of the ancient Arab poets. Actually, Professor Abdallah Al Tayeb, the known Sudanese scholar, wrote his Ph.D thesis on the effect of the Arabic culture on the English literature and language. I would like to give you a piece of advice before you take your first step towards considering other languages and cultures, is to never downgrade the contributions of other nations and people. Culture and knowledge have been built on all humans contributions and by no means limited to a certain race or a group. Furthermore, the first traces of the early human civilization started in Africa that is were we came from , dear Mohammed !!!! The Arabic Muslim culture was initiated by translating from other previous cultures like the Greek. Indo-Chinese, Aramaic, ...etc. The English or the western culture would have never seen the light if the Arabs would have not gone to Spain. In Northern Spain , where the English and European scholars used to learn the Arabic language and literature.
Finally, civilizations come and go but the human cultures and traditions stay for future generations to come!!!!

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Title: Re: Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice
Author: Asma Abdel Halim
Date: 07-15-2013, 04:08 AM
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Dear Mohamed Ibrahim
Just a note to add to what Abdelaziz wrote above
I do not think that there is one language that is better than the other. Language is a medium of communication; this is why one's language is the best medium to express one’s culture. Mustafa Kamal Atatürk had the same idea you have now, he decided that Muslim Arabs are backward and a change would help Turkey move on and shed the Ottoman Empire image, despite the fact that the Ottoman's had never adopted Arabic but chose the Arabic alphabet to write Turkish. Decades later the Turkish traditions remained and the only change seen is writing Turkish with latin letters.
Of course the Turkish military establishment still thinks that staying away from the Arabs would keep them civilized, not that I blame them for such a thought, but I think it is the wrong idea..Turks continue their traditions and they will do so no matter what language they speak or what fonts they choose.
Translations have made us one world. The pace of translation from and to Arabic is faster now than it was when the Arabs hit the books centuries ago. You may read a book in one language today and another tomorrow. One problem with Arabic is that it is among the most difficult languages in the world, that may be one reason why there are few learners of it from other countries..
You may wonder then why some of us writing on this board have declared their desertion of the Arabic board?
Many of us decided against the Arabic board due to the standard of many posts and how members treat each other. Arabic has nothing to do with our rudeness and viciousness. This post may easily turn into an English language vulgarity if we want to. Further some of the original speakers of English may turn your stomach with their rudeness and vulgarity. So choose your words carefully whether you are writing in English or Arabic, writing in any language is fraught with difficulties.
stay well

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Title: Re: Hi Guys ... I just decided to make English my first languag choice
Author: Mohd Ibrahim
Date: 07-17-2013, 09:33 AM
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Dears Asma and Ibrahim ,
Thank you for your input .I feel like I was not able to express my self well but what I mean I do respect all human
cultures including Arabic culture but after living more than 20 years in Arabic world I still feel like this not my real
culture .In fact I do not go a long with so many things on it .The unique thing about Arabic , it is a complete heritage
including religion,attitude , customs , traditions and even skin color .We as a Sudanese are really different although
some of us does not precept this and still trying hard to coop and I have seen the great effect happen in our society
within last years after adopting many things from Arab world into Sudanese culture through the huge Arabic media
but in fact we are a way to be considered as Arabs and if we continue this way we will loose our identity and end up
as distorted nation .In my opinion one of the great reasons why we are a way back behind all nations because of
this identity problem .We need to face our self and pick the right choices for us as individuals , families and a nation.
We are a human being and have the right to adopt any other human culture since it fits with our needs and embrace
our dreams.There was so many great cultures in our ancient Sudanese history the current adopted culture which we
were "driven to" by a political order need to be re-considered.The gab of the language has effected the knowledge
of many middle class generation .Translation from English to Arabic has limited the generation sight depending on
translator point of view .Sudanese in Sudan are so isolated from out side world .They hate every thing comes from west .
Talking English in Khartoum streets is so odd.English rating in Government premises is almost zero In this Global era
English language is our key to world knowledge ,learn and interact ,find a new way to express our self .take a better place
in future. I decided to go for this change and start with my self .I am sure this will not effect
me as a Sudanese "NOT Arab".A sudanese who choose to look for better future and brighter world not less or more.