United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army is not part of Juba Peace Agreement on 31/08/2020

United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army is not part of Juba Peace Agreement on 31/08/2020

09-01-2020, 01:23 AM

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Title: United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army is not part of Juba Peace Agreement on 31/08/2020
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 09-01-2020, 01:23 AM

02:23 AM August, 31 2020

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Freedom, Justice, Peace, Democracy.

Our gratitude to Sudanese people in the displacement and refugee camps,
To the revolutionaries of December revolution
To the martyrs of freedom, justice and equality,
To the martyrs of genocide
Shame for those who stole the Sudanese revolution.

Emphasizing on our desire and the desire of the Sudanese people, including displaced persons, refugees, victims of genocide, war crimes, victims of crimes against humanity, and activists of the Sudanese revolution for freedom, justice, peace and democracy.

The Sudan Liberation Movement / Army reiterates its position on the Juba Peace Agreement on 08/31/2020 as follows:

1- Our gratitude goes to the mediation and the people of the Republic of South Sudan for hosting and sheltering the Darfur refugees for almost 2 decades. The republic of South Sudan has become a safe heaven for the victims of war and genocide.

2- The dialogue that led to the peace process is a partial dialogue between the transitional government and the Revolutionary Front. Partial dialogue and closed agreement are restricted only to the participants. They are not comprehensive agreements. This deal has nothing to do with the root causes of the Sudanese crisis and therefore does not lead to a just, fair and comprehensive peace.

3- The Sudanese problem requires comprehensive and holistic solutions. This requires the participation of all parties to the conflict in Sudan, including the peaceful opposition parties, displaced persons, refugees, women and armed movements. This requires an inclusive platform which is the missing link in the Juba deal. Juba agreement is not different from dozens of previous partial agreements that ended up in utter failure.

4- Good will and serious intentions for peace have not been demonstrated by the transitional government. Since the era of the ousted regime, systematic daily violations against defenseless civilians and the daily killings in the Darfur region and the Nuba Mountains continue unabated. Government allied militia the janjaweed continue committing heinous crimes with total impunity.
The transitional government and military council have been signing contracts for military deals to buy tanks, armored vehicles and various other military logistics. Training of military pilots in Ethiopia and building of military airports in both Zuruq and Al-Uwaynat areas, and the opening of new camps for training and recruiting new members of Rapid Support forces indicate nothing but preparation for war and reproduction of the system of oppression, abuse and the deprivation of basic rights.

5- There is a clear demographic change and a remarkable expansion in all conflict areas particularly in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. The demographic change is being managed under the auspices of the transitional government. It is difficult to talk about peace in light of the utter failure to remove the mechanisms and effects of the evil represented by new settlers from other countries, the rapid support force and provision of robust military equipment. New settlers, rapid support force and military provisions are threatening indicators of war and, therefore, represent the main reasons for the lack of international peace and security in Darfur and the entire region.
So, the transitional government has not created a conducive environment that leads to a sincere and lasting peace.

6- Evasion, delay and disguise in handing over the indictees to the International Criminal Court is a projection of bad faith. The transitional government is unwilling to confess the wrongdoings to the victims of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. This is totally unacceptable, provided that the rights of victims of the heinous crimes are being violated for the second time under the so called civilian government by not implementing the will of the victims of genocide to hand over the criminals to international justice.

7- To date, the Security Committee of the ousted regime is still in force. Those who plunder national wealth are in full swing and random exploration continues in North, South, West and Central Darfur. Local criminals and international mafia are operative in this field exploiting natural resources of Sudan. These operations must be dismantled and stopped and the plunder of Sudanese and Darfurian wealth in particular must be terminated.

8- We are reiterating our position regarding the political and constitutional documents between the Forces of Freedom and Change on the one hand and the Transitional Military Council on the other hand. Those documents constitute an axis of evil and are the beginning of the reproduction of the Sudanese crisis. The two documents intentionally ignored the countless fundamentals of the chronic problem in Sudan. The documents fell short in mentioning issues of ending the war, addressing its effects, achieving a just, holistic and comprehensive peace in all parts of Sudan, dismantling the racist state by adopting federal democracy. In the documents, nothing has been mentioned in relation to those indicted by the International Criminal Court.
The documents have neither addressed the right of affirmative action for the people affected by the conflicts nor referred to the expulsion of new settlers and the return of the occupied lands to their original owners. Compensation for refugees and displaced persons has utterly been ignored.
Therefore, United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army is not a party to the partial dialogue and the non-comprehensive agreement on August 31, 2020 in Juba.

United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army supports the people of Sudan to continue peaceful marches and sit-ins as a successful means to bring about the desired change and recover their stolen revolution. They may continue to exercise pressure to achieve the full goals of the revolution by completely overthrowing the remnants of the former regime, liquidating its institutions and security committees, prosecuting its symbols, and achieving the hopes and aspirations of the Sudanese people.

Our gratitude to all Sudanese people, especially in refugee and displacement camps
Freedom for all prisoners of armed movements
Glory and eternity to the martyrs of freedom, justice, peace and democracy,
Speedy recovery for the wounded

Amed Weelingkwe
Secretary of media and the spokesperson
United Sudan Liberation Movement / Army
London 31/08/2020

United Sudan Liberation Movement/Army