Statement of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army

Statement of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army

04-26-2019, 11:11 PM


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Title: Statement of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army
Author: حركة تحرير السودان جناح عبد الواحد
Date: 04-26-2019, 11:11 PM

00:11 AM April, 26 2019

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Beloved people of Sudan be on guard, because your courage and commitment to liberation is being sold out before your very eyes in the most cynical manner, by those who falsely purport to carry the banner of freedom in your name. Together as one, in our desire for the transformation of our long-suffering nation onto the path of true democracy, we will not be fooled. So we must denounce and call out the open betrayal of the people’s revolution taking place at the hands of the Transitional Military Council and those willing to compromise with them for their own gain.

All those who seek an accommodation with the armed forces, that themselves continue to usurp power, to perpetuate their monopoly as collaborators with dictatorship disguised in the colors of democracy, is a disgrace and the height of arrogance, that tramples on the will of the vast majority of the Sudanese people hungry for genuine change.

Many of these corrupt figures are precisely the same compromised political forces that together with the military, solely for their own gain, not the good of the people, long provided the hollow, cosmetic veneer of civil legitimacy to al Bashir’s unholy thirty years of dictatorship that only gave the nation ruination, hunger, fear, oppression and genocide. Now they dare to pretend to speak for the people, they have ignored for so long؟ Where do they imagine this right comes from؟ It is not their right, for having failed the people during three decades of suffering under an unholy alliance of kleptocrat militarist and Islamist fascist demagogues, we will no longer tolerate. To lead the people is instead a privilege and an honor, that must reflect the integrity, truth, devotion and commitment to democracy the people themselves have shown, and it must be earned by keeping faith with the people, as they have not.

The people will not accept cheap political theater, the true vanguard of liberation cannot be mistaken as a caricature of it, as relevant to democracy as al Bashir was. They do not understand that they are yesterdays news and that their time on the national stage has vanished, where their only future is to vanish into obscurity. The people will not allow their quest for freedom to be stolen by these impostors, who are not their champions, any more than they will listen to all those who participated in the false peace negotiations with the fallen regime, as their brothers and sisters were still being killed, tortured and starved, so they could have coins in their pockets, and wear coats and ties and make meaningless statements that bore no relevance to reality. They too are finished but don’t seem to know it. All that matters now is the will of the people that must be respected, the new political forces yet to be shaped , that will build the new democratic structures to come and a new social contract that will mean the government will be “by the people, of the people and for the people.” In this too the leadership of the armed forces would also do well to recognize that their time subjugating the people instead of serving them, is also finished.

While the nation appreciates those in uniform that stood with the people, in particular many in the middle to lower ranks that more closely identify with the people, the generals at the top should recognize that removing al Bashir and some of the others most closely associated with him, is not remotely enough and is understood mostly for what it is, in parallel to the insincere gestures of opportunist politicians, only at best a superficial, symbolic, not true profound change, to give the impression the armed forces have suddenly adopted a democratic vocation. This does not fool us either, when so many key figures in uniform responsible for untold war crimes and horrors in Darfur perpetrated against the people remain unpunished, they merit only one fate, to face justice and atone for their crimes. What they will not be allowed to do, is to still stand with their boots on the necks of the Sudanese people.

The military must also recognize that if it truly will answer the call of the people for freedom, their day as masters of Sudanese society, alongside the NISS which must be disbanded and replaced by a national agency more in keeping with democratic values, that has only crippled, shamed and impoverished the nation, is also over. Thirty years of disaster was quite enough. For the military to restore its own honor, it must step down from power immediately and handover to an interim civilian rule forthwiththat would soon oversee free and fair elections subject to transparent observation and accountability. Only in returning to obeying and being subordinate to civilian authority and cleansing its own ranks of corruption and criminality and implementing greater professionalization and respect for the rule of law and democratic ideals, will the armed forces regain the trust of the people and for the first time become the people’s army.

Thus beloved people of Sudan, when your example of resistance to tyranny is so beautiful to behold, keep making your voices heard and let all those who would deny your aspirations and trample again upon the justice that is your right, understand all the more, you will not be broken, you cannot be lied to again, you recognize deceit and manipulation when you see it, and you will not surrender.

As together we reject the old order and we call for a new plurality of choices and voices to emerge on the national stage to build the democracy we all deserve, we are proud to announce the creation of a new political party committed to the future free Sudan we are shaping together and announce the creation of the Progressive Reform Party, devoted to an inclusive political process for all Sudanese, regardless of gender, ethnicity, regional origin ,faith or creed under the banner of democracy, a liberal and tolerant open society and secularism that will not permit the persecution or oppression of any group and help bring the nation into the 21st Century and leave behind the backward, Medieval, tribal, racist, and religious fanaticism that has oppressed us for too long. By this measure we also urge the formation of a host of other new political parties to revitalize the national dialogue and political process, where again, all the forces of the past that failed the nation and the people so spectacularly, must by legal means and the freedom of choice of one man and one woman and one equal vote, be swept away to the irrelevance they have earned as they are now so clearly obsolete and inadequate to the task of rebuilding the nation, they still shamelessly look to compromise and betray for their own self-interest.

Let them know all the more you will not stand for it, and this house cleaning of the nation will not be confined to only the outside of the house, every room ,every corner of the house and garden of the people must be swept clean now of all the dirt that has accumulated on the soul of the nation and all that blood, all those lies, all those broken promises, must be washed away, so the that the house is habitable and fit for the nation to live in again in dignity and in the garden of the nation, the hope of the people is a seed that will grow into the flowers and the rich harvest of freedom and prosperity and the brighter future the people long for, if we are all willing to wash away the stain together and provide the light and water, the earth of Sudan and its people need to grow and move forward into the lush fields of a new reality, not the desert of hopelessness and fear of the past, we leave behind. Advance Sudan, claim what is yours! Your refusal is your strength. Your honor is your courage. Power to the People!

With all our hearts and devotion

Abdul Wahid al Nur, Chairman of the Sudan Liberation Movement, the officers and soldiers of the Sudan Liberation Army, the students of the PUF, all of our civic allies at home and abroad and the present founding and future members of the Progressive Reform Party.

26/ 04/ 2019