Arab Media Network for Crisis condemns the abduction and detention of journalists and the continued

Arab Media Network for Crisis condemns the abduction and detention of journalists and the continued

02-09-2019, 10:54 PM


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Title: Arab Media Network for Crisis condemns the abduction and detention of journalists and the continued
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 02-09-2019, 10:54 PM

09:54 PM February, 09 2019

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and the continued security control of newspapers

The Arab Media Network for Crisis is deeply regretting the violations committed by the Sudanese authorities on a daily basis by attacking press freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression, in an escalating and simultaneous manner with the events taking place in the country in several Sudanese cities and states demanding the resignation of the president. Or "pre-printing" and confiscation of newspapers after publication, in addition to targeting and criminalizing journalists in their homes and places of work, kidnapping them from the streets, arresting, torturing and assaulting them in the course of their duty.
The Arab Media Network for Crisis monitored the violations carried out by the security apparatus, which reach the level of crimes punishable by law:
First: In a dangerous development armed forces stormed two vehicles on Wednesday 5 February 2019, the headquarters of the newspaper "Aljareedah" without revealing its identity and kidnapped journalist Ali al-Dali and taken him to an unknown location, and the journalist Hussein Saad for a similar incident, Forcing him to go down and arrest him for four days and release him, without reasons.
Two journalists were arrested in the town of Kosti Tariq Ali and in Nyala, journalist Adam Mahdi was arrested in front of the headquarters of the Sudanese News Agency (SUNA) Journalist Sami Abdel Rahman was arrested while performing his duty to cover the demonstrations that broke out on Thursday 31 January 2019. He was released only the following day and journalist Amin Sanada of Port Sudan was arrested. The reporter of Al-Muhajar newspaper in Al-Qudarif Salman Mokhtar was forced to attend three consecutive days before being released after lengthy investigations. The media reporter Muniralzine Abdul Rahman was also detained for hours and released.
While in the jails of the regime there are a group of journalists: Iman Othman, editor of Al-Midan newspaper, and the newspaper Kamal Karrar, Qureshi Awad Musab Mohammed Ali, Tarek Ali, Kosti, Amin Sanaada, Port Sudan correspondent Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim, In the field, Ismail Belal, a broadcaster in the northern state, Adel Ibrahim "Clare" "independent", and director Mohammed Babker "Alakhbar". Omar Gomaa "Independent", Akil Ahmed Smooth "Almustagilah".
Thirdly: In a dangerous development, the Sudanese authorities, represented by the foreign media, "one of the arms of the security apparatus," arrested a number of satellite channel correspondents and the Anatolia News Agency for withdrawing their licenses on 21 January 2019. The decision was made by Sa'd al-Din Hassan, Al-Jazeera Osama Ahmed Sayed "reporter", Ahmed al-Rahid "reporter", Heba Morjan, a journalist for the channel and Badawi Bashir, a photographer of Al-Jazeera direct channel, and the Anatolia news agency Bahram Abdel-Naim "reporter" and Mahmoud Hijaz "photographer."
Two journalists arrested by the Sudanese security services, Suheir Abdel Rahim and Mohamed Abdelmajid, have been suspended as the latest protests began, while Zuhair Sarraj, Osman Shabouna, Salma Tijani and Abdalbaki Al-Zafer remained two long-standing newspapers.
Fourth, newspapers continue to be issued in a bad professional environment under strict security control, whether before, after, or both. The security services target the newspapers Al-Jarida and Al-Teitar directly and almost daily. The newspapers were confiscated almost daily, "For more than (30) times, the most recent on Wednesday February 5, the current nearly 20 times, while the newspapers" Maidan "the mouthpiece of the Sudanese Communist Party (8) times," Baath "Sudanese Baath (6) On 5 February 2019, and the Sudanese National Conference "Toners" 5 times, have been confiscated more than five times over the last five weeks. Al-Akhbar newspaper was also seized on Monday after the security sergeant's approval to print it, but ordered it to be confiscated after publication, hoping to cause financial damage.
These newspapers rejected all attempts to bow down and comply with the wishes of the security guard, who attends the printing press at night to remove the topics related to the news of the protests in defense of the honor of the profession and the commitment to its credibility and national mission. It documents a significant stage in Sudan's history. They resist with all steadfastness and courage to stand and embrace the eyes of readers despite the high costs of printing inputs, poor distribution and the scarcity of advertising used by the Authority as a weapon.
And stepped up its resistance to security control, Al-Jarida newspaper announced its suspension several times and held press conferences at its headquarters, and recently organized a protest in front of the buildings of the security and intelligence apparatus to hand over a memorandum expressing its rejection of censorship. However, the security apparatus responded to the violent standoff with all violence and force. Editor and Chairman of the Board "owner of the newspaper".
The Arab Media Network for Crisis strongly condemns and condemns these violations against journalists from arrest, abuse and torture, preventing them from writing, and withdrawing the license of channel correspondents and news agencies. These procedures are arbitrary and unconstitutional and violate the human rights charters that have been signed and ratified by the Government of Sudan and are supposed to abide by and protect them from Violations of the security apparatus.
The policy of silencing the mouths practiced by the security apparatus is no longer an effective way to hide the facts and beautify the face of the regime. Nor have attempts been made to intimidate and intimidate journalists and prevent them from their constitutional right to perform their professional duties, preventing the writers from writing and confiscating the newspapers on the grounds that they contain topics related to the world's events. In a moment via satellite and multimedia, is useless and will not address a country crisis as it is. Human rights organizations and civil society organizations interested in the field of press freedom, freedom of opinion and expression are calling on Sudanese journalists to be protected in their struggle to liberate freedoms. They also call on journalists inside and outside to be cohesive and escalating. Resistance against the interference of the security apparatus and its arbitrary measures.
Arab Medi Network for Crisis
February 2019