Khartoum Regime Continues its Scorched - earth Policy unabated

Khartoum Regime Continues its Scorched - earth Policy unabated

12-11-2018, 08:55 PM


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Title: Khartoum Regime Continues its Scorched - earth Policy unabated
Author: محمد عبد الرحمن الناير
Date: 12-11-2018, 08:55 PM

08:55 PM December, 11 2018

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It became habitual for Khartoum forces and it's allied militias whenever faced with a humiliating defeats on the battle field by galant and battle hardened fighters of Sudan Liberation Army to retaliate aganist armless innocent civilians by resorting to their cowardly act of scorched - earth policy, in order to claim for themselves pyrrhic victory.on 8th of Dec 2018, Khartoum's forces and it's paratroops Rapid Support Forces ( RSF) militias burned to ashes 16 villages in South Jebel Marra and forced villagers to top hills and inside caves of Jebel Marra in sore humanitarian condition without shelter, food and medicine, facing the harsh chill of winter absolutely with nothing. The burned villages are; Kawar,, Wirah, Bahabouji, Abloutou , Jare, Jangele, Jida Kara , Fusu, Danla, Fugo Dikko, Hilat Omad Fukka, Hilat Alhaj Abdul Khani, Hilat Jalak, Hilat wad Tarrtib, Hilat Koon and Barigo .Accordingly; the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Al Nour would like however to state the followings: -

1- We deplore with strongest words Khartoum' s unscrupulous scorched - eatth policy and genocide aganist civilian population and reafirm Sudan Liberation Movement's fixed position to topple the regime in Khartoum by using all means of resistance available and to take perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity to Hague.

2- We denounce the eerie silence of the International community and it's compliance to the ongoing genocide in Darfur and the collaboration of UNAMID mission, that bcame a tool in the hand of Khartoum by whitewashing its crimes and threatening to impose sanctions on victims of genocide without slightest shame.

3- The Sudan Liberation Movement seizure this opportunity to renew its commitment and determination to continue pursuing its old, renewed but never abandoned principled position of civilian security first until total liberation and will not be derailed an inch from this objective or backdown from the anchored principles of the revolution until achieving total regime change in Sudan, the movement's military and civilian martyrs have not spilled their blood in vain, but for these principles to win, thrive and endure.

4- The Sudan Liberation Movement will not be intimidated by the regional and international pressure to go for a sham deal and partial solution with genocide regime to prolong its iron crip on power while continuing its crimes . We took up arms fully aware of the fact that, the route to freedom and dignified life is not paved with roses and basils and there for we will pay the price of freedom with blood, tears and suffering but we will win the war and achieve the secular, liberal , democratic and united Sudan with equal citizenship rights.

Mohammed Abdelrahman Elnair

The Spokesperson of Sudan Liberation Movement

10/12 / 2018