The Minister for Defense attends the Air Force military exercises Dawn 7

The Minister for Defense attends the Air Force military exercises Dawn 7

11-07-2017, 09:53 PM


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Title: The Minister for Defense attends the Air Force military exercises Dawn 7
Author: Sudan News Agency
Date: 11-07-2017, 09:53 PM

09:53 PM November, 07 2017

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Khartoum, 6 Nov (SUNA) - The Minister of Defense, l.t Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Bin Aouf, on Tuesday attended the conclusion of the military exercise known as Dawn-7, of the Air Forces , attended by the Chief of Staffs and senior military commanders and leaders.

The Chief of the Staffs, lt Gen Imad Adawi, pointed out that the military exercise carried by the Air Force showed that the military forces have become yet more strong thanks to the regular training and rehabilitation carried out within its various formation and units.

The Chief of the staffs Adawi stressed that training would continue to upgrade the preparedness and the fighting and defense capabilities of the armed forces and that this was in line with the directives issued by the President of the Republic, Marshal Omar Bashir, and the Minister of Defense LT Gen Ibin Aouf.

He said the objective is to maintain a competent and highly trained forces that would carry out their duty of defending the home land and achieve peace and stability in the country.

He commanded the skill and training capability shown by the air force in the exercise.

He also said the Sudanese armed forces stand ready to face any challenges at both the regional and local levels.

The Chief of the Staff of the Airforce lt gen Isaam Eddin Mubarak Habeeb Alla has referred on his part to the development witnessed by the airport at both the air force and air defense level, saying the air force stand ready to carry out their duties within the body of the Sudanese armed forces in the protection of the homeland.

It is to be noted that the military exercise codenamed, Dawn -7, was carried out in the area of Om Sayala, West of Omdurman town during which training was carried out and the military and fighting capabilities of the armed forces were displayed with competence and high precision in hitting the targets.

The exercise was also a reflection of the success of the Sudanese arms, ammunition and equipment production.

Planes of the types Sukhoi-Su-24, Sukhoi-Su-25, Meg-29, Almi-17 and Almi-24 as well as Antonov military planes took part in the exercise, presenting a top notch areal demonstration.