Al-Mahdi Affirms Strata's Concern over National Dialogue

Al-Mahdi Affirms Strata's Concern over National Dialogue

10-21-2015, 04:26 PM


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Title: Al-Mahdi Affirms Strata's Concern over National Dialogue
Author: Sudan News Agency
Date: 10-21-2015, 04:26 PM

03:26 PM Oct, 21 2015
Sudanese Online
Sudan News Agency-Khartoum-Sudan
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Khartoum, Oct.21 (SUNA)- The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Brig. Abdul Al Raman Sadig Al-Mahdi has affirmed the state's keenness to make a success the ongoing national dialogue process and the participation of all the political forces inside the country and abroad .
Brig. Al-Mahdi who received Wednesday, , at his office, at the Republican Palace, the newly appointed Norwegian Ambassador to Khartoum, has indicated to the efforts being exerted by the state to reach a political consensus between the components and the political and social forces in the country .
The meeting also reviewed the bilateral relations in all domains besides a number of regional and international issues .

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